MR2Heaven Heavy Duty 13" Wilwood FRONT Big Brake FULL Kit - SW20


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Notes - 4/28/2021

  • FRONT Slotted and Drilled/Slotted Rotors ETA June/July
  • Plain Rotors in stock and ready to ship! - For existing orders, if you would like to switch to plain rotors, we can ship out your full kit today!


    Out grown your stock brake setup? Tired of brake fade, unreliable, unpredictable, non confidence inspiring braking performance? We've been there before. Whether you're wanting to upgrade the performance of your MR2, simply aiming for the cool sports car appearance or trying to fill the gaps in between your wheels with the biggest, coolest dual caliper brake system out there, we've got you covered with our headache free kit. (We wont judge your priorities)

    We present to you our ultimate big brake kit for the FRONT of the MR2 which also happens to be budget friendly. We designed this kit to utilize the largest and thickest possible rotor (Coming in at a whopping 13") matching front and rear brake rotor diameter for a proper and menacing side appearance. 

    By utilizing the largest rotor we could fit while being compliant on 17" wheels, this kit outperforms and is cheaper than the more expensive smaller and thinner 12" rotor kits on the market. Not only are the rotors larger in diameter, they are also thicker in thickness. Surely, these are slightly heavier but brake rotor mass is very important in dealing with temperature management for brake systems. Simply put, MORE MASS equals more abuse the system can take and lower temperatures of your brake system overall. That also leads to a bonus of longer lifespan of brake pads and rotors due to running at lower temperatures. Its the same reason you're upgrading to a BBK, because of the bigger and heavier rotor to combat the increased heat generated. Also, by having a larger rotor, the brake system can air cool itself more efficiently and effectively while rotating by channeling more air through its larger channeled and vanned fin structure and increased surface area on the brake rotor. By utilizing a larger brake rotor which will run cooler, you may have more options such as running a street pad/semi track pad instead of a full race pad which comes with drawbacks such as poor cold friction performance and high pitched hard squealing that may come with some race pads (where sometimes you can hear the brake squeal 5 blocks away)

    With that being said, you would also want to run the appropriate pads if you're planning on racing or driving hard. Nothing is worst than your brakes not responding properly and smashing into something due to overheating too quickly for an owner to notice and adjust his/her driving. An all too common unfortunate occurrence on stock brakes using mediocre brake pads that is totally avoidable and preventable. Don't be that person that brakes at high speed on a freeway twice and fails to stop the third time causing an potentially deadly accident. Oh yeah... These are for and intended for OFF ROAD USAGE only... With that being said, whatever you decide to do with your car using these brakes is up to you.


    Forged Superlite Calipers - 4 pistons, Lightweight, track proven, wallet friendly

    Brake Caliper mounting brackets are made out of 1 piece CNC Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum (stronger and 1/3 the weight of most mild steels). Hard anodized for extreme environmental protection. 

    Brake rotors are available plain, slotted only, or drilled and slotted. Plain or Slotted only is best for reliability and performance. Drilled and slotted looks cooler but may develop cracks around the holes under heavy duty track use. These rotors are vanned/have inner air passage channels and are designated either Left or Right side so please make sure you install the correct side or the rotor would not cool properly. Rotors despite being the same diameter have different thickness for our front and back BBK kits as a heads up. 


    • Hardware to mount everything
    • Pair of One Piece LIGHTWEIGHT 7075-T6 Aluminum Mounting brackets to mount Forged Superlite Wilwood quad piston brake caliper
    • Heavy Duty pair of US D.O.T. Approved Technafit brake lines
    • Pair of Forged Superlite Wilwood Calipers
    • Pair of MK4 Supra Front 13" Brake Rotors from (Your choice of plain rotor, slotted, drilled & slotted). What is the difference? Click here. Our opinion is that Basic level works for daily use and can be used on track at a great price and does everything decently but is not the best out there.
      • Basic Level can be used for track and is cheapest to replace. Lifespan, cooling and harmonics may not be as nice and smooth as higher tier rotors but still a significant improvement in performance over stock 91 turbo brakes. For the average auto consumer, most probably wouldn't even notice a difference. 
      • Intermediate level great for daily use and trackable
      • High performance - Excellent for performance, track and daily use. 
    • A set of Wilwood brake pads of your choice. 
      1. BP-10 High performance Street use
      2. BP-20 Streetable track pad - Easy to modulate braking. Can be a little noisy when cold. Good reliable bite when cold. Can take quite a bit of abuse on track before fading. Think ~330WHP, wide open throttle, high speed braking for a few laps on a road circuit course attempting to break time attack record in mind. May start fading due to high temperature after the 4th-9th lap of a 1-3 mile circuit under repeated full load with high intermediate/advanced driver. Run an easy lap to cool down if needed and repeat abuse :) Many are able to track with these on 300whp all day without any issues. 
      3. BP-30 High temperature racing pad - RACE ONLY - Not for street use. Great for advanced/pro level road circuit competition, time attack
      4. BP-40 - Xtreme High Temp Racing Pad - Good luck, try and fade these :)


    • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2


    • Our front and rear kit when paired together meets or exceeds OE brake bias dynamics
      • If you're on an OEM Non Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does extremely well with BP10 & BP20 pads and significantly improves on the OEM 1993+ Turbo Brake Bias curves by a significant amount. From 0.5 to 0.7G, 60-63% front biased and from 0.7 all the way up to 1.4G results in ideal 63%-68% front bias respectively to help prevent the rear wheels from locking up as more weight is shifted towards the front of the car during harder braking. For comparison, 93 OE turbo brake system manages 60-65% front bias throughout 0.8-1.4Gs respectively. Most sticky street legal track racing tires on track cars can commonly pull around 1.0-1.3G before exceeding available tire grip. 
      • If you are on an OEM Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does decently with BP10 & BP20 pads. Throughout 0.5 to 1.4gs of deceleration, the front and rear kit maintains stable 62-64% front bias and around 36% rear bias, very similar to OEM 93T brake bias. 
    • 17" Wheels required
    • Visit our rear BBK page here.
    • This kit will also pair nicely with our budget 93+ OEM BBK kit utilizing a matching diameter 13" rotor here
    • You can piece your own kit with our mounting brackets as well! Click here

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