MR2Heaven Lightweight Crank Pulley - 3SGTE


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1/17/2023 - Limited quantities in stock and ready to ship


  • Faster Revs
  • Increases engine response
  • Increases acceleration
  • Increases HP and torque
  • Reduces rotational inertia of stock pulley - Stock pulley at 7000RPM is 5911+ Joules of energy, vs 1343 Joules from LWCP. To stop the difference of kinetic energy within a second for example is worth over 6 horsepower.



  • Stock Pulley Weight - 4.8 lbs
  • MR2Heaven Pulley Weight - 1.36-1.37 lbs
  • CNC Billet Aerospace Grade Aluminum 6061-T6 construction
  • 3D Scanned, CAD/FEA designed
  • Pulley comes balanced from factory



  • We personally had lightweight crank pulleys on our 3SGTE for more than 12 years and over 180k miles without issues


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