GEN2/3 3SGTE Recirculating Blow Off Valve Block Off Plug
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Brand MR2Heaven

What is the purpose?

This plug inserts into the rubber/silicone Air intake hose when one decides to delete their blow off valve or set their blow off valve to non-circulating mode (Vent to atmosphere) 

Without a plug in the intake pipe, the ECU would not run properly as it will miscalculate the amount of air entering the motor. 



  • 6061 Aluminum Billet CNC construction
  • Anodized for protection against weather elements and scratches
  • Integrated bead to ensure tightness and a tight seal
    • No hose clamp needed



1 Billet Aluminum 6061 CNC`ed Plug



  • If you need the blow off valve block off plate,
  • If you want to replace your rubber hose for a silicone hose, 

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