Aluminum OEM Blow Off Valve Flange for Intercooler Pipes


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Note - 6/8/2020 - In stock and ready to ship


NEW PRODUCT from MR2Heaven. Need to run an OEM blow off valve on your intercooler pipe setup? This fits most common aftermarket universal blow off valve port system setups. See pictures if you have the same style port before purchasing. This will work for all our intercooler setups including other branded ones.


  • No modifications needed
  • Drop in and play
  • Removable
  • O Rings for an air tight seals 
  • Works with our Carbon Fiber intercooler pipes (Most other brands as well)
  • CNC Billet Milled Aluminum
  • Anodized Black


  • MR2Heaven Carbon Fiber intercooler pipes
  • Any aluminum pipe port with M42x1.0 diameter thread


  • 1 Aluminum flange
  • Includes 2x O-Rings
  • OEM BOV flange works with OE GEN2/3 BOV, not OE GEN4 (That means you can throw a gen2/3 bov on a gen4 and it'll work, just cant throw a OE Gen4 BOV on the flange)

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