MR2 ONLY Magazine - Show Season Special Issue 4 - November 2021
MR2 ONLY Magazine - Show Season Special Issue 4 - November 2021
MR2 ONLY Magazine - Show Season Special Issue 4 - November 2021
MR2 ONLY Magazine - Show Season Special Issue 4 - November 2021

MR2 ONLY Magazine - Show Season Special Issue 4 - November 2021

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In issue 4...

TRD2000GT - No.8 - is no stranger to many UK MR2 owners, having been owned by a couple of long term and well known MR2 enthusiasts. New owner David Biagoni has sympathetically restored this authentic No8 wide-body to its former glory

SONIC SHADOW REBOOT - Kevin Underdown had unfinished business with the SW20, marking a milestone birthday with the purchase of a sonic shadow, mid-life crisis maybe? his story of nuts, bolts and welds captures the sentiment of an epic DIY restoration and his journey through the 2021 UK show season.

2ZZ SPRINT SERIES ROADSTER - Aaron Laverty fulfils a childhood dream building a track focussed ZZW30 and competing in the Javelin Toyota Sprint Series.

PURE BLITZ - Gerard’s super clean 93 turbo is for sure a head turner - testament that wheels maketh the car, no extreme styling here, just a set of iconic blitz o3’s, perfect blend of stance & subtle body styling that complement the slick & timeless lines of the sw20.

POWERED BY BEAMS - We’ve always wondered just how driveable the Mk1.5 (3SGTE) swap is, or can the AW11 chassis’s sweet spot be actually found with a 200bhp high revving normal aspirated lump. Leighton Davies confirms this with his red top BEAMS swap, Toyota’s power-plant that is nothing short of a work of art.

HOOPTIE X DIRT RACER DEUCE - David Hubbard’s crazy 300bhp 2GR uplifted SW20 is a bit of a handful but a lot of fun throwing huge rooster tails as it blasts across the sand dunes.

2021 SHOW SEASON SPECIAL! - 26 pages of show coverage

MR2DC NATIONAL DAY - This years highlight for Team MR2 Only this was the annual UK MR2 Drivers Club National Day. Having been postponed last year, the event, largest of its kind in recent years attracted over 430 Toyotas. We attended with our first trade stand in over 10 years with a guest line-up of featured MR2s on show which attracted lots of attention. Great to see so many owners back out, proudly displaying their MR2s, enjoying chatting with like-minded enthusiasts. Heart warming to be back and have so many positive chats and feedback about the return of MR2 Only Magazine.

MR2 NATIONALS: - Over the pond in Dallas, Texas we looked on enviously, as their triple threat event got underway, 3 days of pure MR2 indulgence, dyno day, drag strip event, and track day looked awesome, full coverage in this issue.

BEAR MOUNTAIN: - We last featured Bear Mountain 2009, (old issue 19), it’s great to see the North East MR2 community enjoying this event that has become a tradition enjoying great attendance, The event was started over two decades by Joe Pearlstein who sadly passed away.

JAP SHOW FINALE, SANTA POD: Our first visit to Santa Pod in 10 years, for our fix of adrenaline fuelled quarter mile fun.

READERS RIDES - Several of your MR2s and short stories

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