Rear Window MR2 Add On Interior Panels

Rear Window MR2 Add On Interior Panels

Thank you for your purchase! Every purchase made helps us create, design and refine our products for everyone in the communityWithout your help and support we would not be able to make these projects a reality. 

Parts List:

  • 2x Interior Acrylic Panels
  • 4x Interior Mounting Clips

Some required tools

  • No tools required

Thank you for purchasing the reproduction side window shades I have had made based from my original Toyota set. I hope the following instructions help you with installation to your MR2 with minimal issues and I’m sure they shall look great once fitted.

I have tried with every test attempt to produce the optimal size to fit into the area as tight as possible so that there is minimal movement. It has been difficult at times as I have come to realise that over time there can be movement with the outer plastic trim panels which surround the glass side window. This also includes plastics expanding and contracting with heat and light over time.

As a result of this, I have made every attempt to help you with installation so please follow the following guides to help you get the best results.


Possible suggestions in order to help with fitting to your MR2.

  1. Remove the protective film off the side on the sun shades first.

  2. Clean your glass windows from the inside of the car to remove any marks

  3. I have included four clips with each set which can act as a spring to lock the sun shade to the black plastic outer trim. I would suggest placing one clip in the far corner first and hold with one hand

  4. Move the seat belt top to the side to avoid scratching the panel.

  5. Push the window shade into place and push into the glass towards the clip which you are holding.

  6. If there is a gap on the opposite side of the panel then place another clip in place

  7. It may be possible that you may NOT need to use any of the clips to hold the side shade in place as it may go behind the black plastic trim and fit very tight around the corners and edges.


Issues with the black outer plastic trims with contracting.

It may be that you have tried to fit the panel but the plastic outer trim sections have expanded or deteriorated and it is difficult to push the plastic sun shade onto the glass. To avoid any scratches or damage to the sun shade or even your interior please try the following steps:-

  1. It may be a long process but carefully remove the outer triangle plastic that surrounds the glass.

  2. You may need to unclip the side trim where the side speaker is located and unscrew some screws

  3. Slide the plastic sunshade behind the black trim and manoeuvre into place over the glass window.

  4. Reattach the outer trim with all clips and screws in place.

Patience is the key and please take your time fitting these. Good luck with your installations and I hope you enjoy the aesthetics of them on your car.

Best wishes, and Gavin


Installation Video