MR2Heaven Ultimate HYBRID ADJUSTABLE Short Shifter Kit (Our High Angle, Cs, TRD, Our Medium Angle, OE 93+) - ALL IN ONE


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Utilizing CAD software as well as cutting edge 3D Scanning, we found that the C's, TRD and OEM 93+ shifter all share the same physical shape with the difference being where the cable pivot point was mounted on the shifter tab. With that knowledge in mind, we decided to make an "All in one" shifter. We were able to create a shifter that incorporated all existing worthy shifter options into one while also including 2 of our own shifter adjustment heights with one being even more aggressive than the C's. 

Gone are the days of trying to search for your favorite shifter. This shifter does it all! It is our ultimate creation. Try every setting and see which one you like!



  • ALL IN ONE & ADJUSTABLE - Listed below are adjustment settings from top to bottom
    • MR2Heaven High Angle Short Shifter setting (Pretty confident, the shortest throw shifter on the market - Super short throws when compared to TRD/OE 93 setting, around a 1.5in+ total travel reduction from full 3rd to 4th gear)
    • C's Short Shifter
    • TRD Short Shifter
    • MR2Heaven Medium Angle Short Shifter
    • OEM 93+ Short Shifter (OEM setting, the longest throw compared to all  other settings)
  • Lowered physical height of shifter gear knob placement - For shorter and quicker shifts and a sportier feeling
  • Plug and play - No Modifications needed
  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Shifter Base Bushings - Removes the deteriorated rubber bushings on the base of the shifter plate and results in a solid precise gated shifting feel - Highly recommended
  • Optional Lowering Drop plate - Lowers the shifter gear knob assembly and promotes a sportier experience. 
  • Optional transmission shifter arm base bushing (Sold separately here) - Eliminates left and right side play in the shifter lever. Worn out in 90% of the MR2s we see. 
  • Optional fully adjustable shifter cables with spherical shifter bushings (Sold separately here) - Fully adjustable and solid bushings for the ultimate shifter setup. 


  • All 1990-1998 MR2s
  • Maybe 1985-1989 AW11s too. (We havent tested)
  • Works with MR2Heaven Halo shifter trim kit - The highest angle setting will touch the trim kit (although it'll still shift without issue) - If you do not want any touching, we recommend installing our drop plate to eliminate the problem - Click here for more info


  • 1x Complete shifter lever including the plastic end cap on the end of the lever


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