Reproduction Plastic / Electrostatically Flocked / Alcantara T-Top Sun Shade Covers


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Note 8/23/2021 - Out of stock on Alcantara variant



With the discontinuation of brittle and flimsy Cloth T-Top Shades by Toyota, we have decided to step up and recreate an even better version. One that wouldn't rot, develop mold or suffer fabric peeling over the years. We have decided to go all in and recreate these shades in premium ABS, the same material used to create our interior trims. These shades help keep your interior cool(Figuratively and literally), comfortable and safe from sun damage.

We also make these in Premium Carbon Fiber, these shades would be a great addition to any MR2, look great from within and outside of the car! Click here to view


  • Full mounting hardware (Clips, hooks, knobs) included
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Glossy when view from inside of car (Plastic bare version)
  • Luxurious and comfortable when viewed from inside of car (Alcantara version)
  • Textured on outside (Viewing your car from the outside)
  • Ready to drop in for T-Top Cars
  • Materials
    • ABS Material Construction (Same material as your OE interior trims) - Great if you are on a budget or want to wrap your own fabric
    • Optional hand laid Alcantara fabric glued onto ABS panel (May have left over folds with glue on the back of the panel that may or may not be exposed when looking from outside the car)
    • Optional Professional Electrostatically Flocked layer onto ABS panel (Cleanest look, same stuff OEM BMW uses for glove box lining, dashboards etc)
    • We also sell a carbon fiber variant here


  • Left and right side Plastic ABS panels
  • Optional add on electrostatically flocked or alcantara layer if selected
  • Plastic knob, clips and hardware for mounting


  • While ABS is very heat resistant up to around 180-200F, these are still not designed for very hot climates. Unless, you have your t-tops tinted to reflect off a significant portion of heat. If no tint, we recommend our carbon fiber variants. 
  • Fits T-TOP 1991-1998 MR2s ONLY (until we release a sunroof version)
  • We also sell a carbon fiber variant here

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