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  • We are open and shipping orders during this Corona Virus Pandemic
  • ✈️WE SHIP WORLDWIDE ✅Most exclusive Selection Found No Where Else
  • BLACK FRIDAY IS NOW LIVE! 🦃🦃 No Discount Code Needed! While Supplies Last! Once in a year event, don't miss out!


MR2Heaven Heavy Duty 13" Wilwood FRONT Big Brake FULL Kit - SW20


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We present to you our ultimate front big brake kit. We designed this kit to utilize the biggest possible rotor while matching the 13" diameter of our rear Big Brake Kit for a proper and even look front and back. This kit retains factory brake bias.

Out grown your stock brake setup? Tired of brake fade, unreliable, unpredictable, non confidence inspiring braking performance? We've been there before. Or if you're simply wanting to fill the gap in between your wheels with the biggest brake system out there, we've got you covered. (We wont judge)

Gone are the harsh days where sourcing and piecing a big brake kit together is troublesome. We've taken the guess work out and pieced together a full kit available for the Front and rear with option of retaining emergency brake feature on the 1991-1998 MR2.

By utilizing the largest rotor we could fit while being compliant on 17" wheels, this kit outperforms and is cheaper than the more expensive smaller and thinner 12" rotor kits on the market. Not only are the rotors bigger in diameter, they are thicker in thickness as well. Surely, these are slightly heavier but brake rotor mass is very important in dealing with temperature management for brake systems. Simply more MASS = more abuse the system can take, its the same reason you're upgrading to a BBK, because of the bigger and heavier rotor to take the increased heat generated. With that being said, you would also want to run the appropriate pads, if you're racing hardcore, select track pads, not street pads. Nothing is worst than overshooting a corner and smashing into something because your brakes overheated and couldn't stop properly. 


Forged Superlite Calipers - 4 pistons, Lightweight, track proven, wallet friendly

Brake Caliper mounting brackets are made out of 1 piece CNC Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum (stronger and 1/3 the weight of most mild steels). Hard anodized for extreme environmental protection. 

Brake rotors are available plain, slotted only, or drilled and slotted. Plain or Slotted only is best for reliability and performance. Drilled and slotted looks cooler but may develop cracks around the holes under heavy duty track use. These rotors are vanned/have inner air passage channels and are designated either Left or Right side so please make sure you install the correct side or the rotor would not cool properly. Rotors despite being the same diameter have different thickness for our front and back BBK kits as a heads up. 


  • Hardware to mount everything
  • Pair of One Piece LIGHTWEIGHT 7075-T6 Aluminum Mounting brackets to mount Forged Superlite Wilwood quad piston brake caliper
  • Heavy Duty pair of D.O.T. Approved Technafit brake lines (Not pictured)
  • Pair of Forged Superlite Wilwood Calipers
  • Pair of Stoptech Premium High Performance MK4 Supra Front 13" Brake Rotors from  (Your choice of plain rotor, slotted, drilled & slotted)
  • A set of Wilwood brake pads of your choice. 
    1. BP-10 High performance Street use
    2. BP-20 Streetable track pad - Easy to modulate braking. Can be a little noisy when cold. Good reliable bite when cold. Can take quite a bit of abuse on track before fading. Think ~330WHP, wide open throttle, high speed braking for a few laps on a road circuit course attempting to break time attack record in mind. May start fading due to high temperature after the 4th-9th lap of a 1-3 mile circuit under repeated full load with high intermediate/advanced driver. Run an easy lap to cool down if needed and repeat abuse :) We were able to track with these on 270whp all day without any issues. 
    3. BP-30 High temperature racing pad - RACE ONLY - Not for street use. Great for advanced/pro level road circuit competition, time attack
    4. BP-40 - Xtreme High Temp Racing Pad - Good luck, try and fade these :)


  • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2


  • This kit retains stock brake bias
  • 17" Wheels required
  • Visit our rear BBK page here.
  • This kit will also pair nicely with our budget 93+ OEM BBK kit utilizing a matching diameter 13" rotor here
  • You can piece your own kit with our mounting brackets as well! Click here

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