Carbon Fiber Dual Fan Shroud

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Parts List:

  • 1x Carbon Fiber Panel
  • 8x 1" Nylon Spacers
  • 8x 1/4-20x1.5" Socket Head Allen Screws
  • 8x 1/4-20 Lock Nuts 
  • 1x Rubber Grommet for wiring
  • Optional - 2x 12" Fans

Some required tools

  • 10mm hand socket & hand tool (To remove engine lid for easier installation)
  • 1/4 socket
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Wire cutter & crimping tool

Step 1: Remove all packaging material from CF fan lid. Lay the shroud on a flat soft surface. Install the 12" fans as shown below using the supplied hardware kit. Install the spacer in between the carbon fiber fan lid and fan. Lightly tighten. Be sure to not to over tighten. 

Step 2: Remove engine lid and place on a flat surface. Install the fan shroud onto the engine lid. Reinstall complete engine lid back onto the car. 

Notes: (For version 1 only, if you have purchased this after 12-10-2018, you have received version 2 and can skip this step and precaution) Align the engine lid with the body panels of the car or you may scrape your trunk lid with the engine lid, damaging your paint. Tuck carbon fiber panel over hinges if necessary during alignment.


Step 3: Enjoy!


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June 24, 2018 — Richard Pham