MR2Heaven Reproduction AC Button Cover - SW20


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10/30/2022 - Product launch. In stock now


Im sure we're all tired of our faded A/C buttons on our 30+ year old MR2s as it makes our interior look worn out. So what did we do, we made pop on replacement button caps!



  • Faithful OEM reproduction
  • 3D Scanned and CADed
  • Plastic injected covers
  • Black Soft Touch spray painted to match
  • Laser engraved with A/C and for light to transmit
  • To install, remove old AC button by using a sharp knife tip to gently pry and pop old button cover off. Pop on the new one.  Reinstall completed button assembly back into HVAC control unit. 
  • Snug and perfect fit




  • While we strived to reproduce this button to the best of our ability, due to complex geometry on the underside and difficult to control shrinkage issues caused by plastic injection production method, the plastic material near circle hole is slightly deformed/shrunk. OEM has this issue also
  • Fits USDM applications and those that use the same style button

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