High Strength Sway Bar Reinforcement Plates


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Note 10/26/2022 - New steel and powder coating manufactures. Also bringing back our popular lightweight 7075-t6 aluminum in brushed finish with black anodization, 2.19lbs steel vs 0.86lbs aluminum! 7075-T6 Aluminum is 2.5x lighter and slightly stronger than Steel variant. 


The 1991-1998 SW20 MR2 is known for cracking its chassis sway bar chassis mounting location.


Cracks are often found on MR2s using stock sway bars and its extremely common on MR2s utilizing stiffer aftermarket sway bars.


If left untreated, the sway bar mounting location will eventually crack and fully detach from the chassis, leaving the sway bar completely dangling around, dragging on the floor as many owners have seen

  • At that point, you'll then have to spend money to get the area filled/rewelded/drilled by a professional




The solution?


These sturdy solid plates help reinforce/stabilize the front sway bar mounting location and redistribute forces and loads from the sway bars onto a third point on the chassis. If your MR2 has already developed stress cracks (very common), install these as soon as possible. 



  • Material choices - Powder coated Steel, or lightweight brushed & anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum. 
  • Steel is Powder coated Black for durability and protection against the environments
  • Aluminum is brushed and anodized for durability and appearance. (Aluminum does not rust)
  • Weight difference 2.19lbs steel vs 0.86lbs aluminum, 2.5x lighter
  • 7075-T6 aluminum is slightly stronger than steel it replaces
  • Includes mounting hardware

If your car already has the mounting points ripped apart, hire an professional to weld these plates to the chassis to offer a location to mount the sway bar. If you need to weld yours in, choose steel material :)



  • 2 High Strength Reinforcement Plates
  • Hardware Kit


Fits 91-92 MR2s without any modifications

For 93+ Will need slight modifications. (Need to elongate a few holes and use longer hardware)


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