MR2 SW20 GEN5 3SGTE Torque Values Quick Reference Chart


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All of the necessary exploded parts diagrams in one place with torque values next to the nuts and bolts. Dozens of hours were spent vectorizing, cleaning up and finding the right torque values from multiple BGB's in foreign languages and in some cases using a digital torque wrench to find the breakaway torque for certain fasteners.

Putting your engine back together should be an enjoyable experience. Stop wasting time scouring the BGB and waiting for people on the forums to respond with some arbitrary value.


  • Torque values (ft lb and Nm) for all major bolts
  • Part #'s of all rubber hoses that should be replaced
  • Part #'s for recommended sensors to replace
  • Part #'s for commonly broken timing covers
  • Part #'s for FIPG (Toyota formed in place gasket) and sizes for heater bypass caps when installing in MR2
  • BGB recommended places to apply loctite

Did you know that the middle oil pan has 5 different size/types of fasteners that are supposed to go in specific locations? How about the timing covers consisting of 4 different length bolts? Neither did I. 

This chart dedicated to my friend Bob Pham and the entire #SoCalMrRestoration team.

Disclaimer: This diagram is simply a helpful quick reference and assumes that you have the knowledge, experience and talent to assemble an engine. If something doesn't seem right, stop and take the time to confirm. Don't torque a 10mm bolt to 70 ft/lb because someone made a typo in the directions.

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