MR2Heaven Heavy Duty 13" Wilwood FRONT BIG Brake Kit - SW20


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Note 6/11/2022 - Our new 1 piece rotors are being manufactured and about 3 months away

Note 5/6/2022 - Our new 2 piece rotors are being manufactured and about 3 months away

Notes - 11/3/2021 - For component stock availability, please read the news on our front page of the website



Tired of brake fade, unreliable, unpredictable, vibrations, non-confidence inspiring braking performance or simply outgrown your 30 year old stock brake setup? Not sure if your car would or can stop with complete confidence when needed to avoid a nasty accident?

Whether you're trying to improve the performance, safety and reliability of your MR2, racing on a circuit searching for a new record, going for cool exotics sports car appearance or trying to fill gaps in between your wheels, we've got you covered with our headache free kits with a plethora of options to fit your every need and budget.

Our brake kits are designed and engineered to out perform and dominate anything out there without breaking the bank, whether that is up front costs or costs over time due to consumables. MR2Heaven big brake kit offers all high quality components, extraordinary weight savings over factory upgraded 1993+ OEM brake system (up to 17-18lbs lighter with our 2 piece rotor setup), unparalleled raw performance and with optional class leading race/endurance level rotor cooling. Beefy 12.72"/323mm x 30-31.75mm front rotors are designed to handle abuse and excels in thermal stability/management (large temperature variations when braking due to the use of lightweight or small diameter rotors will greatly shorten lifespan of components, increase overall brake temperatures, and throw brake feel/feedback off). Our kits are designed for one to throw all that they have with confidence and receive consistent feedback/braking/results at every corner of the track, lap after lap. Drag racing? No problem. With much lower overall temperatures and less stress to the brake system, one can run less aggressive pads that are much quieter and can expect to change only pads every 8-10+ track events (with 4-5x 25 minute sessions each event) instead of every once or twice from brakes simply running much cooler and effectively when driving all out among other benefits, such as significantly increased safety margin by not being near the limits. Considering the cost of 4 rotors and race pads nearing $550-$1200+ these days and a day of labor needed to swap things over every weekend or two for track use, one can save significant money, weight, headaches and time with our kits. Bulletproof your brakes while looking amazing with style and save 17-18lbs at the same time!

We’ve perfected the recipe and now offer the ultimate, track proven, modular, interchangeable, flexible, cost effective, headache and worry free, lightweight, heavy duty, best looking, and best performing brake kits on the market period.

If you are interested in other advantages our kit offers, please read below sections.


This page is for front brakes only. If you need rear brakes, visit here

Features, advantages and Information

Physics is unescapable - Kinetic energy of a car stopping turns into heat via the rotor. Operating with too much heat and can’t bleed it off quickly over time, that’s when nasty and unpredictable problems start to occur.

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Generally, the bigger the diameter, more vanes and mass the rotor has, the better its thermal and cooling capabilities as its all about heat management. We offer a plethora of rotor options to choose from for use with our kits, from budget friendly solutions to the best of the best. You can sort of say, the higher in price you go, the sweeter the advantages. It really depends on your needs, goals and budget. All rotors listed are manufactured from respectable companies and are more than adequate for track use for a MR2. There are also many other companies that makes rotors for said cars so those would also work as well. Please note, our 2 piece rotor solution is designed only to be used with only our big brake kits and are not backwards compatible for Supra or RX-8 use.

We use 1994-1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Front rotors for our fronts - 12.72”/323mm x 30.0mm thickness and 2004-2011 Mazda RX8 Front Rotors (Sport Suspension trim) for our rears - 12.72”/323mm x 24.0mm thickness. Front and rear rotors are of different thickness to help aid in temperature distribution for proper friction coefficient and brake bias.

  • Bigger diameter/more mass on the 2 main faces of the rotor directly translates to better thermal stability, more reliable/consistent braking friction/feel, generally lower operating temperatures, withstand higher thermal shocks/loads with less chance of running into warping, distortion, cracking, going into extreme temperature ranges, killing your rotor/pads quickly at a drawback of weight penalty.
    • For example, lightweight and smaller diameter brake rotors out there are extremely lightweight due to having less material and thickness on main faces, but will need to be changed out more often due to the extreme temperature range fluctuations and generally has a much shorter lifespan as components run significantly hotter.
    • More mass/thickness on the 2 main faces but with poor inadequate cooling design is also a recipe for disaster as it’ll collect heat but is unable to shed it off quick enough
    • Running at lower temperatures also allows for more flexibility in brake pad options. The higher temperature range a brake pad is designed to operate in, the more drawback there are to running it for street use, such as poor friction performance when cold, increased noise and cost.
  • Curved directional internal cooling vanes generally offer significantly more surface area than straight vanes and often times results in 80 to 150F+ in rotor operating temperature differences alone simply due to vane orientation. Manufacuters typically use straight vanes to lower costs.
  • Higher vane count generally translates to more internal surface area for cooling/bleeding off heat, offers more consistent cooling (less hot spots on rotor), lower operating temperatures as well as a stronger and more uniform rotor. Hot spots, warping or distortion will eventually turn into annoying brake pedal pulsation. Typical economical rotors have 24-32 vanes. Most street performance rotors utilize up to 48 while race rotors feature 60-80+
  • Some rotors are vanned/have inner air passage channels and are designated either Left or Right side so please make sure you install the correct sideor the rotor would not cool properly.
  • For track use, generally, slotted or plain rotors are best due to reliability and value. Drilled/slotted rotors are more suited for street and light track duty use due to more prone towards cracking and are more expensive.

G3000 grade iron is the OEM spec for the overwhelmingly of car manufactures. G3500 Iron is often found on premium and high performance offerings. G3500 is more durable, less prone to warping/cracking and will last longer than G3000 rotors. Common cheap rotors out there are made with a lower grade, such as G1800 grade iron. Other improvements are reduced noise/vibration/pulsation/hot spots/failure and increased life span from the proper required handling and processes used to make higher grade Iron.

Our 2 piece rotor solution is a work of art – Street/Race/Drag/Endurance or what have you, throw everything you want at it. Gone are the limitations of using off the shelf parts to create a solution. Available exclusively from MR2Heaven only. Born out of many months of heavy research, decades of experience/feedback, extensive 3D modeling and refinements (With more than 83 different rotor designs/variations CADed and datalogged by us for this project alone. From budget rotors all the way to top of the line rotors available to purchase from numerous other similar platforms were analyzed). Created out of necessity and with the sole purpose to excel and dominate as the best big brake kit for many years to come. Our rotors are finely tuned and tweaked specifically for the MR2’s weight, driving dynamics and usage in mind. We turned to industry leaders as well as many successful winning race teams/record holders during the design phase to come out with our own masterpiece for the MR2. No details were left out, no corners and no costs were cut. Manufactured and produced from top manufactures in the world with state of the art robotics/equipment/processes, even surpassing the quality of Centric/Stoptech rotors which we also sell. As of April 2022, we are confident there are no other solutions of this caliber. -In terms of overall raw performance/thermal management/cooling/lightweight, choices to suit budgets, flexibility of brake pad options, looks/styling/design, quality of components, low cost of owning the BBK/consumables in the immediate and long run and ultimately the efficiency overall of system out there at the unbeatable prices currently listed.

  • Our front and rear 2 piece solution offers just as much internal surface area for cooling as the full sized rotors it replaces while utilizing a much smaller foot print (Extensive 3d scanning and modeling shows a 3.6% difference at 265,761mm^2 of surface area vs 275,695mm^2 for supra). This feat is made possible with race/endurance level 65 curved directional cooling vanes, an amount usually only seen in expensive race rotors. -Which by the way typically costs around $300-1k a pop. Race around all day!
  • One of the drawback of Supra/RX-8 solution BBK is wasted rotor foot print space, unnecessarly large rotor face thicknesses, weight and a heavy center section. Our front/rear 2 piece rotor’s foot print is reduced to only whats used (wilwood forged super lite caliper pad sizing) and the middle section is crafted of lightweight billet 6061 Aluminum thus allowing huge weight savings. Main rotor face thicknesses were also engineered and tweaked to properly match the dynamic usage of a modded MR2 throughout many scenarios instead of a heavier 600lbs Supra. We could have made the rotor even lighter by a few pounds but our design ethos for rotors is longevity of the components instead of subjecting the system to unnecessary high stresses and temperatures. By designing on the slightly heavy duty side, the end result is consistent and reliable braking, more brake pad options, more broad use cases (such as top speed drag racing), headache free, worry free, annoyance free (brake pedal pulsation, loud squealing from race pads), very low maintenance and lower cost of ownership/consumables over time.
  • A total of 4-6 lbs lighter while being 1.75mm thicker to max out the wilwood caliper (31.75mm) for the fronts and 5-8lbs lighter, 0.5mm thinner (23.5mm) than the RX-8 it replaces (How much overkill do you need for the rear?). Our 2 piece rotors, while being much bigger are 2-3lbs lighter than factory oem upgraded 1993+ turbo mr2 brake rotors overall.
  • Crafted out of G3500 grade iron to withstand abuse and black E Coating on the insides for even greater corrosion resistance and performance. (Note – Our plain style 2 piece rotor is uncoated)
  • Comes engraved for easy identification and to be headache free


Beware of some mr2 vendors, they currently use very cheap/low quality rotors. Rotors actually go through many delicate processes than one thinks of to ensure they're properly balanced, flat to ensure maximum lifespan, correct in strength/performance/hardness/wear rates/microstructure/proportions of different elements mixed in to give it its numerous properties, properly made to reduce warping/cracking/vibration and noise during operation. Even impurities in the material or how it is treated/cooling rate in the casting mold in the factory matters, cooled too quickly will produce noisy rotors. Too soft of a rotor will create pedal pulsation problems. Too hard will increase noise and run a higher risk of cracking. Incorrect amounts of elements will throw every measurable spec off. Iron that is impure will cause hot spots and pedal pulsing. The grade of the metal and treatments used? Wear/life span? Warp resistance? Evenly balanced? Who knows. You have been warned. Curious how theirs look like?

When you operate out of your brake pads designed temperature range, your brakes will have “brake fade – AKA less or no bite” and you’ll end up overshooting corners, flying into a wall, obstacles, others cars or into the middle of an intersection. This is because the friction coefficient drops significantly to almost nothing. Not only that, your brake pads will melt and leave residue on your rotors and it’ll eventually turn into annoying pedal pulsation.

HAWK and Wilwood pads are engineered, lab and track tested, proven. Both are Made in USA. Not the typical untested eBay/cheap local store bought pads with unknown temperature/friction ranges. Wilwood Temperature/friction charts available see here (Wilwood pads), here (HAWK pads). Other brand pads such as Carbotech, EBC, PAGID, StopTech also work, but to simplify logistics, we only carry HAWK and Wilwood. General rule of thumb is OEM brake pads for sport cars are good for up to 600F on small rotors before dropping off on friction.

Best to choose a pad with some extra room built in for your intended purposes. Do note, higher temperature pads do come with drawbacks, such as poor cold friction performance or high pitched hard squealing on some race pads. So please don’t order BP-30 or BP-40 thinking it is cool when its not needed, you will most likely be annoyed of poor cold friction performance (where you step on your brakes when its cold and it does not bite much and you’ll suddenly need to readjust braking strategy, jam on the brakes all of a sudden just to stop normally to avoid an accident. Luckily this only happens on the first city stop or two), noise and regret. For our kits, 99.9% of owners will not need over BP-20 at most, even for very hard track use as the rotors are great at thermal management.

      • HAWK High Performance Street **VERY POPULAR - Good up to 750F-800F - Great for high performance street use with extremely low wear, noise (as loud as oem pads if any noise) and dust. Higher bite feeling than wilwood pads. Great for beginner/intermediate/advanced level drivers on ultra high summer performance street tires (Michellin Pilot Sport 4S etc) looking to have lots of fun driving near the limits. If you have brake ducting/cooling set up, these pads will suffice for light duty track use under an beginner/intermediate/advanced level driver with most common bolt on power upgrades under 330whp

      • HAWK High Performance Street Plus - Good up to 850-900F – Same as above. Pads that are built for this temperature range are a bit noisy for people who are not used to using high performance pads, i.e, they may squeal lightly at every stop when cold. Goes away when warm.

      • BP-10 High Performance Street/Track use **POPULAR - Good for up to 950-1050F. BP series pads are great. Very cost effective, offers long life and are very consistent. Perfect for street and moderate/heavy duty track use. Suited for beginner/intermediate/advanced drivers making around 300-400whp on ultra high performance/semi slick tires with some aerodynamic downforce mods. As expected with all high performance street/track pads, these will squeal a tiny bit when cold, can probably be heard up to 1-3 cars away when standing outside. Fortunately any braking noise does goes away completely after 1-2 stops like (60-20mph). With brake ducting, these pads can withstand hardcore track useage without any issues. We highly recommend these pads and they'll work for 99% of MR2 owners.

      • BP-20 Streetable/Heavy duty track pad **POPULAR - Good for up to 1200-1250F - Easy to modulate braking and very consistent. Good reliable bite when cold. Will take huge amounts of abuse on track consistently lap after lap while you search for the best track times with your heavily modified MR2. Geared towards intermediate/advanced/professional drivers. If its a very high performance street or dedicated track car with many hardcore race orientated mods, these pads are great and it happens to be dual purpose. Make sure you have some kind of brake ducting in place as it helps significantly with cooling
        • As expected with this high of a level temperature performance street/track pad, these will sound like a train stopping/squealing when cold just FYI. Louder than BP-10s and can be heard from a person standing up to 3-6+ cars away when cold. Some owners think the sound is cool and race car like and some may be very peculiar/sensitive and may find it annoying for daily city usage with very close block to block intersections. But if you're driving a MR2 to a level which requires these pads, your MR2 probably isn't anywhere close to being comfortable anyways. Fortunately any braking noise does goes away completely when warm, such as after 1-2 stops like (60-20mph). I personally would run these pads as i enjoy the sounds and i don't daily drive my MR2. Extra bonus is that they're relatively inexpensive at $70 a set, extremely easy to swap out (probably 1-2 minutes if you have the wheel off already) and they aern't $300 a set like other race pads. BP pads also last very long.

      • BP-30 High temperature racing pad - RACE ONLY (We mean it - Like actually racing other cars or endurance racing where you're expected to do 10-15 or more laps non stop) - Good for 1200-1450F. Not for street use. Great for advanced/pro level road circuit competition and time attack. Expect these to squeal loudly when cold.

    • BP-40 - Xtreme High Temp Racing Pad – As extreme as it gets.

Proven Wilwood Forged Superlite Calipers – 4 Pistons each, lightweight, track tested and proven for decade and wallet friendly. Can also be powder coated by Wilwood themselves either Black or Red. Made in USA. These calipers front and rear shave around 14lbs to stock calipers. Calipers were carefully chosen to match brake bias on Turbo and NA MR2.

High Quality Brake Caliper mounting brackets are made out of 1 piece CNC Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum (stronger and 1/3 the weight of most mild steels). Hard anodized for extreme environmental protection. Some mr2 sellers uses outdated multi piece steel brackets that are either bolted or welded together and then painted over with black paint. Yes they're cheaper to make that way. 3x the weight as ours. They might be welded together unevenly. Chip those and they'll rust. Curious?

High Quality Made in USA D.O.T. Approved One Piece Brake Lines - US Department of transportation approved Technafit Branded custom Wilwood stainless steel lines. Made from the finest PTFE core, crimped on Zinc plated steel fittings, stainless wire braided cover and finished/wrapped in a clear PVC outer cover to protect against harsh chemicals, elements and debris. Designed to prevent swelling and expansion which happens on stock lines and to prevent any exposure to harsh chemicals causing stock OE rubber deterioration. Some mr2 sellers use cheaply made unbranded lines with multi piece fittings (Sounds like a possible leak coming!) made in China. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their fittings easily gets deformed too, fall apart or lines leak due to incorrect machine clamping pressure or machining all in the name of cost cutting and profit. Oh well. You have been warned. Curious?

High Quality Hardware kit - Heavy duty Grade 12.9 Black Oxide Bolts/screws, Stainless steel and Zinc Coated washers and lock washers ready to weather through abusive environments - All Pieced together and sourced from trusted source McMaster Carr.


  • Hardware and basically everything to replace your existing OEM brakes
  • Pair of (one solid piece/billet) LIGHTWEIGHT 7075-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum mounting brackets to mount Forged Superlite Wilwood quad piston brake calipers
  • Pair of heavy duty US D.O.T. Approved Technafit stainless steel brake lines
  • Pair of Forged Superlite Wilwood Calipers
  • A pair of authentic rotors of your choice or source your own
  • A pair of brake pads of your choice or source your own
  • A pair of rear rotor hubcentric rings if applicable (When you select RX-8 and not our 2 pc rotors)



  • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2
  • 17" Wheels required

Wheel fitment template

This kit fits most aftermarket wheel setup for the MR2. If you are unsure or want to be certain, our wheel to caliper fitment/clearance template for the kit can be used.  (Front) (Rear)



  • This product page is for the FRONT Brakes Only - It includes everything to replace your existing working front OEM Brakes.
    • Visit our matching rear big brake kit with parking brake page here.
  • Our front and rear kit when paired together meets or exceeds OE brake bias dynamics
    • If you're on an OEM Non Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does extremely well with BP10 & BP20 pads and significantly improves on the OEM 1993+ Turbo Brake Bias curves by a significant amount. From 0.5 to 0.7G, 60-63% front biased and from 0.7 all the way up to 1.4G results in ideal 63%-68% front bias respectively to help prevent the rear wheels from locking up as more weight is shifted towards the front of the car during harder braking. For comparison, 93 OE turbo brake system manages 60-65% front bias throughout 0.8-1.4Gs respectively. Most sticky street legal track racing tires on track cars can commonly pull around 1.0-1.3G before exceeding available tire grip.
    • If you are on an OEM Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does decently with BP10 & BP20 pads. Throughout 0.5 to 1.4gs of deceleration, the front and rear kit maintains stable 62-64% front bias and around 36% rear bias, very similar to OEM 93T brake bias.
  • These brake parts are intended for off road use only, they are not intended to be used on the streets/highways. Whatever you do with your car is up to you and your responsibility.
  • While we strive for the highest quality brake components accessible to us, we are not responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or death to you or others due to the use and installation of these supplied parts. All responsibility is on is on you. Ordering from us or using our supplied brake parts constitutes your agreement to these disclaimers.


    Front Rotors
    Model LH Part # RH Part # Vane
    Price Each
    Surface Area (mm^2)
    External, Internal
    Grade of Material
    12.72"x1.18" Raybestos R Line - Plain 96471R 96470R 48 Curved $69 20.0 --- G3000 Iron
    12.72"x1.18" Centric SP - Plain 121.44103 121.44104 60 Curved $54 20.8 --- G3000 Iron
    12.72"x1.18" StopTech HP - Plain 120.44103 120.44104 60 Curved $95 21 --- ---
    12.72"x1.18" StopTech HP - Slotted 126.44103SL 126.44103SR 60 Curved $220 21.0 301,699, 275,695 G3500 Iron
    12.72"x1.18" StopTech HP - Drilled/Slotted 127.44103L 127.44104R 60 Curved $256 20.9 299,726 G3500 Iron
    12.72"x1.25" MH 2 Piece - Plain tba tba 65 Curved $153 15.57 + 1.6 Top Hat 291,635, 265,761 G3500 Iron
    12.72"x1.25" MH 2 Piece - J Hook tba tba 65 Curved $153 15.48 + 1.6 Top Hat 291,635, 265,761 G3500 Iron
    12.72"x1.25" MH 2 Piece - Drilled/Slotted tba tba 65 Curved $153 15.33 + 1.6 Top Hat 291,635, 265,761 G3500 Iron
    10.15"x0.98" OEM 1991-1992 Turbo Front - Plain --- --- Up to 36, Straight --- 10.5 --- G3000 Iron
    10.82"x1.18" OEM 1993+ Turbo Front - Plain --- --- Up to 36, Straight --- 17.5 195,120, 165,718 (ST, HP, Drilled Version) G3000 Iron
    12.19"x1.25" 2 Piece Competitor - Ultralight Plain 160-2895 160-2894 32 Curved $108 10.5 + Top Hat --- ---
    12.19"x1.25" 2 Piece Competitor - Heavy Duty Plain 160-11836 160-11835 48 Curved $181 12.7 + Top Hat 264,787 ---
    12.19"x1.25" 2 Piece Competitor - Slotted 160-11840 160-11839 48 Curved $201 12.7 + Top Hat 264,787 ---
    Rear Rotors
    12.72"x0.944" Raybestos R Line - Plain 980293R 980293R 54 Straight $69 18.0 --- G3000 Iron
    12.72"x0.944" Centric SP - Plain 121.45071 121.45071 54 Straight $54 18.0 --- G3000 Iron
    12.72"x0.944" StopTech HP - Plain 120.45071 120.45071 54 Straight $95 18.0 --- ---
    12.72"x0.944" StopTech HP - Slotted 126.45071SL 126.45071SR 54 Straight $220 18.0 251,186 G3500 Iron
    12.72"x0.944" StopTech HP - Drilled/Slotted 127.45071L 127.45071R 54 Straight $256 17.1 251,186 G3500 Iron
    12.75"x0.925" MH 2 Piece - Plain tba tba 65 Curved $153 11.70 + 1.6 Top Hat 255,165 G3500 Iron
    12.75"x0.925" MH 2 Piece - J Hook tba tba 65 Curved $153 11.68+ 1.6 Top Hat 255,165 G3500 Iron
    12.75"x0.925" MH 2 Piece - Drilled/Slotted tba tba 65 Curved $153 11.56 + 1.6 Top Hat 255,165 G3500 Iron
    11.06" OEM 1993+ Turbo Rear - Plain --- --- Up to 36 Straight --- 14.0 172,591 (ST HP Driilled Version). 150,185 G3000 Iron
    12.19"x0.81" 2 Piece Competitor - Ultralight Plain 160-0277 160-0277 32 Straight $57 8.9 + Top Hat 183,217 ---
    12.19"x0.81" 2 Piece Competitor - Heavy Duty Plain 160-12290 160-12289 36 Curved $151 9.5 + Top Hat 196,375 ---
    12.19"x0.81" 2 Piece Competitor - Slotted 160-12292 160-12291 36 Curved $181 9.5 + Top Hat 196,375 ---
    Wilwood Main Calipers
    Model Part # Position Piston diameter
    Forged Superlite 120-11130 Front 1.38" Standard front caliper supplied with kits
    Forged Superlite 120-11125 Rear 1.25" Standard rear caliper supplied with kits
    Optimal for NA and Turbo proportioning valve.
    Characteristics may differ very slightly different depending on which pads you use (different temperatures/friction coefficient)
    Optional Parking Brake Calipers
    MC-4 Mechanical 120-12070 Rear Left --- Silver - Also available in red and black
    MC-4 Mechanical 120-12069 Rear Right --- Silver - Also available in red and black

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