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Latest update:

1/27/22: Mad PSI has provided tracking for the first 6 of 7 Ducktails with the 7th shipment pending (#4 to Alaska).  Ducktails #8-21 are at the storage/shipping facility. (Awaiting an update/ETA of when those will go out, last we were told the facility was 5 weeks behind from unpacking and inventorying inbound inventory to the facility, then gets placed into the shipping queue).  Also awaiting updates on ETA of completion dates of Ducktails #22-40.  For anyone that has not yet received an email for shipping address confirmation, do not worry, we will be reaching out prior to your order being shipped.

 9/16/22: The first 21 Ducktails have been completed.

*Emails will be sent to customers receiving these ahead of time to verify shipping info is still the same as the time of placing the order.  As soon as we have the latest update\ we will post here.  Thanks for everyone for their patience thus far in making this item possible again.

Update 10/13/21 - batch of 40 sold out, no more available.  If you are interested in being on the waiting list for any potential cancellation issues or a future potential batch please send us an email to

Update 8/8/2021 - Rejoice, after 4 years of being discontinued, we were able to negotiate for a batch of Authentic MADPSI Ducktail Trunk lids to be produced! Only 40 of these will be produced for the batch. This was a very difficult thing to do as we had to convince the founder of MADPSI - For literally many months and years. He was not very keen on reproducing his discontinued product line and diluting his brand as he had other ventures on his plate. For those who wanted one, here is a very rare chance at a highly unique and functional product. These are not a reproduction or copy, these are made by the same original manufacture using the same original mold. 


PLEASE READ - WE CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE THESE IN STOCK - OUT OF STOCK - These are to be made and shipped in the near future when order is placed now. Please do not ask us for tracking # the next day after placing your order. It will not happen - production and logistics will take months.


CURRENTLY TAKING PRE-ORDERS - All orders placed now will be for Pre-Orders, a spot on the list. Coming Soon! - Fulfillments starting early 2022 depending on order # and when order was placed. Only 3-4 trunks can be produced every month.



  • Lead time will be approximately 6 months for initial orders once the batch of 40 is presold, later orders are estimated to ship in 6-12 months in the order # received.
  • Only 40 total are planned in the batch.
  • Only 3-4 trunk lids will be produced per month.
    • Orders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis, in order.
      • For example - Will take 3-4 months for the first 3-4 trunk lids to be able to ship, and then next following month (the 4th month) will have another 3-4 available to ship
  • All orders are non cancellable, non refundable and non transferable


Pre-order price of $1,469 shipped via Pilot Freight in the Continental USA.


*Alaska, Hawaii, and International shipments can be accommodated for additional cost to be determined but estimated at +$100-300 depending where in the world you are.  A $170 credit towards shipping from the initial purchase price will be applied toward the total shipping cost for these orders.


This is a special batch production by Mad PSI for MR2 Heaven only



Current fulfillment order:


1. Nicholas E. - (Delivered)

2. Justin R. (Delivered)

3. Jeremy T. (Delivered)

4. George K. (Pending Shipment *Alaska)

5. Mitchell V.  (Delivered)

6. Matthew C.  (Delivered)

7. James S.  (Delivered)


8. Dennis S. (in shipping queue)

9. Brad A. (In shipping queue)

10.  Steven M. (In shipping queue)

11. Joe S. (In shipping queue)

12. Travis A. (In shipping queue)

13 Ethan H.  (In shipping queue)

14. Everton N. (In shipping queue)

15 Gavin S. (In shipping queue) *awaiting International shipping cost difference quote

16. Julio G. (in shipping queue)

17. Arturo A. (In shipping queue)

18. Cody G. (In shipping queue)

19. Tyler R. (In shipping queue)

20. Michael L. (In shipping queue)

21. Elio A. (In shipping queue)

22. Vincent M.

23. Dale E.

24. Dante D. (Shipping address confirmed)

25. Jacob C.

26. Mark O. (Shipping address confirmed)

27. Josh L.

28. Korum R.

29. Ryan S.

30. Alberto M.

31. Eric F. (Shipping address confirmed)

32. Colin M. (Shipping address confirmed)

33. John A. (Shipping address confirmed)

34. Richard P. (Shipping address confirmed)

35. Robin W.

36. Rey T.

37. Josh W.

38. Alex A.

39. Nicholas F.

40. Ben N.



Mad PSI Carbon Fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid

Only made in batches. (Once they're gone, theyre gone!)

Reduces lift force, and drag by moving the wind flow higher from the trunk and away from the rear bumper. 

We are the ONLY authorized distributor in the world for this brand.

Shipping anywhere in the Continental USA is $170 via Pilot Freight.




The MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid is not just the best trunk lid ever made for the MR2, it is perhaps the best aero part ever made for the MR2, period. It looks good in photos, but it is at another level in person. And, in person, it looks better each time you see it. Every time you see it, you will notice a different subtle detail. It looks stunning, amazing, [insert superlative here]. It is such a sophisticated, intricate, interesting, and modern design. It really matches and ties the entire car together well and lends it a more mature look. It is just so…sexy. And after seeing it, it will instantly make other MR2s look boring, bland, outdated, and wanting in comparison.




The MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid is a one-piece bolt-on trunk lid and rear spoiler replacement. There is no need for you to invest time and money into taping, riveting, or molding anything. You can simply swap your OEM trunk lid and rear spoiler with the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid and you are done.




The MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid weighs only 9.4 lbs., which is about 68% lighter than the 29.6 lbs 1991 to 1993 MR2 trunk lid and spoiler. The MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid is so much lighter than OEM that you may need to recalibrate your trunk lid spring.




The first thing you will notice when installing the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid on your MR2 is how it looks more OEM than the OEM setup it replaced.  Messy 3-piece (1994 to 1997) and 4-piece (1991 to 1993 and 1998) OEM setups are now replaced with a much cleaner one-piece Ducktail Trunk Lid.  It is much more simple, subtle, coherent, and its design complements the MR2s shape much better. It is the design the MR2 should have had from the factory.  That is not by accident. That is by design. We went through countless iterations to make sure the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid looked “right” at every angle.




We are used to seeing MR2s with rear spoilers, because, until now, that is all that has been available. But after putting the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid on your MR2 and becoming familiar with it over a week or so, all of sudden what has been normal for more than two decades will, surprisingly, seem so strange. Rear spoilers will start to seem like an inelegant solution, a “boyracer” immature look,  a design relic from the previous century.




The MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid was designed to utilize the OEM trunk lid latch, hinges, bolts, and rubber stoppers.




We specifically designed the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid so that the gaps between the rear quarter panels, engine lid, engine lid side pieces, and MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid were as close to stock as possible. Next time you open you trunk lid with your engine lid closed, pay attention to how close the trunk lid gets to the engine lid. Maintaining OEM gaps on the trunk lid is crucial. Additionally, the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk lid is perfectly symmetrical with the left and right quarter panel gaps being exactly the same as measured by a digital caliper down to a hundredth of a millimeter.




Many composite trunk lids are not smooth. When you look at them at an angle, you see waviness and bumps. When you run your hand across the surface, you feel a rough texture. When you look closely, you may even see small pinholes. To ensure the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid has an amazing finish, we implemented special techniques, protected by trade secret, throughout the product development and manufacturing process. Was it more expensive? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. The finish is as smooth as glass. When you run your hand across the surface, it glides effortlessly. Combined with our highest-grade glossy clear coat, it has a stunning mirror-like finish.




Many composite trunk lids have distorted weave patterns, especially on complex surfaces. The weave pattern looks like an absolute mess when there is a concave shape, drop, or curve. Some manufacturers even paint over sections of products to hide areas where weave distortion is obvious. To ensure the MadPSI carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid has a straight weave pattern, we use the best manufacturing facility with the best production team. These highly skilled workers are true artisans with over 15 year of experience. Is doing this more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The result is a beautiful straight weave unmatched in the industry. We take great pride in our straight weave pattern and instead of painting over it, we proudly display it like artwork in high-resolution close-up photographs.




Many manufacturers use excess leftover carbon sheets from other parts in order to save money on material costs. The result is a visible line where one carbon sheet ends and another starts and a visible misalignment of the weave pattern where the different carbon sheets meet. To ensure our carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid has the most consistent weave pattern, we construct every carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid using a one-piece carbon sheet. We dispose of any excess material. Is doing this more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The result is a consistent weave pattern throughout the entire carbon fiber Ducktail Trunk Lid with no visible cuts or disjointed lines.




MadPSI uses only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all its products. We use the same materials used in aviation, battleships, satellites, and rockets.


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