MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available
MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available
MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available
MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available
MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available

MR2Heaven - Bomex Style Rear Add On - Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Available

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Note - ETA July-Oct 2024

Features and advantages

  • 3D Scanned with Metrology Level Scanner - Close to twenty thousand dollars. Capable of 0.02mm accuracy & 0.05mm point cloud resolution capturing of usually the authentic part.
  • Computer Aided Design - Drawings are corrected to be symmetrical, eliminating weird artifacts, warping, "eye balled" uneven/unsymmetrical surfaces which is very common for body kits and parts, including many body parts from OEM.
  • Design Improvements & Experience - Having been in the MR2 scene passionately for over 20 years, we are able to recommend structural, fitment & other improvements over original parts where needed such as upsizing mounting hardware or beefing up critical areas that fail often and any common problematic areas.
  • Perfecting Molds - All molds are checked, refined and improved via metrology level QC/QA 3D Scanning & deviation analysis, yielding high level accuracy, repeatability, great fitment and results
  • Hand Crafted - Each piece is meticulously hand crafted for stunning results
  • Made by Professionals - These pieces are not made in someone's backyard or garage with lackluster equipment, experience and knowledge, specializing in trial and error and accepting "good enough" results. We utilize numerous high level engineers, professionals and specialists with often decades of experience, using expensive proven specialized solutions, science, engineering, tools, equipment and materials. Professional paint shops, massive & expensive facilities, autoclaves, curing solutions, specialized resins, epoxies, methods and orientation of laying of each carbon layer for optimized structural strength of each piece through specific curing processes under controlled varying pressures and heat for hours which usually only established specialists have access to. 
  • Dry Carbon - If "dry carbon" production method is mentioned, you can expect pieces that are on the same level and caliber as the best in the industry. Utilizing the same state of the art technologies/methods that are used to make satellite parts, advanced pre-infused resin carbon layers with our CNC-machined aluminum molds help create the highest performance, strongest, lightweight, quality and detailed complex parts with remarkable & exceptional results (eg, our CF interior trims, kouki center panel & carbon fiber intercooler pipes)
  • Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber - Our body kits can also be full fiberglass, full carbon, a mix of fiberglass and top layers carbon fiber to keep costs affordable (eg, most won't be wiling to pay $1700-$3200 for a small pair of full carbon rear bumper add ons). 
  • Sanded & Primered - semi ready to paint if fiberglass variant
  • Premium "Flex Resin" - More flexible/elastic/stronger/less brittle & more impact resistance parts created than with normal epoxy resin. More bonuses is lower shrinkage rate and more stable parts
  • Fast & Reliable Fulfillment Times if in stock & not a special pre-order/backordered item
  • We stand by our products - Any problems, let us know and we'll make things right


  • Sold as a pair with mounting hardware

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