Reproduction 1991-1998 MR2 Wiper Arms - LEFT HAND DRIVE ONLY - With 1993+ Updated "J Hook" Mounting System


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Tired of faded, rusted and peeling wiper arms? Wiper arms making your MR2 look like a rust bucket or a very old car? Rubber blade mounting screws stripped on your wiper arms? Want to keep up with the best? Well, we were fed up so we made our wiper arms even better than OEM. 👌 Overall, we think our wiper arms came out perfect and we hope you love them as much as we do!


As decade long MR2 Owners ourselves, we were well aware of the struggles obtaining OEM 93+ wiper arms just for the “J Hook” mounting system and cleaner appearance that comes along with it. The problem was those 93+ arms were indeed very hard if not impossible to source. With that in mind, while working on this project, we made sure the rubber wiper blade attachment system included the improved "J Hook" system found on the updated 1993 and newer MR2s. That means no more easy to strip philip screws to attach/remove wiper blades anymore! Literally change your wiper blades within seconds while simultaneously opening up significantly more options, choices and brands to pick from. As with OEM, our updated wiper arms will fit and are backwards compatible with all 1991-1998 Left hand drive MR2s.


While we were working on this project, we also included many other great benefits to these wiper arms (see below).



  • Surface/texture - Smooth texture with a low gloss matte black finish all around
    • Easy to clean/wipe/maintain
    • Prevents and resists scratches
    • Strong resistance against the elements
    • Uniform surface finish
  • Material - Metal - similar to OEM
  • Revised "J Hook" rubber blade attachment system (just like on the 1993 and newer MR2s)
    • Simply slide in a new wiper blade and hook/snap it into place
    • Commonly utilized standard so more rubber wiper blade choices/brands/options
    • Change your wiper rubber blades within seconds
    • Cleaner and more modern appearance by eliminating many philip screws
  • Revised spring attachment system on the under side of arm
    • Simplifies the spring system while improving reliability. Also eliminates many hideous holes all together on the side profiles
  • Arm design improved - Tweaked with slightly smoother curves to appear even more modern and refined
  • Plug and play, no modifications needed



    • Fits all 1991-1998 Left Hand Drive MR2s. RHD will be a future project
    • Comes already assembled as is like the pictures
    • Sold as a pair

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