MR2Heaven Heavy Duty 13" Wilwood FRONT Big Brake FULL Kit - SW20


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Notes - 6/9/2021 - For component stock availability, please read the news on our front page of the website




        We, MR2Heaven present the ultimate Heavy Duty 13" FRONT BIG Brake Kit for the of the 1991-1998 MR2 utilizing many of the best and highest quality components available on the market while also being budget friendly. This page is for front brakes only. If you need rear brakes, visit here


        Tired of brake fade, unreliable, unpredictable, vibrations, non confidence inspiring braking performance or simply outgrown your stock brake setup? We've been there before. Whether you're aiming for going on going hard on a racing circuit all day to set a new track record, or simply upgrading the performance of your MR2, going for the cool exotics sports car appearance or trying to fill the gaps in between your wheels with the biggest and coolest brake system out there, we've got you covered with our headache free kits. (We wont judge your priorities)  The highest quality and best performing kits on the market and we even have the Rear Parking Brake setup figured out for the rears using a dual Wilwood caliper setup





        13" - Heavy Duty - Largest and thickest Rotor available


        We designed this kit to utilize the largest and thickest possible rotor (Coming in at a whopping 13") matching front and rear brake rotor diameter for a proper and menacing side appearance. Front and Rear Rotors are of different thickness as expected to help aid in temperature distribution between front and rear brake pads for proper friction coefficient and proper brake bias. 


        • By utilizing the largest rotor we could fit while being compliant on 17" wheels, this kit outperforms while costing significantly less and offers more brake pad/rotor selection flexibility, brake rotor cooling, lifespan and reliability than the more expensive smaller and thinner 12" 2 piece rotor kits on the market. Replacement rotors are also significantly cheaper and lasts much longer when factoring track use. They also don't suffer from rotor mounting tabs breaking off or loose fasteners and the increased noise, whether clicking, clunking or humming associated with a 2 piece brake rotor setup. This setup also avoids the use of safety wire and self locking jet nuts that only withstands ~450F connected directly to a hot 1000-1300F iron brake rotor, no thanks.. Not only are the rotors larger in diameter, they are also thicker in thickness.



        Size and Weight Matters - Better Heat Management/Reliability - Lower consumption rates


        Simply put, It is all about heat management and size/weight definitely matters. MORE ROTOR MASS equals more thermal abuse the system can take while stopping the same amount of kinetic generated energy by a car and lower temperatures of your brake system overall. That is undeniable physics and why bigger cars like SUVs or sports cars like Porsche have bigger and heavier rotors. Its the same reason you're upgrading to a "big brake" kit, because of the bigger, heavier and better designed (internal fin/vane structure of the rotor is very important) rotor to combat the increased heat generated/increased braking needs. Lower brake temperatures leads to a variety of bonuses which some include longer lifespan and lower consumption rate of brake pads and rotors as well as more reliable and consistent braking. That means you'll be replacing your rotors/pads less often!


        • When your brake system generates too much heat and cannot dissipate it quick enough, you will experience brake fade, where increased brake pedal effort is needed once the pads grip/friction coefficient drops after exceeding a certain temperature range. If you notice brake fade while braking at slower speeds, consider yourself lucky! If not, if you brake at 80-100mph+, you may instantly exceed the temperature range of your brake pads and overshoot the car into a corner onto oncoming traffic or into street intersections no matter how much pressure you put on your brake pedal. 



        Better Thermal Cooling


        Secondly, by utilizing a larger rotor and especially one with internal directional fin/vane design, the brake rotor can cool itself more efficiently while rotating by channeling more air through its larger surface area whether on the outer rotor surface or within its internal channeled and fin/vane structure. The more internal fins/vanes, the better! Simply increasing the # of vanes and orientation will lower rotor temperatures by 7 to 15% or more. 



        More Brake Pad Options


        Thirdly, by utilizing a larger brake rotor which will run cooler, you have more options such as running a street pad/semi track pad instead of a full race pad which does come with drawbacks such as poor cold friction performance and high pitched hard squealing that may come with some race only orientated pads

        • OEM pads on many cars usually taper off sharply in friction coefficient (the bite feeling) around 600F. Which is why your brakes will or did not do anything despite the pedal being all the way to the floor because once the pads exceeds 600F for example, the friction coefficient drops significantly to almost nothing, this is known as brake fade. 


        Highest Quality Components


        • Proven Wilwood Forged Superlite Calipers - 4 pistons each, lightweight, lab and track tested, proven and wallet friendly. Can also be powder coated by Wilwood themselves either Black or Red. Made in USA. These calipers front and rear shave around ~14lbs compared to stock calipers!
        • Proven Brake Pads from HAWK or Wilwood - Engineered, lab and track tested, proven. Not your typical untested eBay/cheap pads. BP10 tested to 900F+, BP20 to 1100F+. Temperature/friction charts available see here. Other brand pads such as Carbotech, EBC, PAGID, StopTech also work, but to simplify our offering, we only carry HAWK and Wilwood. General rule of thumb is OEM brake pads are good for up to 600F on small rotors before dropping off on friction (brake fade - where you step on the brakes and it doesn't stop). At 1250F, the brake rotor is cherry red in color. The higher temperature resistant a pad is, typically the louder the noises it will generate.
          • HAWK High Performance Street - Good for (750F) - Great for high performance street use with extremely low noise and dust. 
          • BP-10 High performance Street/track use (Good for up to 900F) - Track proven on our setup with brake ducting - no fading. These pads might be a bit loud as expected from track racing pads, usually only noisy when cold, noise goes away after one or two moderate 60-20mph stops. Perfect for street and track orientated MR2s making around 200-300whp or 375hp to the crank. 
          • BP-20 Streetable track pad (Good for up to 1100F)- Easy to modulate braking. Good reliable bite when cold. Can take huge amounts of abuse on track before fading. These pads might be a bit loud as expected from track racing pads, usually only noisy when cold, noise goes away after 1 or 2 moderate 60-20mph stops. Perfect for street and track orientated MR2s making more than 300whp on significantly wider than OEM racing tires with aero mods such as large spoiler, front splitter. 
          • BP-30 High temperature racing pad - RACE ONLY - Not for street use. Great for advanced/pro level road circuit competition, time attack
          • BP-40 - Xtreme High Temp Racing Pad - Good luck, try and fade these :)
        • High Quality Brake Caliper mounting brackets are made out of 1 piece CNC Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum (stronger and 1/3 the weight of most mild steels). Hard anodized for extreme environmental protection. Some mr2 sellers uses outdated multi piece steel brackets that are either bolted or welded together and then painted over with black paint. Yes they're cheaper to make that way. 3x the weight as ours. They might be welded together unevenly. Chip those and they'll rust. Curious?
        • High Quality Brake Rotors - Sourced from Stoptech (Centric) directly. They are one of the biggest brake component manufactures in the world. With state of the art manufacturing facilities, they're able to produce brake rotors with the best material, through the correct processes to ensure they're properly balanced and flat to ensure maximum lifespan, strength, performance, correct hardness, microstructure, reduced warping, reduce cracking, reduced wear rates, reduced vibration and noise during operation. Even impurities in the material or how it is treated/cooling rate in the casting mold in the factory matters, cooled too quickly will produce noisy rotors. Too soft of a rotor will create pedal pulsation problems. Too hard will increase noise and run a higher risk of cracking. Iron that is impure will cause hot spots and pedal pulsing.  - Yes some mr2 vendors uses ebay/alibaba rotors from china with literally crappy gray or black paint over them as a result of cost cutting. The grade of the metal and treatments used? Wear/life span? Warp resistance? Evenly balanced? Who knows. You have been warned. Curious how theirs look like? 
          • Brake rotors are available plain, slotted only, or drilled and slotted. Personally, for very high level track use, slotted is best. Plain is decent for track too and at a very low cost to replace. Drilled/Slotted looks good and performs well on track but is more prone to cracking. These rotors are vanned/have inner air passage channels and are designated either Left or Right side so please make sure you install the correct side or the rotor would not cool properly.


        • High Quality Made in USA D.O.T. Approved One Piece Brake Lines - US Department of transportation approved Technafit Branded custom Wilwood stainless steel lines. Made from the finest PTFE core, crimped on Zinc plated steel fittings, stainless wire braided cover and finished/wrapped in a clear PVC outer cover to protect against harsh chemicals, elements and debris. Designed to prevent swelling and expansion which happens on stock lines and to prevent any exposure to harsh chemicals causing stock OE rubber deterioration. Some mr2 sellers use cheaply made unbranded lines with multi piece fittings (Sounds like a possible leak coming!) made in China. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their fittings easily gets deformed too, fall apart or lines leak due to incorrect machine clamping pressure or machining all in the name of cost cutting and profit. Oh well. You have been warned. Curious?


        • High Quality Hardware kit - Heavy duty Grade 12.9 Black Oxide Bolts/screws, Stainless steel and Zinc Coated washers and lock washers ready to weather through abusive environments - All Pieced together and sourced from trusted source McMaster Carr. 



        • Hardware and basically everything to replace your existing OEM brakes
        • Pair of One Piece LIGHTWEIGHT 7075-T6 Aluminum Mounting brackets to mount Forged Superlite Wilwood quad piston brake calipers
        • Heavy Duty pair of US D.O.T. Approved Technafit stainless steel brake lines
        • Pair of Forged Superlite Wilwood Calipers
        • Pair of authentic StopTech/Centric high quality heavy duty brake rotors (Available as plain, slotted or drilled/slotted) or source your own
        • A pair of brake pads of your choice or source your own



          • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2



          • This product page is for the FRONT Brakes Only - It includes everything to replace your existing working front OEM Brakes. 
            • Visit our matching rear big brake kit with parking brake page here.
          • Our front and rear kit when paired together meets or exceeds OE brake bias dynamics
            • If you're on an OEM Non Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does extremely well with BP10 & BP20 pads and significantly improves on the OEM 1993+ Turbo Brake Bias curves by a significant amount. From 0.5 to 0.7G, 60-63% front biased and from 0.7 all the way up to 1.4G results in ideal 63%-68% front bias respectively to help prevent the rear wheels from locking up as more weight is shifted towards the front of the car during harder braking. For comparison, 93 OE turbo brake system manages 60-65% front bias throughout 0.8-1.4Gs respectively. Most sticky street legal track racing tires on track cars can commonly pull around 1.0-1.3G before exceeding available tire grip. 
            • If you are on an OEM Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does decently with BP10 & BP20 pads. Throughout 0.5 to 1.4gs of deceleration, the front and rear kit maintains stable 62-64% front bias and around 36% rear bias, very similar to OEM 93T brake bias. 
          • 17" Wheels required
          • For Budget builds - This kit will also pair nicely with our budget 93+ OEM BBK kit utilizing a matching diameter 13" rotor here
          • You can piece your own kit with our mounting brackets as well! Click here
          • Please note that higher temperature racing pads usually have poor friction characteristics when brakes are cold. That means you may notice your car may not stop or bite as hard when your brakes are cold. This can be dangerous and may surprise most people if they are not aware or used to racing brakes. That is the tradeoff for most extreme high temperature brake pads orientated for racing use. General rule of thumb is the higher the temperatures ranges of the pad, the worse it is for cold brake performance.
          • These brake parts are intended for off road use only, they are not intended to be used on the streets/highways. Whatever you do with your car is up to you and your responsibility. 
          • While we strive for the highest quality brake components accessible to us, we are not responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or death to you or others due to the use and installation of these supplied parts. All responsibility is on is on you. Ordering from us or using our supplied brake parts constitutes your agreement to these disclaimers.
          • This kit fits most aftermarket wheel setup for the MR2. If you are unsure or want to be certain, our wheel to caliper fitment/clearance template for the kit can be used. (Front)

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