MR2Heaven Adjustable Turbo/NA Shifter Cables
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Brand MR2Heaven


    Another great new product from MR2Heaven. 

    These cables are adjustable, which allows for one to adjust if necessary the center point the shifter lever, as well as the throw lengths and actuation. With Toyota OEM cables priced at $400-500+ for a pair, these are great for the value and adjusting functions. Works for both NA or turbo, we have got you covered!

    Available with rubber bushings or spherical solid bushings for a more direct, sportier shifting response feeling with less flex and play. 


    • Fits NA & Turbo SW20 MR2s.
    • Plug and play, no modifications necessary.


    Sold as a pair of left and right

    These cables do not use the same bushing retainer sizes as the OEM cables. If you decide to go spherical bushings later on, do not purchase the ones meant for the OEM cable as they will not fit these. Want spherical? Best to order it now.  

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