MR2Heaven Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Wing Installation Guide

MR2Heaven Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Wing Installation Guide

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Tools Needed: 

Hex sockets, 10mm socket and wrench


Step 1 - Install the gasket onto the wingstand and pre-install the bolts (the gasket should hold the bolts in place)

Step 2 - Double check that the wingstands installs onto the trunk without issues. Some users have custom or modified trunks. Look under the trunk to see if the nut and washer has enough space to install. If there are any issues, one could try enlarging the hole, redrilling the hole, grinding away the underside of the trunk etc. Our trunk was custom drilled and modified to fit 94-98 OEM spoilers.

Step 3 - Install both end plates onto the wing

Lightly tighten the screws by hand. 


Step 4: Install the wingstands onto the wing endplates - Rest the wing on a box or sofa etc to hold it up. Lightly tighten the bolts regarding the connection of the wingstands to wing's end plates. Use the least aggressive wing angle possible. See below 


Step 5: Test Fit / lightly install the complete wing onto the trunk - Lightly tighten the bolts regarding the connection of the base plate to trunk bolts/nuts first so that the wing does not fall off the trunk completely. There are 3 on each plate, 6 total. See if there are any fitment issues. 



Step 6: After fixing any possible issues, fully tighten everything. 

Notes:Some people prefer custom hardware. One note on hardware is that the smaller the head flanges are for the connection in wingstand base plate to trunk, the more wobbly and unsupported the wing will become due to physics. If you use a bigger head flange, the wing stiffness and stability on the trunk greatly increases due to one limiting the "prying action" by increasing the bolt clamping area. (One would notice this when wiggling the wing or pushing or pulling on the wing once its fully installed) In the pic below, basically increasing "D".

Prototype version ^ with titanium gold M6 bolts and washers. 



  • With minimal angle of attack, the wing significantly increases rear end stability. If you desire higher downforce, feel free to adjust angle of attack. However, the more angle of attack, the higher the resulting drag.
    • If you desire lower drag penalty and more downforce (basically higher efficiency of the wing), look into installing a Juran Gurney Flap. (Buy it from us or evasive motorsports). The ones on ebay for $40 are fake and the rubber is significantly softer. 
  • This wing setup has been tested up to 160mph without any issues. 
  • One may also want to obtain a splitter or an aeroware type lip for increased front end stability and handling balance.
  • Before going fast, we recommend good tires, suspension (preferably coilovers) and to make sure that everything is in good shape. 
  • By using this guide and our products, you agree that we are not held liable for any damages, injuries and death.


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