MR2Heaven Passenger Seat Fire Extinguisher Mount


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Designed to be minimalistic, unobtrusive, easy to access and occupies factory used mounting locations and typically unused space. This bracket allows one the ability to slide their OEM seats directly over the fire extinguisher setup without interference. Also works with most aftermarket seats. 

This would surely come in handy in the unknown future. Maybe save another person's car/house or your own! 


An quality extinguisher in the vehicle that is quickly accessible can mean the difference between a small incident or total vehicular loss. Safety is extremely important and so is protecting yourself and your prized possessions. Don't let your MR2 burn to a crisp.

With older and modified/touched cars, there is an increased chance that a fire can occur. We've seen our fair shares of MR2s/Various cars catching on fire, even multiple newer untouched factory cars catch fire many year. By the time a fire truck comes and attempts to put out a fire, it is likely TOO LATE and the damage has been done! 


  • Direct bolt in, no modifications needed
  • Made from 5mm thick Aluminum for lightweight and strength
  • Anodized Black for beautiful appearance and scratch resistance
  • Works with stock seats using extra hardware and most aftermarket  seats. Seat in picture is an adjustable Sparco EVO bucket seat.
  • Allows for FULL RANGE OF MOTION of OEM seats (Light modification to mounting bracket necessary)


  • Anodized lightweight aluminum fire extinguisher mounting bracket (Red bracket in picture only comes with fire extinguisher purchase)
  • Hardware Kit


Fire Extinguisher Choices 

If you purchase the General Purple K Automotive commercial grade fire extinguisher or the H3R Halguard HG250Rthey will include a mount, which mounts directly onto our bracket with ease. 

  • Halguard HG250R - The best choice if money is not an issue. We highly recommend this particular one. We run the Halguard HG250R ourselves and highly recommend this particular fire extinguisher as they offer many advantages over other brands. HG250R comes in a decent & generous size, specifically designed to extinguish fluid (gas/oil) and electrical type fires and will not harm your electronicsThe agent goes on clear, will not leave a residue, corrode your components and WILL NOT impair operator's vision during use. Compact, lightweight and easy to detach to use. The liquefied gas extinguishes those hard-to-reach fires that are common in many applications. Made in USA, EPA approved. Clean agent fire extinguishers like these have long been the product of choice for protecting classic automobiles and race cars, not to mention aircraft, computer rooms, and other high-tech equipment. 
  • Automotive Commercial Grade Purple K - This automotive commercial grade Purple K fire extinguisher is excellent at combating fuel or electrical fires. Purple K agent has been the go to choice for oil, gas and chemical fires. 


These fire extinguisher agents are very effective, they are not the same as general purpose fire extinguishers. For effectiveness in terms of putting a fire out, Halguard HG250R's Halotron and Purple K agents are multiple times more effective in putting out a fire compared to general fire extinguishers as they disrupt the fire's chemical process from taking place. They are also very effective on fires caused by fuel, oil, electronics etc 

See video Halotron -

See video Purple K -

May or may not work on other fire extinguishers on the market. 

  • Amerex Halotron Series does not work with this bracket. 

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