MR2Heaven 300M Stage 5, 1000HP - E153 "Upgraded/Beefed Up" Axle Cages + Inner Races


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Note 5/28/2022 - ETA Aug-Oct 2022. 


Created to Dominate. Part of our High HP/Torque 300M axle parts collection. 300M steel is the highest strength material one can obtain. Often used for pro level motorsports. These cages with OE steel material can often be destroyed with as little as 270whp. 

For our ultimate stage 5 axle cages, we took the oem cage and beefed it up, dimension and material wise! Drop in plug and play with full range of motion!

Red is OEM cage 3D Scanned and CADed, Yellow is upgraded beefed up cages, our stage 5 and ultimate solution.


  • Our Stage 5 utilizes upgraded beefed up cages (physically in dimensions and material wise)
  • Works with OE axles parts or with our upgraded axle parts
  • Forged and Heat Treated Billet 300M steel construction
  • 3-4x the strength of OEM Steel in ultimate tensile and shear strength
  • High accuracy (0.02mm) 3D Scanned and CADed
  • Try and break them!
  • Rated for 1000HP with 1 year warranty and money back guarantee
    • Break it within a year and its on us!


  •  Sold as a set of 2 Cages + 2 Inner Races in 300M material

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