Front Hood Gas Strut Kit Front Hood Gas Strut Kit
MR2Heaven Front Hood Gas Strut Kit
from $79.99

Our new V2 utilizes our proprietary custom made rod ends and thinner diameter strut tubes resulting in perfect fitment and problem free operation. Now also available in full Stainless Steel as an option If you are using v1 and would like to upgrade to V2, let us know! Purpose Its that time to discard that rusty, squeaky, outdated and dangling loose rubber grommet and probably bent hood rod prop system. We spared you the confusion, spent the time, did the research and testing for the most efficient and best fitting front hood prop system for you.    Now you can... Have your hood opened with minimal effort Have your hood opened half way just cause... Eliminate that fear of wind or a person toppling your hood on top of you while working on the car.  Stand out of the crowd with the new high quality MR2Heaven Front Hood Gas Prop Kit. Modernize your ride! Included High quality pair of Guden Struts (Struts made in USA/Korea/Turkey depending on batch and material selected) Hardware kit and everything else needed to modernize your whip! Fitment All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2s with OEM hood/fender. Aftermarket hood/fender support has not been tested Notes We also have a rear engine lid gas shock kit as well here FOLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.  

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Engine Lid Gas Strut Kit Engine Lid Gas Strut Kit
MR2Heaven Engine Lid Gas Strut Kit

11/9/21 - In Stock! Billet 6061 Aluminum CNC'ed brackets for nice looks and quality.  Brackets are polished for a great shine. Looks great as is or with other chromed, stainless  steel or polished parts.  Versatile - engine prop works on both sides of the engine bay Shock strength strategically chosen to prevent overpowering and bending of the engine lid when compressed.    Included 1 Gas shock 2 Aluminum CNC'ed brackets Hardware kit   Notes We also offer a hood strut kit here - Very Useful Works for both Turbo and NA engine lids    

-14% sale
Rear X Strut Tower Brace Rear X Strut Tower Brace
MR2 Heaven Rear X Strut Tower Brace

11/11/21 - In Stock! Gone are the days of finding a rare TRD X Brace. This brace is a faithful reproduction of the highly sought after Strut tower brace from TRD. As many already know, the MR2 chassis is quite soft and flexible. When your chassis flexes, your alignment is off, thus affecting performance and producing a less than confidence inspiring ride. Purpose Reduce chassis flex so your alignment can work more efficiently/effectively.  Many customers report that they can "Easily drive another 10mph+" through identical sweepers with the same amount of body roll with this installed. Reduce body roll and restores confidence inspiring feel Features Constructed from High Quality Stainless Steel 304 Easy to clean and keep clean Plug and Play, no modifications needed Fitment Fits all 91-98 Toyota MR2s Notes Does not work with GEN5 3SGTE due to OEM oil cap Install with car resting on its wheels/suspension in its natural driving state, not on jacks or lift.

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Front License Plate Mounting Kit - SW20 Front License Plate Mounting Kit - SW20
MR2 Heaven Front License Plate Mounting Kit - SW20

Why Because Zip-Tieing a license plate onto your bumper reeks GHETTO and drilling holes onto your bumper ruins the clean look and is quite sad and miserable.   Bolt on the proper way with a nice anodized bracket. It's all in the details! Features Anodized Matte Black Lightweight aluminum construction Pre-drilled and works for USDM, UK and Japanese JDM license plates.  Easily removable for car shows etc Included: Hardware Kit Included License Plate Frame Fitment: 91-98 Toyota MR2 Mounts on Existing OEM Tow Hook May work with other vehicles 

-15% sale

WHY Because Zip-Tieing a license plate onto your bumper is reeks GHETTO and drilling holes onto your bumper ruins the clean look and is quite sad and miserable.   Bolt on the proper way with a nice anodized bracket. It's all in the details! FEATURES Anodized Matte Black Lightweight aluminum construction Works for USDM license plates and UK plates.  Easily removable for car shows etc INCLUDED: Hardware Kit Included LIcense Plate Frame FITMENT: 1984-1989 Toyota MR2 Mounts on Existing OEM Tow Hook May work with other vehicles 

-14% sale
Reproduction OEM Reproduction OEM
Collaboration Reproduction OEM "MR2" Rear Window Panel Add On Kit
from $129.99

  Purpose These were on very rare select MR2s in the world and are highly desired for and discontinued. So what did we do? We partnered up with Gavin from the United Kingdom and had them professionally remade so that we could share this for the community! We first took our broken sample to a professional plastics design company. A hand cut version was made and smoothed down. From there we were able to scan a copy and rendered any imperfections out with CAD software and were then laser cut. We then took these to a professional screen print company. The art work was then replicated onto Illustrator software and the screen printing is the same as the original version with two prints, grey over white.  Features Drop in plug and play No disassembly needed To install, panel pushes right in and stays in place. Optional use of flexible mounting clips if desired  Uses OE Rear window plastic trim to install mounting clips.   Included Left and right side Rear Window Panel Add on Mounting Hardware Kit

-8% sale
Reproduction JDM Front Solid Side Moldings (Front Side Marker Deletes) Reproduction JDM Front Solid Side Moldings (Front Side Marker Deletes)
MR2 Heaven Reproduction JDM Front Solid Side Moldings (Front Side Marker Deletes)

 Reproduction (discontinued from Toyota) FRONT Solid Fender Moldings Are Finally In Stock and they look GREAT!!! OEM Style Reproduction Plug and Play, no modifications needed Cleaner and more modern look Embedded Metal Plate within Rubber strip (Similar to OE design) for Excellent Structural Support, can be molded/contoured for easy fitment. Stainless Steel Hardware for protection against corrosion  Comes in standard flat black color Included 1 Pair/Set of Moldings (Left and Right) Zinc Plated M6x1.0 Mounting Nuts Fitment All 1990-1998 Toyota MR2 SW20 Front: between fenders and front bumper, deletes 2 piece front side markers Notes: Test fit these before painting. These are flexible to your liking. Make the necessary modifications if necessary, set the necessary flex if needed to match your bumper before painting.  We advise painting to match your cars color and to increase the longevity of these moldings. These are made of rubber and will eventually dry up and develop cracks if not covered/protected from UV rays. These can develop cracks in as little as 1 month to 1 year if left unprotected/unpainted, depending on severity of the UV rays. As of today (5/2/2021), if painted, these have lasted 2.7+ years without cracking since product launch/painting/install from July 2018.

Sold out
Retrofitted Projector Headlights Retrofitted Projector Headlights
MR2Heaven Retrofitted Projector Headlights

Note 6/7/2020 - The supply for 5x7 headlight housings has ceased and as a result, until we have time to take their place and reproduce headlight housings, this project is currently discontinued. May revisit this idea in the future Note 12/21/2018 -  Product page re-done for easier reading/navigation. Currently 1 week build time.  Purpose We spared our customers of the all the time consuming and tedious hard work of thinking, researching, testing, comparing, retrofitting, trial and errors by finding the best suited and performing projector at the best price point. Not only that, it also looks great in our opinion. We ultimately bring you a headache free, exceptionally well performing headlight system for your MR2. Performance Our system offers incredible width, brightness, spread of light and significantly better lighting output performance than the OEM headlights on the MR2 or any cheap or fake projector systems out on the MR2 market without blinding/annoying other drivers period. LED doesn't stand a chance.  We think our projector system is very similar in lighting performance and often times better than many modern luxury cars out there currently on the road for a fraction of the cost. Features D.O.T legal headlight housings and projectors  Watertight and sealed  Bi-Xenon - High beam and low beam are integrated into one unit.  Distinct and sharp cut off point - Prevents glaring, blinding, endangering and annoying every driver around you. (Also illegal in many places) Exceptional and remarkable lighting output All Headlights will includes a E-55R decorative protective shroud and blacked out housing free of charge. Whats included? 2 Retrofitted Bi-xenon projector headlamps If you need HID kits (bulbs, ballasts etc), we supply these as extra options. You will need a HID Kit that supports the D2S bulb type to power up our projectors. (See paragraph below) Optional HID Kits / Ballasts/ Bulbs/Wiring Information You'll need a pair of bulbs, ballast as well as ballast to bulb adapter to make these headlamps work. We recommend the following options.  A dedicated wiring harness - Must have in our opinion. Helps promote the highest voltage to the HID lighting system, allowing for maximum light output performance. From our testing, the stock harness is very restrictive and has quite a big voltage drop, causing for poor performance from the bulbs. Similar to when your headlights are on but car is off VS headlight on with car on (This is because your alternator outputs 2-3Volts more than your battery when its spinning). Stage 1 - Generic HID Lighting Kit (Ballast, adaptors and HID bulbs) - Cost effective and modest performance. (As a note, from multiple light output comparison tests and videos as well as our testing shows that Osram 66240 CBI (5500K), Philips Xtreme Vision V2 part#: 85122XV (4800k), and Morimoto XB35 bulbs are typically 2 to 3x brighter than the generic HID bulbs in light output). From our real world testing and customer reviews, Philips XV bulbs are day and night in difference vs Morimoto XB35 bulbs in intensity and light output while considering distance/range.  Stage 2 - Morimoto XB35 Bulbs, Osram CBI Bulbs or Xtreme Vision Bulbs with Generic ballasts and adaptors. (If you're spending this kind of money already, might as well go all out to stage 3..). Real world road testing from our customers state "Wow, Philips XV bulbs is night and day over XB35 in terms of penetration and brightness." They stated "XB35 sucks." We saw similar results between CBI and XV.  Stage 3 - Morimoto XB 35 watt ballasts and adaptors + Philips Xtreme Vision 85122XV generation 2 HID bulbs (#1 Brightest) or OSRAM 66240 CBI bulbs (#2 Brightest) for the best performance. We personally didnt like OSRAM 66240 or XB35 morimoto bulbs as it seemed if the light did not seem bright or penetrate very far unlike the Philips XV bulbs. We highly recommend this setup if budget allows. It is truly the best.  Still not sure what to choose? Ask your self how much you value night time driving and safety, looks of your mr2, how much you love your mr2, your current budget and just pick the dedicated wiring harness and stage 3... :). Remember, think of it as an investment.. You can sell everything, revert back to stock anytime if desired! This system beats a few $3000+ OEM headlight systems out there at a fraction of the cost                      -Richard @ MR2Heaven  Notes: In the comparisons, pictures were all taken with a Samsung Note8. We used ISO100, Shutter speed 0.5 second for all shots done stationary in the dark.  In rolling shots, automatic mode was used on Note8 .  On the BMW, it is equipped with OEM bulbs  Regarding pics of the MR2 in parking garage, it is running old Morimoto HID ballasts and Bulbs (Outdated stuff).  Bulb brands (OEM in the BMW vs generic bulbs in comparison photos) also play a huge part in brightness (From multiple testing, a 1.5-3x difference in lumen output is normally expected).  No need to ship us any headlamp cores as we source our own

-61% sale
Engine Lid Dual Fan Shroud (Forged Carbon Fiber/Mirror Finish/Carbon Fiber/Raw Aluminum) Engine Lid Dual Fan Shroud (Forged Carbon Fiber/Mirror Finish/Carbon Fiber/Raw Aluminum)
MR2Heaven Engine Lid Dual Fan Shroud (Forged Carbon Fiber/Mirror Finish/Carbon Fiber/Raw Aluminum)
from $169.99

Notes - 11/3/2020 Added Forged carbon fiber variant Added How It Works section --- How It works - Lower temperatures. More horsepower. More Fun.  This dual fan shroud setup helps lower temperatures in many ways.-By introducing a constant large amount of cold ambient temperature air into the whole top portion of the engine bay, this helps the pre-turbo intake system (especially aftermarket intake systems with the filter simply hanging around in the engine bay) draw in much cooler air into the turbocharger and motor if you are Non turbo right from the get go. This means your intercooler system has a much easier time, is less heatsoaked overall, and temperatures in the whole system are much cooler right from the start. But thats not all. -With the "hot" and "cold" intercooler pipes as well as the intake manifold itself being made of metal and most of the plumbing (quite a bit of length and air volume there too) literally sitting 1-4 inches above the 185-250 degree valve cover/400-1400 degree exhaust manifold at all times, this naturally introduces significant heat soak via heat radiation, especially at part throttle or idling when air is moving rather slow within the system. (Go put your hand near your brake rotors after a drive and notice how much heat gets radiated from metal, or go blow at a few ice cubes and put your hand behind the cubes to observe) These two 12" fans will literally have your hot, cold, and intake manifold cool and cold to the touch (Instead of being too hot to touch safely). This makes it very easy for your intercooler core as it does not have to battle unnecessary heat in the system, helping it stay cool all the time and ready to go at a moments notice. By radiating constant cool/cold air through your intercooler pipes/intercooler core as well has having an additional fan constantly blowing cold air through your intercooler fins/plates, heat is almost non existent and has no where to stay. Say thank you to fast recovery time!  -Even if the intercooler core ends up being hot or heatsoaked in more extreme events, the air in the cold pipe and intake manifold has another chance to cool down in a cooler environment before seeing the combustion chamber than it otherwise wouldn't of had.  With all that being said, many of our customers are seeing a 30-40 degree difference in their intake air temperatures inside the intake manifold with our fan shrouds installed on their drives. We all know what our cars can do on a 55 degree night vs a 95 degree day on the first pull, before it falls flat on its face after the 3rd pull without our fan shroud lol. The huge horsepower difference is undeniable, that is because we are losing 20-70+ horsepower due to temperatures alone and the ECU having to resort to safer timing values/maps for your car to run safely. The end result with these installed is MORE HP and MORE FUN throughout your whole drive. Features: Lower Air Temperatures, contrary to popular belief the mr2 engine bay and its "natural air from under the car and through the engine lid vents" is not efficient in cooling necessary components at all, if anything, it heat soaks components. With both fans on BLOWING INTO the engine bay, we and other customers noticed side mounted intercooler core/air intake charge temperatures dropped 20-40 degrees F. Additionally, intake manifold, IC pipes, intake, and top mounted intercoolers temperatures, side mounted intercooler temperatures all dropped significantly.  Available in Full Carbon Fiber, Mirror Finish or in raw aluminum form Lightweight (CF version around 1/3 the weight of aluminum panels and 1/6 weight of steel) Modern and Exotic appearance Stylish & Sleek Premium full sized panel Dual 12" fans (Same bolt pattern as many of the common engine lid fans out there) Send us an message for specifics.  Carbon Fiber version will look great with some of our other Carbon Fiber offerings (CF intakes, CF Intercooler pipes, CF 98 Wing riser plates, CF stage 2 wing, CF halo shifter surround trim and CF strut Front and rear strut bars) Stay tuned for the releases! Notes Sold as a single panel or as a full kit with fans and hardware. Wiring is not included as these fans can be wired up easily in many different ways. Raw Aluminum material in itself is a very prone to permanent finger printing/marring and easy to scratch material. It is also subjectable to water marks that may be difficult to remove once etched on. Being in its natural state, there may be some scratches and light surface defects on it from factory, transportation and production.  Pro-Tip - Paint aluminum surface with $5 high temperature black spray paint or any paint of your choice for a nice finish :). See picture.   

-17% sale
OEM Rain Guard Eliminator - Engine lid Reinforcement Plates OEM Rain Guard Eliminator - Engine lid Reinforcement Plates
WilhelmRaceWorks OEM Rain Guard Eliminator - Engine lid Reinforcement Plates

Purpose In the words of Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus, "Simplify, and add lightness" Eliminate the rain guard from the stock MR2 Turbo engine lid to improve airflow through the engine bay and reduce weight.In addition to preventing air flow through the engine bay, the stock rain guard also weighs in at 4.5 pounds. After market fan shrouds weight 9+ pounds including fans, and fans require wiring, fusing, a relay, etc. Complexity!These laser cut 6061 aluminum plates provide a mounting point for your stock rubber bumpers while weighing just 1.4oz per pair. Powder coated gloss black. Made in the USA

-33% sale
CF and SS 1998+ Spoiler Wing Riser Plates CF/AL 1998+ Spoiler Wing Riser Plates - MR2 Heaven
MR2Heaven CF and SS 1998+ Spoiler Wing Riser Plates
from $169.99

Purpose MR2Heaven 1998+ Spoiler Wing Riser Plates Sick and tired of the lack of spoiler options? Yeah we are too. Change the look of your MR2 with our 98 spoiler riser plates! Features Adjustable angle of attack Lightweight  Affordable Modern Stylish Aggressive and sporty Easy to install and remove Carbon Fiber version will look great with some of our other Carbon Fiber offerings (3" intake, CF ARC style intake box, Intercooler pipes, engine lid dual fan shroud, halo shifter surround trim and CF strut Front and rear strut bars) Stay tuned for the releases! Sold as a pair of left and right plates. 1998 OEM Spoiler is not included

Reproduction JDM Reproduction JDM
Collaboration Reproduction JDM "MR2" LED Glow Emblem (Available in OEM Blue or Red)

  A faithful reproduction of the UBER RARE OEM JDM Discontinued Toyota LED emblem option, but better :)  Collaboration item and made by Gavin from United Kingdom Features Works with 12V source already on MR2s Full working kit Available in OEM blue or soft RED Fitment Can work on any MR2, but ideally 91-98 MR2s Plug and play for 91-93 tail lights Requires drilling 2 holes or double sided tape for 94+ Kouki tail light panels  

Carbon Fiber Stage 2 V-Mount Wing (For OE 94-98 Trunks) - MR2 Heaven Carbon Fiber Stage 2 V-Mount Wing (For OE 94-98 Trunks) - MR2 Heaven
MR2Heaven Carbon Fiber Stage 2 V-Mount Wing (For OE 94-98 Trunks)

Note 1/14/2022 - 2 in stock and ready to ship. 2 to 5 days processing/shipping/handling wait time Purpose Sturdy, lightweight, V-mount, CARBON FIBER 3D wing with "One piece" CNC laser cut and bent to shape, powdercoated adjustable Wingstands using stock location 1994-98 OEM trunk mounting holes. (Direct bolt on, no modifications to chassis needed unless planning to install on a 91-93 or aftermarket trunk lid. If that is the case, will require to drill 6 new holes) This 3D wing setup/design significantly increased rear end stability and was tested on our MR2heaven MR2 going full throttle at 135mph mid sweeper using the lowest AOA (airfoil angle of attack) setting and tested up to 165mph heading straight on another vehicle using similarly designed 6mm thick V-mount wingstands. Our carbon fiber wing setup on the stock trunk lid can support over 250lbs of downforce with ease. We added added over 250lb of weight onto the llightweight carbon fiber wing with no issues.  Includes 1x Full Variable Surface Carbon Fiber GT Wing 2 Powder coated 6061 Laser Cut Aluminum "One Piece" Wing stands. (No welding!) 2x Rain resistant gaskets  Hardware such as bolts and nuts Optional Gurney flap add on for increased downforce Features: Direct Plug and play/bolt on a 94-99 OEM MR2 trunk without modifications. (91-93 trunks will need 6 new holes drilled) Designed to improve high speed stability, cornering stability, efficiently reduce unnecessary drag and produce downforce. An efficient 3D Wing design (Curved airfoil with different varying slopes) is used to strategically aid flow around the round body of the MR2 and to reduce unnecessary drag compared to a flat 2D airfoil.  Sturdy 6mm thick 6061 Aluminum V-Mount type wing stands promote high rigidity, clean and smooth air flow. Lightweight 55" wide premium Carbon Fiber airfoil with CF end plates. Adjustable AOA (Angle of attack) for adjustable downforce and allows for fine tuning of vehicle characteristics.  Custom trunk gaskets are included for a water-tight seal on the trunk.  Well supported by the OEM trunk chassis/boot lid design  Our wingstands mount on top of a large and thick metal boot lid which itself has numerous structural support built in that provides a good mounting surface and efficiently distribute all forces nicely.  Directly under the large surface area of the boot lid has direct support from the rubber trunk seal/chassis metal pinch weld. Our wing stands mount directly on top of the metal pinch weld area. (With such a nice design out from factory, this is also why we went against designing a chassis mounted wing. Imagine deforming your expensive rear quarter panels due to a small surface area to distribute forces or losing total function of your trunk...) 2 Additional rubber trunk adjustment stoppers and 2 rotating hinges (the ones that help rotate the boot lid) adds additional solid support  Easy installation and around 3 minute removal off of the trunk lid if needed. Designed not to protrude past the edge of the bumper (to qualify for many race events with aerodynamic restrictions)  Additional Options Gurney Flap Increases efficiency of the airfoil by redirecting airflow. Increased downforce while minimizing increase in drag, increases (L/D) Lift to Drag Ratio of the airfoil. Increases stalling angles (Operate at higher pitch angles without stalling the airfoil) Notes Note 1- If attempting to travel at high speeds at a race track, we strongly recommend performing modifications for safety, upgrading brakes, suspension(we prefer BC, FA or KW coilovers), use good tires or (We like Hankook RS3 or RS4, Michellin Pilot Super Sports, Direzza Star specs, Toyo Proxy R888, Nitto NT01, RE71 ETC...) as well as have your suspension, car, drive train checked out for any looseness and make sure everything is in top shape. Note 2 - We do not endorse racing on public roads, and by purchasing our product, you agree that we will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries or death arising from your actions. Remarks "Could really get on the throttle a lot more in a sweeper because the rear end felt  planted and the car no longer felt scary and floaty around 70+ MPH" "Feels great going flat out on the throttle, traveling 135mph+ through a sweeper in the MR2"

1993+ OE-Style Flexible Urethane Face Lift Front Lip - Free Cont. USA Shipping 1993+ OE-Style Flexible Urethane Face Lift Front Lip - Free Cont. USA Shipping
MR2 Heaven 1993+ OE-Style Flexible Urethane Face Lift Front Lip - Free Cont. USA Shipping

Description This BRAND NEW unpainted OE style lip provides the MR2 more modern, timeless and aggressive styling. A very popular "can't go wrong" choice within the MR2 community. Made from high quality flexible urethane, the material used in OEM lips that cost around 3x the price if still available from Toyota. Due to the material, these lips are flexible and can absorb significantly more impact energy until fracturing/complete failure unlike lips made out of fiberglass. It is recommended to use 93+ OEM lip mounting hardware for the best fitment and proper lip rigidity/support. (Mounting brackets are not included, luckily one of our partners make 93 brackets which can be found here).  Fits all 91-98 Toyota MR2s Free shipping available for CONT. USA. For international orders, we will contact you for the best shipping rate available but typically runs $100-250 depending where in the world you are.   Included One piece polyeurethane lip *Bumper not included

-29% sale
Direct Replacement Front Vented Fenders Direct Replacement Front Vented Fenders
MR2 Heaven Direct Replacement Front Vented Fenders

Front Vented Fenders made of fiberglass Increase road stability Direct replacement! Stand out with these stylish fenders!  Minor drilling front mounting holes may be needed Shipping  Contact us for Puerto Rico, Hawaii etc.  $185 shipping for International (We may contact you to collect manually after order is placed if shipping calculator is not accurate) Please allow 2-4 weeks from date of order for shipping as these are in low supply/often made to order. 


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