MR2Heaven Roll Center Adjuster Kits

MR2Heaven Roll Center Adjuster Kits

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Parts List:

  • Front or rear RCA Adjusters
  • Front hardware - 2x 10.9 M10x1.25x50mm
  • Rear hardware - 2x 10.9 M12x1.25x50mm


Step 1: Raise the car, remove wheels, loosen ball joint to knuckle bolts. 

Step 2: Install RCA adjusters between the lower control arm ball joint and the hub knuckle (They can only go one way, larger holed one goes in the rear). Sometimes, depending on your suspension configuration, it is necessary to lightly raise the hub knuckle up with a jack to assist installing the adjusters. 

Step 3: Install the provided bolts, torque everything and reinstall in reverse order. 

Ball Joint to knuckle bolt torque specs (for the hardware included)

  • Torque Spec  for Front 2x Bolts: 59 ft-lb
  • Torque Spec for Rear 2x Bolts: 83 ft-lb

Torque spec for wheel lugs

  • OEM Lugs - 75 ft-lb
  • Muteki Lugs - 84ft-lb


 Step 4: Enjoy! 




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