Toyota MR2 Full E153 Axles with CV joints + LSD/Non LSD Stubs

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With Toyota dropping the ball and a complete lack of aftermarket support for axles, we have reproduced our own to help fill the void. Gone are the days where searching for axles was a tedious and almost impossible task.

These axles are brand new and completely plug and play. 



  • Stubs/CV Joint Housings made from 1055 Carbon Steel (Equivalent and or stronger than OEM)
  • Free of charge, our cages are significantly beefed up/upgraded dimensionally and physically vs OEM cages to handle more abuse! 
  • Brand new everything, new bearing on Axle Stubs, clamps, dust caps, grease, bearings, cages, hardware, boots and king nut.
  • Interchangeable - Works for NON LSD or OEM LSD, ABS and NON ABS wheel hubs
  • Options include your pick of full axles, stubs only (plugs into transmission and half shaft) or half shafts (axle shafts with cv joint without stubs)
  • Hybrid Axle Option - For use with NA hub (Usually for those going from NA to turbo swap, but retaining the NA wheel bearing hub assembly). NA hubs have a hub for a smaller axle spline count and diameter. 
  • Plug and play, no modifications needed



  • Designed to work with E153 OEM LSD and NON LSD transmissions on 1990-1998 Toyota MR2
  • Works for ABS and NON ABS MR2s
  • May work for custom setups, do your homework please
  • Replaces OE part #s: 42340-17104, 42340-17100, 42340-17101, 42330-17130, 42330-17134, 42330-17131, 42330-17140, 42330-17141, 42330-17144, 43470-19356, 43470-19366, 43470-80276, 42340-17090, 42340-17094, 42340-17091, 41309-17030, 43049-32030, 43470-19355, 43470-19359, 43470-19365, 41309-17040, 42330-17150, 42330-17201, 42340-17101, 42340-17110, 42340-17161, 42330-17160, 42330-17211, 42340-17120, 42340-17171


  • Once installed on car, don't forget to torque CV Joint allen bolts to 48ft-lbs


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