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MR2Heaven Front Hood Strut

MR2Heaven Front Hood Strut

Thank you for your purchase! Every purchase made helps us create, design and refine our products for everyone in the community. Without your help and support we would not be able to make these projects a reality. 

Parts List:

  • 2x ¼” Flat Zinc plated washers (often not needed)
  • 2x M8 Flat Zinc plated washers
  • 2x Assembled Gas hood shocks with 4 fittings total. (Bigger fitting bolts to hood)

Some Required Tools:

  • Flat open end wrench to access smaller fitting on hood strut and (optional 10mm wrench/tool to remove bolts from fender, makes life easier and faster)
  • 12mm wrench/tool to loosen OEM 12mm bolt on hood
  • An extra pair of hands or a friend to help hold the hood (Optional, but useful)

Step 1: Make sure to perform this installation in a safe environment, clear of strong winds, free of obstructions etc. Open the hood and keep it up right with a tool(a stick, oem prop rod etc). Search for (2) 10mm bolts that are on the top side of the fender (Circled in green in picture below). Loosen and remove the 2x 10mm middle bolts and repeat on the other side of the car. (Total of 4x 10mm bolts need to be removed).


Step 2: Thread the bottom fitting of both gas struts along with a washer into the middle hole on top of the fender on both sides. Rest the 2 gas struts safely near the hood for easy reach for the next step. DONT FORGET to remove an additional 10mm bolt on the top of the fender as stated in step 1 (closest to the windshield) or you will have interference problems. In the picture below, i'm pointing at it. 

Install the strut orientated EXACTLY AS SHOWN. 


Step 3: Grab your 12mm socket/wrench with you. Remove the hood off of any tools/items or prop rods and hold the hood up right with one hand and keep it upright with your shoulder for the next following steps(Insert useful buddy here).

Rotate around to one side of the hood. Loosen and remove the top 12mm bolt on the side of the hood hinge where the other end of the shock would go.

Thread the upper fitting (the rod end) of gas strut into the hood without any washers with your hands initially (To prevent stripping threads). Make sure you get a few threads in before performing this step again on the other side.

The hood should hold itself upright now.

(Twist the hood rod end for both sides of the hood in almost to the end of no return, the deeper the rod end goes into the hood, the better for fitment. Bittersweet i know. Leave about a 2-3mm to retrieve the rod end with wrench when needed to remove. Test fit for fitment, close the hood slowly. 

Step 4: If fitment is good (nothing bulging outwards) Tighten the fitting on the fender lightly/moderately. Remember, don't strip anything. Note: Top 12mm fitting does not need to be fully tightened. Remember, if you tighten too much, you will not have enough space to remove the fitting in the future, but still need to twist the rod end to point of almost no return (2-4mm left to retrieve with wrench if needed) for proper fitment of the shock without interfering with the fender and hood. 

Step 5: That is it! Enjoy!

Note: As there is very little room for this strut system and every MR2 is different in terms of hood alignments, fender alignments etc, you may or may not encounter very slight interference between the fender/strut and the hood. The fenders should not be pushed out more than 2-3 mm outwards nor should the hood be affected by being pushed up more than 2-3mm in any way. If there are any fitment issues, it is often fixed by threading the rod end deeper into the hood. Alternatively, as a second fix, you may have to adjust your hood or fenders slightly to clear the system or minimize interference. 

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