MR2Heaven Fire Extinguisher Bracket

MR2Heaven Fire Extinguisher Bracket

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Parts List:

  • Main Aluminum Bracket
  • 6x M6x1.0 Socket Head Screws
  • 6x M6x1.0 Nuts
  • 2x M10x1.25x40mm Bolts (If you purchased the optional hardware for installing with stock seats)
  • 2x 1/2" Spacers (If you purchased the optional hardware for installing with stock seats)
  • Red Fire Extinguisher Bracket (Sold with fire extinguisher if you purchased one)

Some Required Tools:

  • Socket Hex Head Tool
  • 3/8" and 1/4 Hand ratchet wrench etc
  • 10mm Socket to tighten the 6 nuts
  • 14mm Socket to tighten and loosen the M10 bolt 


Step 1 

Mount the red fire extinguisher bracket onto the black main bracket with the M6 socket head screws and nuts. (PAY ATTENTION TO BRACKET(S) ORIENTATION as they're not SYMMETRICAL. These brackets installs onto the car one way ONLY)

Step 2

Remove two M10 bolts securing the front of the seats. 

Mount the assembled bracket onto the car (PAY ATTENTION TO ORIENTATION), only goes in one way and bracket is NOT SYMMETRICAL). If you have stock seats, install the spacer and use the 2 supplied M10 bolts, if aftermarket seats, use existing M10 hardware. 

Step 3

Strap the fire extinguisher in and enjoy!

Adjust the extinguisher so it allows for full range of motion of stock seats


Our bracket is designed and tested to work with Halguard HG250 halotron, and Purple K Amrex extinguishers. Does not work with Amerex halotron units as the fire extinguisher head design is different. 


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