MR2Heaven Reproduction OEM Air Diverting/Speed Flaps


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These discontinued flaps were fitted standard on JDM MR2s (1998-1999) to help increase performance, aerodynamics, grip, stability, confidence and to reduce front end lift, wind turbulence and drag on OEM MR2s. These are located just in front of the front wheels.


They work by rerouting wind around the front wheels when the vehicle is in motion and directing it along the sides of the car. Their usefulness, purpose and implementation is so critical and important that they can now be found on pretty much all modern cars sold today, from budget Corollas, to high end BMW, Porsches and supercars. In fact, even the rear wheels of those vehicles has a set too!


For 1998-1999 MR2s, Toyota modified the existing fender liner with additional built in plastic and brackets to help mount these flaps. For our purposes, we have designed lightweight 5mm thick reinforcement aluminum mounting brackets to help make installation a breeze and to further increase rigidity of overall system. These can be installed on any year MR2s but will require you to drill holes if you are on a 1989-1997 build



  • 100% Faithful reproduction
  • EPDM Construction - Just like OEM
  • 3D Scanned and CADed
  • Includes 3 aluminum spacers at mounting locations just like OEM for structural support
  • Includes MR2Heaven billet CNC 5mm thick aluminum reinforcement mounting plates for easy installation and increased sturdiness
  • Includes 10mm M6x1.0 screw hardware kit


  • All 1989-1999 Toyota Second Generation MR2s
  • Recommend 1993+ or newer front OEM or aftermarket lip to better match aesthetically, OE 91-92 lip may show the rubber flap quite a bit on edges of lip


  • Sold as a pair
  • Will require one to drill holes if your MR2 is not built in 1998-1999
  • OEM Part number - 53161-17010

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