Front Hood Gas Strut Kit


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Our new V2 utilizes our exclusive and proprietary custom made rod ends and thinner diameter strut tubes resulting in perfect fitment and interference free operation. Now also available in full Stainless Steel for even more bling

If you are using v1 and would like to upgrade to V2, let us know!




Its that time to discard that rusty, squeaky, clunky, outdated 30+ year old dangling loose rubber grommet and probably bent hood rod. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, its cumbersome and a pain in the butt to rotate around and stick into place. If strong wind topples your hood, good luck down there. That hood is metal, around ~56 lbs and has a sharp metal protruding hinge. 


We spared our customers time, frustration and confusion, spent our own time, effort and money, did the research and tested extensively to package the most efficient and best fitting front hood prop system for you. We found nothing on the market worked without interference (often times hood would deform, bow up near the middle of fender and destroy your paint on hood/fender in the process -Hello rust), so we made our own parts and now present to you our headache free, perfect fitment and interference free hood strut kit.


Pretty much every premium or high end new car has gas struts installed for luxury and convenience. Why not you? 


Now you can...

  • Have your hood opened with minimal effort
  • Have your hood opened half way just cause...
  • Eliminate that fear of wind or a person toppling your hood on top of you while working on the car. 
  • Stand out of the crowd with new high quality MR2Heaven Front Hood Gas Prop Kit
  • Modernize your ride!
  • Have a sick looking car while the hood is open, like ours for example.. :)


  • High quality pair of Guden Struts (Struts made in USA/Korea/Turkey depending on batch and material selected)
  • Hardware kit
  • Everything else needed to modernize your whip!


  • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2s with OEM hood/fender. Aftermarket hood/fender support has not been tested


  • We also have a rear engine lid gas shock kit as well here
  • We also offer a weaker strut for lighter fiberglass/carbon fiber hoods as an option


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