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MR2Heaven's favorite* clutch for street or daily, track and race. Holds up to abuse while offering a pedal feel that is as stiff as stock(No leg workouts, we promise). No drive-train shock or chattering. Holds 400-450ftlb of torque no problem. Great for modified MR2 with increased horsepower. Offers sporty engagement and feel without the negatives. This clutch offers the response of how we think a proper 275-400+whp sports car should feel. Great for daily, street, track, race, drift. 

Product Information
Stage 5 utilizes a 6-puck ceramic un-sprung disc complimented by a bulletproof hub assembly. It is designed for cars with significant power upgrades. Engagement is hard and quick.

Stage 5 Clutch Masters Clutch Features:

  • Holding capacity 170% over stock
  • Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate
  • Hi-Leverage pressure ring design
  • Un-Sprung hub/6-button
  • Ceramic friction material
  • SFI Approved on most race applications.
  •  Pressure Plate 
  • Clutch Disc 
  • Throw-out Bearing 
  • Alignment Tool 


  • Any 3SGTE engine with a E153 or E154 AWD transmission
  • 91-1999 MR2 Turbo
  • 88-1999 Celica Alltrac ST165 ST185 ST205

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