MR2Heaven Projector Headlamp, Wiring harness, Ballast and Bulb Installation Guide

MR2Heaven Projector Headlamp, Wiring harness, Ballast and Bulb Installation Guide

Thank you for your purchase! Every purchase made helps us create, design and refine our products for everyone in the communityWithout your help and support we would not be able to make these projects a reality. 


  • If you are planning to reuse your existing HID system -  This Headlamp uses unique D2S HID bulbs (stage3) or H1 bulbs (stage 1) setup which offers higher performance than other bulb types. To mate your existing HID system to the D2S Stage 3 headlamp, you will need an adaptor to plug into your ballast and to the retrofitted projector headlamps. LINK to purchase


***Removal of existing headlight system:

Tools Needed - Philips screw driver 

1.) Remove the black plastic cover trim for both headlights by removing a total of 4 philips screws per cover. 2 are located on each side of the cover. Once the screws are removed, facilitate the removal of the cover by tilting the cover towards the front of the car and downwards and upwards.

2.) Remove the chrome "square" shaped metal mounting bracket which holds the headlamp in place. There are 4 Philips screws, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom of the bracket. After the screws are removed, remove the mounting bracket. 

3.) Remove the old headlamp. Unhook any wires connected to it and remove the headlamp. 


***Morimoto Wiring harness installation: If you have purchased the Morimoto Elite HID System or simply the morimoto wiring harness, follow these steps for an easier installation. There are many ways to route harnesses but we have found these locations to be best in terms of space, ease of access and installation. If you did not purchase this harness, skip to "Mounting the ballast or Connecting everything up" step

Tools Needed: 10mm and 12mm socket with ratchet or wrench. Sandpaper (optional), wire stripping and crimping tool, electrical tape and optional pipe style wire connector. 

1.) Mounting of the ballast - Mount the ballast to the firewall of the trunk shown below with a pre-existing hole and a M6x1.0x10mm bolt. This ballast needs to be mounted vertically. 

2.) Ground the ballast - Using a low grit 120-200 sandpaper to scratch off existing paint for a good connection is best. Ground the ballast to the point shown below.

3.) Routing the wires - Route the H4 (square like rectangular 3 pin), ballast and  high beam Plug through the grommet or around the grommet as shown below. Route the other ballast and high beam wires through or around the opposite side grommet. (There are many ways to route the harnesses and if you already have an HID ballast system installed already, route the ballast wires accordingly. Each setup will vary slightly) 

4.) Mounting of the positive terminal - Mount the positive terminal on the battery like shown below using the 12mm nut. 


5.) Once you have routed the wires through the opposite grommet. We will need to mount the 2nd grounding wire to this point on the chassis shown below. The second grounding wire will need to be elongated as well unfortunately. (Unless you come up with another idea or mounting location we are not aware of)

6.) Connect the H4 Plug - Connect the H4 with the stock plug on the left side of the car under the headlamp system as shown below. 


***Mounting New HID ballastsIf you have a preexisting HID system, connect the ballast to the morimoto wiring harness wires. If you are installing a fresh set of ballasts, follow these steps. Remember, these are just our recommended spots. There are no set ways to doing this. We have just found this way of mounting the easiest. If you have a better location, feel free to try it out and let us know!

For the Right ballast, we used a factory mounting point to install. See below. 

For the Left Side, we did something similiar. See below



***If using morimoto D2S bulb adaptor, Grind this area of the headlamp holding assembly to allow room for headlamp installation

***Connect everything up and install the headlamps & bulbs 

  • Connect the dedicated wires to the ballasts mounted in the step prior (Morimoto Wiring Harness)
  • If you DID NOT purchase a dedicated headlight wiring harness, follow these steps to connecting the ballast, highbeam and low beam functions to the stock H4 plug. 
    • 1.) High Beam Positive and Low Beam Ballast Positive goes into one port.
    • 2.) High Beam Ground goes into another port in the plug.
    • 3.) The Low Beam Ballast ground has to be bolted onto the chassis or to the battery's ground(Elongate the wire to reach). (See Step 4 and 5 of Morimoto Harness Install above for grounding location ideas)


***Installation of Bulbs:

  1. Install the bulb as shown below. 
  2. Apply the spring and 2 locking nuts for a relatively stiff bulb install.
Note: No part of the spring should not protude past the nut. If that is the case, reinstall the top locking ring and rotate, preposition the spring slightly back center. 

    • Connect the ballasts to the bulbs.
      • D2S Adaptors (If you purchased stage 3 headlamps from us) (If you did not purchase an HID kit from us, or your HID system does not match up with D2S bulbs, purchase one here).
      • The Stage 1 Bulbs will plug right up to the ballast without an adapter. 
    •  Connect the high beam wire plugs to the headlamps. 

    Note: Install the headlamp and D2S adapter in this orientation only or else the adapter will interfere with the stock headlight housing. If you force to install the headlamp into the car, the interference of the adaptor and stock headlamp retainer housing likely ruin/crack/ the projectors to headlamp housing JB-Welded seals. See pic below.  


    ***Putting the system back together

    After wiring everything up and testing the function of the headlights as well as high beam. Install the Headlamp back into the car. 


    ***Headlamp Adjusting 

     We generally like to adjust the left side of the lamp lower than the right side. Take into consideration that the farther the light, the less blinding/glaring it is for people in front of you. 

    ^Generic Bulbs w/ Stage 3 and stock harness.

    Shown above is a stage 3 with dedicated morimoto wiring harness, morimoto ballats (35watt) + philips xtreme vision bulbs. 


    • The wiring harness provides maximum power transfer to the ballasts. Higher voltage = brighter. Stock harness incurs an significant voltage drop to the ballast.
    • The ballasts matter as well (slightly) (Pictured above is a older 2013 Morimoto ballast)
    • Bulbs make a BIG difference. 
    • Power of the ballast and bulb (35 watt and 55watt also makes a different). 55Watt might melt the projector housing but we have not experimented with it yet. 




    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an message!




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