MR2Heaven Seat Belt (Additional Information)

MR2Heaven Seat Belt (Additional Information)

Attention: Please Read Prior To Installation 

Due to issues with the driver side white plastic flap/rod often breaking during shipping we have added one additional step prior to installation of the driver side seat belt assembly that takes a few seconds to complete. 

Step 1:  Remove original driver side seat belt assembly.

Step 2: Locate white plastic flap/rod as shown:   

Step 3: Locate C clip holding the flap/rod in place as shown: 


Step 3: Use a small thin flat head screw driver and wedge into the small gap of the C clip.  Rotate the tip of the screw driver to get the C clip to unseat from holding onto the rod. 

Step 4: Remove clip completely then slide flapper/rod out from assembly. 

Step 5: Insert the flapper/rod into the newly retrofitted driver side seat belt and seat the C clip into place by pushing it into place.  You may need to use the end of the screw driver to push it into place.   

You are now able to install the new seat belt into your car.