"Wire Tuck Friendly" HOLY GRAIL Full Throttle Cable, Direct Fit FOR GEN4 3SGTE, 5SFE, BEAMS, TMIC setups
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Brand MR2Heaven


Another NEW product offering from MR2Heaven. Continuing where Toyota left behind and improving on the part itself.

  • Frustrated about overly stiff, vague, unresponsive or wobbly/loose gas pedal response?
  • Trying to clean up the engine bay?
  • Want to delete the OEM cruise control system? (This cable will do that and will bypass your Cruise Control System)
  • Need a cable compatible for cruise control? (This one wont work. SEE OUR other GEN2/3/5 Cable)
  • Looking to upgrade to a GEN4 and need a throttle cable?
  • Looking for the discontinued unicorn NA-Non Cruise Control Throttle Cable?
  • This cable will also work with a Straight runner intake manifold/trunk mount intercooler setup
  • Want to replace a frayed and worn throttle cable? 
  • Can't find any long throttle cables anywhere?

This BRAND NEW cable will solve your problems! This new cable is now our successor for the often quoted "The Holy Grail" of all throttle cables. Ever since NA 5SFE Non Cruise Control throttle cables have been discontinued by Toyota, many users have been struggling to find solutions.

We have found the solution! By redesigning and improving on the NA non cruise control throttle cable, we engineered and created an OEM fit, drop in, plug-and-play throttle cable that is also longer than the original NA throttle cable. We've also added 20% longer length on the threaded part of the cable to allow for more adjustments and to achieve that perfect gas pedal feel and throttle response!

We eliminated all the headaches and confusion for the customer, simply remove your current throttle cables and hook up this new one!


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Wire tuck friendly.
Great for GEN4 3SGTE or trunk mounted throttle body setups

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