MR2Heaven Wilwood SW20 Big Brake Kit - Anti Brake Squeal Shim & Grease Kit
MR2Heaven Wilwood SW20 Big Brake Kit - Anti Brake Squeal Shim & Grease Kit
MR2Heaven Wilwood SW20 Big Brake Kit - Anti Brake Squeal Shim & Grease Kit

MR2Heaven Wilwood SW20 Big Brake Kit - Anti Brake Squeal Shim & Grease Kit


For those with excessive brake squealing problems, this is our solution to help significantly reduce or eliminate squealing that is sometimes experienced when running  Wilwood Forged Superlite calipers on SW20s as big brake kit solution with most street/semi track to race pads. 

Brake noise and squealing has to do with the design of the caliper as well as the various components it's attached to, such as brake rotor, pad, hub knuckle design, bolts, hardware, spacers, brackets etc. Various component's mass and design coupled together as a "system" causes different frequencies and vibrations which is what we hear and interpret as brake squeal.

Different weights of pads through its wear interval, temperature of day, lifespan & condition of rotors, different wear grooves may change and introduce new frequencies which will affect a term called resonance, where different frequencies may add up resulting in a very loud squeal as result). It's the job of OEM manufacture engineers through expensive testing and analysis to engineer a brake system to be null and free of most noises through the complete lifespan of the system as well as through numerous weather and different heating conditions, different wear patterns, and more which unfortunately due to our small market is close to impossible to achieve. 

Its these frequencies generated, along with the various different coupled components that these frequencies sometimes can be heard on some mr2s and not others, as well as why only the front brakes squeal and usually not the rears (an easy explanation is because rears are significantly heavier as a coupled system which will change resulting vibrational frequencies affecting dampening and resonances)


To eliminate or reduce squealing, one's aim is to change frequencies and its combined intensity by canceling out or dampening different frequencies etc and there are various easy methods.

For starters, one can increase or decrease weight whether of the pads/rotors by adding a weight to the backing plate of brake pads and or dampen/neutralize/eliminate with brake pad shims and or by special long lasting anti squeal grease which is what this kit will do. Lubricate the sliding pins, ears of brake pads, in between pad to shim, and shim to caliper. 

As one can imagine, though countless variables, its nearly impossible to guarantee squeal free results but its worth a try as some have noted success with simply shims + grease with Wilwood FSL on SW20s

Even Porsche and other top car manufactures with near endless budget cannot eliminate squealing for all scenarios, they can only try to eliminate/balance squeal as much as possible for most of scenarios without greatly affecting performance. 


  • 4 shims, good enough for 2 Wilwood FSL calipers - These Wilwood Shims are a made out of a composite mix of materials (steel and elastomeric construction) formulated to dampen/absorb vibrations and frequencies
  • One pack of 3 grams ATE OEM BMW Plastilube - Same stuff used by OEM BMW, ATE is a German brand, well known for its popular racing brake fluids as well as its main focus in brake systems. Formulated to lubricate, prevent squealing and is non corrosive. Provides all weather exceptionally long lasting performance, even under extreme use. Use on ears of brake pad, caliper guide pins, behind and in front of shim. Bonus - Provides corrosion protection and compatible with all metals and most o ring materials. 


  • Apply lube/grease only to back side of pad to shim contact surface and or where caliper piston meets shim backing plate. Do not get grease anywhere close to friction surfaces.
  • Each 1 quantity order is good for 2 calipers. We recommend doing the fronts only as rears don't squeal very often if at all and as there may be difficulty installing additional pad shims in the rear due to the already tight pad fitment in our rear BBK kits. If you are are on shorter .60in Hawk branded pads, installation of rear shims is possible but on standard .80inch pads, we do not recommend.
  • Also check first to see if your brake pads if its within your chosen rotor's chamfered edge for starters as this may cause noise. Contact us if you need help

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