3" Carbon Fiber Intake Kit
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Brand MR2Heaven


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Strong
  • Stylish and exotic 
  • Lower temperatures. Less heat transfer compared to Aluminum or Stainless steel
  • 14 Layers of CF, 1.5-2mm thickness utilizing pressurized manufacturing process. 


  • Hoses
  • Clamps
  • 1x CF 3" pipe
  • Plugs to block off unused ports
  • Intake Filter
    • Option 1: 1x High Flow CARB Legal 3" K&N Air filter (Short or Long available)
    • Option 2: Generic 3" Intake Filter (Short or long available)


  • We also offer a 4" variant carbon fiber intake here 


  • For Air flow meter equipped MR2s, we offer a bolt on bracket
  • https://mr2heaven.com/collections/mr2heaven-products/products/air-flow-meter-afm-to-3-intake-adaptor

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