MR2Heaven HEAVY DUTY 13" WILWOOD REAR BIG BRAKE KIT - With Optional Rear Dual Parking Brake Caliper - SW20


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Our big brake kit is designed to dominate. Designed to reduce overall brake temperatures with exceptional cooling and lifespan, greatly extend performance capabilities under high temperatures while increasing brake pedal feel and response. Our kit is track-proven, highly modular, and interchangeable, making it the most flexible and budget-friendly option on the market. 

Based around large 12.72" front and rear rotors to fill in unwanted gaps inside our wheels, it is high quality, reliable, and designed to last, with a long lifespan and lightweight, heavy-duty construction. Save a total of 20-22lbs when compared to 1993+ Turbo factory brakes. 

Our brake kit offers a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that you find a solution that fits your specific needs and budget, reducing parts reliance on any particular brand or company, decreasing the chance you will be left without parts due to supply chain issues, or be priced out in the near future. In addition to improving braking performance, our kit also retains brake bias and offers optional hardware to retain parking brake features. With our brake kit, it is the ultimate choice for headache and worry free enhanced performance.

All factory MR2 brakes were designed around 10.15" (1991-1992) or 10.85" (1993+ Turbo) front rotors for light sport driving with 160-220whp in mind. Currently, a typical MR2 can easily produce double, triple, quadruple the power and paired with modern tire and suspension technology, drivers are now driving faster than ever while feeling the same sense of safety. However, in reality, with stock sized brakes running questionable pads and 2-3+ years old brake fluid, a few quick hard stops from light spirited driving on the highway alone is enough to bring out uncertainty/limitations in the stock sized brake system. If you do accidently pair that with a final downward descending highway off-ramp exit going 80-100+ MPH to meet a red light without adequate time to cool off your rotors, good luck as you are quite likely going to overshoot and plow into something and it will completely catch you off guard. 

Racing on OE sized rotors? The band-aid solution was to run expensive ($450+) race pads and then one can expect around 2-4 laps before needing a cool down while losing precious time for each lap due to unpredictability and inconsistency. Then rotor and pads are replaced after only ONE track event from simply running too hot. Those costs add up very quickly.

Driving with too much heat in the rotors and not enough cooling capacity over time results in dangerously high temperatures (often exceeding the brake pads and fluid operating range) causing brake fade, boiling of brake fluid, vibrations, warping, cracking, significantly shorter lifespan of components, "brakes not biting/pedal sank to the floor", car not stopping, unpredictable, unreliable, non confidence inspiring braking performance and many more issues. The worse case ultimately is the car doesn't stop quick enough/runs off and smashes into something/someone

Our big brake kit solutions are designed around commonly available off the shelf 12.72" Supra and RX8 rotors, originally tasked with stopping a 3400-3800lbs behemoth under light sport driving. However, when installed on a lighter 2700-3100lbs MR2, these relatively inexpensive large diameter rotors make the perfect big brake kit solution.

These relatively inexpensive rotors are produced by many different brands, handles abuse confidently while operating within a healthy ideal temperature range. These rotors are very stable and resistant to extreme temperature shocks/loads when compared to smaller diameter and thinner lightweight rotors with less mass, resulting in significantly lower wear rates and less chance of cracking. Our kit reduces stress significantly and offers longer lifespan of all components, ultimately saving owners big money upfront and later down the road. Instead of 1-3 track days on a set of pads and rotors, our customers are seeing 9-12+ extreme track days per set of pads is normal and expected just like other $4000-8000+ big brake kits out there which you'll get to own at a fraction of the price and without the need of running extreme temperature brake pads that come with many drawbacks such as extremely loud squealing or horrible cold friction performance. 

Stable temperature rotor with upgraded brake pads also offer confidence inspiring, consistent and predictable modulation of braking/pedal feel/feedback through every corner of the race track which is ideal and paramount. When racing, high speeds, braking hard and late, trail braking, good stable weight transfer, brake consistency and predictability is the key and you can only get that with a temperature stable rotor (more mass and cooling vanes definitely helps). 

All rotors/wilwood pad options we offer are track/race capable. Our kit utilizes MADE IN USA lab tested and track proven HAWK or Wilwood brake pads paired with Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 piston calipers that saves ~14lbs over stock calipers. We also offer interchangeable lightweight 2 piece 12.72" rotor solutions with race/endurance level 65 curved internal vane cooling that saves a total of 20-22lbs when compared with the factory 93+ Turbo brake system it replaces. Get the full benefits of a BIG Brake kit and save significant weight in the process! 

This page is for rear brakes only. If you need front brakes, visit here

If you are interested in other advantages our kit offers, read below sections.

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Link to Full Rotor Part # Table

All rotors we supply are manufactured from respectable companies and are more than adequate for track use for a MR2. There are also many other companies that makes rotors for said cars so those would also work as well.

We use 1994-1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Front rotors for our fronts - 12.72”/323mm x 30.0mm thickness and 2004-2011 Mazda RX8 Front Rotors (Sport Suspension trim) for our rears - 12.72”/323mm x 24.0mm thickness.

  • Curved directional internal cooling vanes generally offer significantly more surface area than straight vanes and often times results in 80 to 150F+ in rotor operating temperature differences alone simply due to vane orientation.
  • Higher vane count generally translates to more internal surface area for cooling/bleeding off heat, offers more consistent cooling (less hot spots on rotor), lower operating temperatures as well as a stronger and more uniform rotor. Hot spots, warping or distortion will eventually turn into annoying brake pedal pulsation. Typical economical rotors have 24-32 vanes. Most street performance rotors utilize up to 48 while race rotors feature 60-80+
  • Some rotors are vanned/have inner air passage channels and are designated either Left or Right side so please make sure you install the correct sideor the rotor would not cool properly.

G3000 grade iron is the commonly OEM spec. G3500 is more durable, less prone to warping/cracking and will last longer than G3000 rotors. Common cheap rotors out there are made with a lower grade, such as G1800 grade iron. Other improvements are reduced noise/vibration/warping/pulsation/hot spots/failure and increased life span.

MR2Heaven 2 Piece Rotor Solution

Please note, our 2 piece rotor solution is designed only to be used with only our big brake kits and are not backwards compatible for Supra or RX-8 use.

Our 2 piece rotor solution is a work of art – Gone are the limitations of using off the shelf parts to create a solution. Born out of many months of heavy research, decades of experience/feedback, extensive 3D modeling and refinements (With more than 83 different rotor designs/variations CADed and datalogged by us for this project alone. From budget rotors all the way to top of the line rotors available to purchase from numerous other similar platforms were analyzed). Our rotors are finely tuned and tweaked specifically for the MR2’s weight and driving dynamics in mind. No details were left out, no corners and no costs were cut. Manufactured and produced from top manufactures in the world with state of the art robotics/equipment/processes.

  • Our front and rear 2 piece solution offers just as much internal surface area for cooling as the full sized rotors it replaces while utilizing a much smaller foot print (Extensive 3d scanning and CAD modeling showed a 3.6% difference). This feat is made possible with race/endurance level 65 curved internal cooling vanes, an amount usually only seen in expensive race rotors. -Which by the way typically costs around $300-1k a pop.
  • One of the drawback of Supra/RX-8 solution BBK is wasted rotor foot print space, weight and a heavy center section. Our front/rear 2 piece rotor’s foot print is reduced to only whats used and the middle section is crafted of lightweight billet 6061 Aluminum thus allowing huge weight savings. Rotor thickness was increased by 1.25mm for a total of 31.75mm, taking full advantage of whats offered from the front wilwood calipers.
  • Meets G3500 grade iron to withstand abuse and black E Coating on the insides for even greater corrosion resistance and performance. (Note – Our plain style 2 piece rotor is uncoated)
  • Comes engraved for easy identification and to be headache free
  • As of 11/14/2022 - Heat indication paint markers applied from factory - A $150 value included free of charge on our 2 piece rotor offerings. Green paint will turn white when 840F is exceeded. Similarly orange to white at 1020F and Red when 1200F rotor temperatures is achieved.

When operating out of your brake pads designed temperature range, your brakes will have “brake fade – Also known as "brake fade/car not stopping" This is because the friction drops significantly to almost nothing. Not only that, your brake pads will melt and leave residue on your rotors and it’ll eventually turn into annoying pedal pulsation.

HAWK, Wilwood and EBC pads are engineered, lab and track tested, proven. Both are Made in USA. Not the typical untested eBay/cheap local store bought pads with unknown temperature/friction ranges. Wilwood Temperature/friction charts available see here (Wilwood pads), here (HAWK pads). EBC chart can be found here (EBC pads). Other brand pads such as Carbotech, PAGID, StopTech, Project Mu also works, but to simplify logistics, we only carry HAWK, Wilwood and EBC. General rule of thumb is OEM brake pads for sport cars are good for up to around 600F on small rotors before dropping off on friction.

Choose a pad with extra room built in for your intended purposes. Higher temperature pads come with drawbacks, higher the worse. Poor cold performance or high pitched hard squealing is common. Please don’t order BP-30 or BP-40 thinking it is cool when its not needed. For our kits, 99.9% of owners will not need over BP-20 at most

  • EBC Red Stuff - High Performance Street **Very Popular - Slightly on the pricy side but great formulation. Eco friendly composition, free of heavy metals and toxic materials. Constructed from aramid fiber with ceramic particles. Very consistent friction up to 800F before tapering off. Great for the streets as these are not track purposed, which is also good if you don't like squealing brakes. The go to pad if noise is an issue, BP-10 would be our next pad to recommend for low noise.
  • HAWK High Performance Street - Good up to 750F-800F - Great for high performance street use with extremely low wear. These may still be quite noisy when cold. If you have brake ducting/cooling set up, these pads will suffice for light duty track use
  • HAWK High Performance Street Plus - Good up to 850-900F – Same as above. Pads that are built for this temperature range are a bit noisy for people who are not used to using high performance pads, i.e, they may squeal lightly at every stop when cold. Goes away when warm.
  • BP-10 High Performance Street/Track use **POPULAR - Great for up to 950-1050F. BP series pads are great. Great compromise, Cost effective, long life and are very consistent. Perfect for street and moderate/heavy duty track use. As expected with all high temperature pads, these will squeal a tiny bit when cold, can probably be heard up to 1-3 cars away when standing outside. Fortunately any braking noise does goes away completely after 1-2 stops like (60-20mph). We highly recommend these pads and they'll work for 95% of MR2 owners. Pair it with brake ducting and you'll be golden!
  • BP-20 Streetable/Heavy duty track pad **POPULAR - Great for up to 1200-1250F - Just like BP-10s, offers great cold performance and consistent feel for street and track throughout the whole temperature range. Long lasting and inexpensive, all you'll ever need. Will take everything you can throw at it consistently lap after lap while you search for the best lap times with your heavily modified MR2. Make sure you have some kind of brake ducting in place as it helps significantly with cooling. Only downside of BP-20 pads is increased squealing intensity when cold. As expected with this temperature range of pads, you can sometimes hear these pads 6-30+ cars away and it sounds similiar to a train when they're cold. Goes away completely when warm with 1-2 60-20mph stops. Some may find this annoying, while some may enjoy the sounds. I don't drive my MR2 often and when i do, i'm pretty extreme and like to make a statement so i personally love these pads. Fortunately, switching out pads if needed on Wilwood calipers can be done within a minute per corner if you already have the wheels off.
  • BP-30 High temperature racing pad - You likely wont need it but if you want it, we have it. Good for 1200-1450F. Not designed for street use, race only.
  • BP-40 - Xtreme High Temp Racing Pad – As extreme as it gets - RACE track use ONLY.

Wilwood Forged Superlite Calipers – 4 Pistons, lightweight, track proven and wallet friendly. Can also be powdercoated by Wilwood themselves either Black or Red. Made in USA. These calipers front and rear shave around 14lbs to stock calipers. Calipers were carefully chosen to match brake bias on Turbo and NA MR2.

Wilwood Main Calipers
Model Part # Position Piston diameter
Forged Superlite 120-11130 Front 1.38" Standard front caliper supplied with kits
Forged Superlite 120-11125 Rear 1.25" Standard rear caliper supplied with kits
Optimal for NA and Turbo proportioning valves.
Optional Parking Brake Calipers
MC-4 Mechanical 120-12070 Rear Left --- Silver - Also available in red and black
MC-4 Mechanical 120-12069 Rear Right --- Silver - Also available in red and black

High Quality Brake Caliper mounting brackets are made out of 1 piece CNC Billet 6061-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum (stronger and 1/3 the weight of most mild steels). Hard anodized for extreme environmental protection. Some mr2 sellers use outdated multi piece steel brackets that are either bolted or welded together and then painted over with black paint. Yes they're cheaper to make that way. 3x the weight as ours. They might be welded together unevenly. Chip those and they'll rust. Curious?

High Quality Made in USA D.O.T. Approved One Piece Brake Lines - US Department of transportation approved Technafit Branded custom Wilwood stainless steel lines. Made from the finest PTFE core, crimped on Zinc plated steel fittings, stainless wire braided cover and finished/wrapped in a clear PVC outer cover to protect against harsh chemicals, elements and debris. Designed to prevent swelling and expansion which happens on stock lines and to prevent any exposure to harsh chemicals causing stock OE rubber deterioration. Some mr2 sellers use cheaply made unbranded lines with multi piece fittings (Sounds like a possible leak coming!) made in China. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their fittings easily gets deformed too, fall apart or lines leak due to incorrect machine clamping pressure or machining all in the name of cost cutting and profit. Oh well. You have been warned. Curious?

High Quality Hardware kit - Heavy duty Grade 12.9 Black Oxide Bolts/screws, Stainless steel and Zinc Coated washers and lock washers ready to weather through abusive environments - All Pieced together and sourced from trusted source McMaster Carr.

Two Piece Rotor Hardware - To attach the top hat to our 2 pc rotors, 18-8 Stainless steel socket head cap screws along with U.S. Military Standard 21042-5 self locking "jet nuts" are used to attach the top hat to the rotors. No safety wire required.


    • Everything to replace your existing brakes
      • Pair of Grey Wilwood Forged Superlite Calipers (with optional powdercoating black or red)
      • Pair of "one solid piece/billet" 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum mounting adaptor brackets to mount Forged Superlite Wilwood calipers
      • Pair of heavy duty US D.O.T. Approved Technafit stainless steel brake hose lines with transparent protective sleeve
      • High quality hardware kit
      • Optional set of brake pads of your choice or source your own
      • Optional pair of authentic rotors of your choice or source your own
        • A pair of rear rotor hubcentric rings if applicable (When you select RX-8 1 piece rotors) for the rear kit if purchased
        • Optional Two piece rotor setup
          • Aluminum 6061-T6 - 2 Top hats will be supplied
          • Extra necessary rotor to top hat mounting hardware will be supplied

Optional Wilwood MC-4 Parking Brake Caliper Kit Add on

      • Custom Parking Brake Cables
      • A pair of Wilwood MC-4 Calipers - Color matched with your main caliper color choice
      • Parking brake caliper mounting bracket is made from 6mm thick carbon steel and finished with a matte black protective coating
      • Additional mounting hardware, brake pads, brackets


  • All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2
  • 17" Wheels required

Wheel fitment template

This kit fits most aftermarket wheel setup for the MR2. If you are unsure or want to be certain, our wheel to caliper fitment/clearance template for the kit can be used.  (Front) (Rear)



  • This product page is for the REAR Brakes Only - It includes everything to replace your existing working rear OEM Brakes.
    • Visit our matching front big brake kit page here.
  • Our front and rear kit when paired together meets or exceeds OE brake bias dynamics
    • If you're on an OEM Non Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does extremely well with BP10 & BP20 pads and significantly improves on the OEM 1993+ Turbo Brake Bias curves by a significant amount. From 0.5 to 0.7G, 60-63% front biased and from 0.7 all the way up to 1.4G results in ideal 63%-68% front bias respectively to help prevent the rear wheels from locking up as more weight is shifted towards the front of the car during harder braking. For comparison, 93 OE turbo brake system manages 60-65% front bias throughout 0.8-1.4Gs respectively. Most sticky street legal track racing tires on track cars can commonly pull around 1.0-1.3G before exceeding available tire grip.
    • If you are on an OEM Turbo Brake proportioning valve, our F&R kit does decently with BP10 & BP20 pads. Throughout 0.5 to 1.4gs of deceleration, the front and rear kit maintains stable 62-64% front bias and around 36% rear bias, very similar to OEM 93T brake bias.
  • These brake parts are intended for off road use only, they are not intended to be used on the streets/highways. Whatever you do with your car is up to you and your responsibility.
  • While we strive for the highest quality brake components accessible to us, you agree that we will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or death to you or others due to the use and installation of these supplied parts. All responsibility is on you. Ordering from us or using our supplied brake parts constitutes your agreement to these disclaimers.
  • Also good to keep in mind, through these few years, inventory, pricing and wait times for rotors fluctuated quite a bit and some manufactures increased pricing as much as 300% within in a years time! Many rotors were out of stock for sometimes as long as a year or more. Some brands even discontinued rotors. Consider yourself a big brake kit system with many options to choose from so you wont be without brake rotors and pads down the road or have to go broke from simply maintaining a BBK. We offer over 11 types of rotors to choose from and even make 6 of those variants for those said reasons

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