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  • We are open and shipping orders during this Corona Virus Pandemic
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MR2Heaven Weighted Leather Wrapped 98 OEM JDM MR2 Style Shift Knob


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Note 11/23/2020 - (red, white, purple with pattern will be shipped in about 3 weeks)


Introducing our Premium MR2 JDM 98+ Spec Leather Wrapped Weighted Shift Knobs

The 98+ Spec JDM MR2 Shift knobs were highly desired in the community. However, due to their high costs and difficulty to obtain, they are often considered a rare gem. With that being said, we're introducing our own version with many added benefits! 

Our knobs are TWICE as heavy versus OEM. Heavier shift knobs are commonly used in the tuning world. Few of the many benefits include smoother, easier, quicker shifts and not to mention, a premium shifting feel that is only available through use of a heavier knob. 

Our knobs are also available in many various color and can be personalized as well (Shift pattern, custom engraving of logos, initials, or what have you; please inquire for customization)


  • Direct Plug and Play, no modifications necessary
  • OEM feel and quality
  • Wrapped in soft leather for the ultimate shifter feel 
  • Durable steel threaded core ensuring long lasting life
  • More than twice the OEM weight of 175 grams. Our weight: 350-355 grams
  • Meticulously hand stitched
  • Available in various stitching colors: Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple
  • Thread Pitch: M12x1.25
  • Can be used on other vehicles with a threaded adapter for M12X1.25 to M10x1.25
  • Thread pattern fits many other manual transmission cars as well including, but not limited to:
    • MK1 AW11 MR2
    • MK2 SW20 MR2
    • MK3 MR2-Spyder
    • Toyota Celica, Celica GTS
    • Lexus IS300
    • Toyota Supra (with/without reverse lockout)
    • Toyota Matrix
    • Toyota Corolla
    • Toyota Camry
    • AE86 Trueno
    • All Scions
    • Suzuki Samurai
    • 2005-2014 Ford Mustang
    • 2007-2009 Ford Mustang Shelby
    • Geo Tracker
    • Most all Subaru models
    • Most Nissan models (with adapter to M10x1.25)
    • Datsun 300ZX (with adapter to M10x1.25)
    • Most Hyundai modeles (with adapter M10x1.25)
    • Ford Probe (with adapter to M10x1.25)
    • Mazda Miata (with adapter to M10x1.25)
    • Most all Mazda models (with adapter to M10x1.25)
    • and more

More fitment compatibility can be found by visiting hotrodshiftknob.com or by google searching the thread pitch for your car's year, make and model.


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