MR2Heaven Silicone OEM Blow Off Valve Re-circulation Hose, 1" To 1", 2.25" Long, GEN2/GEN3 3SGTE


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The OEM Rubber blow off valve recirculation hose is notoriously known for cracking, causing all sorts of hesitation issues for the 91-95 USDM MR2 Turbos. Many of these issues include hesitation, bogging, running rich or lean as well as knocking as the car cannot properly calculate air flow going into the motor. 

Our solution? We made our own with silicone. Silicone is known for quality, durability, reliability and is great at handling high temperatures, exactly what the OEM Rubber hose does not do too well.

MR2Heaven Silicone Hoses utilize high temperature materials. Silicone hoses are used by professionals in performance racing vehicles, commercial truck and buses, marine etc. 


  • Direct Fit
  • 1" to 1" Straight Hose Coupler
  • 2.25" Length
  • 0.175" Thickness
  • 3 Ply Construction
  • Available in Red or Black



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