Magnetic Phone Mount (Rose Gold or Black)


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This is by far our favorite method of mounting smart phones in all our vehicles. 

By utilizing a magnetic disc adhered the back of your phone or case, your phone will instantly snap onto this mount! Adhere the small sized mount wherever you desire! Allows you to rotate or pivot the phone as well to a level that is comfortable for you. 

Stop fiddling and spending time trying to mount your phone! Just simply place your phone nearby the mount, and it will automatically snap into place!

This mount utilizes strong magnets and will ensure your smart phone will not come loose under extreme cornering conditions, or through rough road irregularities. 


Note* - The adhesive may not adhere well to the porous material of the radio surround trim, especially if the surface has been waxed or polished with chemicals. If that is the case, a small drop of gorilla glue will solve this issue. 


Kit includes: 

1 Rotating magnetic mount (Rose gold - shown in the BMW E92 M3 or black - shown in the MR2)

Backing plates 

Alcohol Wipe


Optional Options:

4 pc Large Spigen phone backing plates  (what the magnet attracts). Allows for more fine tuning of placement and easier attachment. 

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