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  • We are open and shipping orders during this Corona Virus Pandemic
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MR2Heaven Underbody Panel Reproductions - Increased Thickness/Durability - FREE SHIPPING 48 STATES USA - SW20

MR2 Heaven

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Note 1/20/2021 - 1st mini batch planned from Sept/Oct 2020 and completed in December set to arrive by Feb 2021 and will be used to fulfill existing pre-orders. The Main big batch to ship all pre-orders out will hopefully arrive around May-July 2021

Note 11/24/2020 - We sincerely apologize for the delays. Due to unfamiliarity with the process for plastic panel manufacturing and the unexpected extremely high volume of pre-orders on these new panels that we are currently developing in the midst of a full blown pandemic, it's extremely hard to keep any amount of stock on the shelves in a timely manner. We're currently waiting for the next batch to arrive Mid Dec 2020 to fulfill existing current pre-orders. Unfortunately the # of pre-orders have exceeded the actual production amount for the Dec 2020 batch. Next batch to arrive is est March/April 2021. To honor and respect our pre-sale customers who have been waiting very patiently for these, we're not having any Black Friday or future seasonal sales discounts on these. 

Note 10/28/2020 - Panels 3-9 as well as frunk surround are 90% manufactured. Have 35-42 sets inbound and will fulfill as many pre-orders in the order number received. Anticipated arrival 11/11-11/21

Note 10/3/2020 - We have never anticipated such long delays and wait times for bringing all these new plastic panel products to life during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have encountered material supplier delays, lack of worker delays as well as delays due to high number of orders our manufacture has received for upcoming Q4 as well as delays due to a 1-2 week holiday they are having overseas which started 10/1. We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and delays caused. It is not a pleasant situation for us to be in and truly a learning experience for us. Nonetheless, once we have a solid big batch order down, things will go much smoother down the road. 

Note 9/6/2020 -

Front underbody panels #1, #2 are in stock and ready to ship

#3, #4 - First limited batch successful, 90% of outstanding #3 and #4 orders shipped. Next batch to arrive 9/27-9/30

#5, #6, #7, #8, #9 mold is complete, currently in manufacturing. Limited 1st batch of 30 being made for each panel, ETA completion 9/20. Shipping to our warehouse 9/27-9/30. 


Note 6/21/2020 

-Pre Order Sale for our upcoming products (mid front, mid rear, front main, oil pan, crank pulley panel) - 1st Batch Estimated ETA 5-9 weeks.

-Front underbody radiator panels are in stock and ready to ship

-Fender underbody panels ready to ship in about 1-1.5 weeks



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-These panels only - FREE SHIPPING to the 48 States of USA (CONUSA). Select Manually Request Quote during checkout or the equivalent 

-We can quote you shipping manually if you need these panels shipped internationally or if the calculator/website just isn't working well for you



Commonly, these plastic covers are missing/damaged on many 91-98 Toyota MR2s. Without these covers, the underside of the car creates significantly increased drag reducing MPG, aerodynamics performance and upsetting the balance of the car, reducing stability and the road connected feel car enthusiasts often strive for.

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  • PE Material Construction
  • Holes Pre-drilled
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 30% Thicker than OEM Panels


  • Plastic Panel (s)


  • 1990-1998 Toyota MR2s

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