MR2Heaven Reproduction Toyota MR2 Kouki 1994+ OEM Extended Trunk Lock Key Set - OEM Part # 69055-17101


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Another faithful reproduction of a hot discontinued product by MR2Heaven



  • Direct Plug and Play. No modifications needed
  • Each lock is uniquely keyed
    • Can have this lock rekeyed to your original key if needed



Each kit comes with 2 keys and the main lock with all brackets




  • All 1991-1998 MR2 but requires 1994 and newer Kouki Lights/Center panel
  • This is the extended trunk lock for 1994+ and newer tail lights (Commonly called Kouki tail lights), not the short 1991-1993 lock.
    • Again, this will not work/fit if you have the shorter 1991-1993 OE lock/older 1991-1993 tail light setup.


Replaces OEM Part # 69055-17101, supersedes 69055-17091

Important (If you plan to rekey the lock to match existing keys)

There are 2 options: 

You can either choose to file down the OEM key to 8.2mm OR lose the last 2 levers and make no modification to the OEM key. 

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