MR2Heaven Steering Clamshell Cover

MR2Heaven Steering Clamshell Cover


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Parts List:

  • Top Cover
  • Bottom Cover
  • 2 Philips Screws
  • 3 Philips Screws with flat washer

Required tools:

  • Philips Screwdriver



Before installation, be sure that you do not have to remove the cover anytime soon. Once installed, it is a pain to remove, just like the OEM cover. So highly recommend clamping them together ONLY during installation on the car as these 2 covers are very hard to separate from each other once clamped together in place. 

Step 1 - Button up the lower cover onto the steering column

To install, first thread in 3 small flat washer Philip screws and install the bottom cover onto the steering column first.

Step 2 - Installing the top cover onto the steering column and lower cover.

Right side

It is recommended to clamp the right side first. Guide all right side clips/guides into place and "snap into place" the covers together. Keep one hand pushing down on top cover(as it may spring back up) and thread a philips screw from underneath the right side at the same time. Once you feel a sharp increase in resistance while tightening the philips screw, it is fully tightened. Do not tighten any further. 

Left side

With one hand still pressed down to prevent the cover from prying upwards, use other hand to guide all left side clips/guides into place. Once everything is place, keep hand pressed down and screw the last Philips in all the way. Once you feel a sharp increase in resistance while tightening the philips screw, it is fully tightened. Do not tighten any further. 

If you haven't fully tightened everything, now is a good time to tighten everything to the point where you feel a major step in resistance. Don't push pass that point..

  • You will know by feel when the 2 main philips screws are tightened all the way in.
  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Very slightly snug is perfect :) 
  • DO NOT USE electrical tools 


We do not recommend removal as this is how the stock OEM covers break most often but if you must..

  • Loosen the 2 main philips screws. 
  • Very carefully break loose one side of the cover and tabs
  • For the other side, be extremely careful to "pop" the top cover loose. 


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