Roll Center Adjusters (Camber, bumpsteer and roll center correction)

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These RCA spacers are designed to help eliminate the many negative handling consequences that is a result of lowering the MR2.


Due to the McPherson strut design utilized in the MR2, when the car is lowered, this creates a situation where the control arm ball joints are pointed inwards of the car. This results in restricted suspension arm movement and unwanted altered dynamic suspension curves.


When these geometries are altered, this often results in something many mr2 owners encounter, bumpsteer, non ideal handling performance and a stiffer than normal ride due to the suspension arms fighting against itself under bumps/compression. Bumpsteer will cause your steering wheel to move on its own over uneven pavements, causing a unpleasant and dangerous experience.  


This kit acts as a spacer to help bring the lower suspension control arm and ball joints back into level to promote proper suspension geometry and articulation. 


As a rule of thumb, one should add spacers based on the amount of lowering applied to the vehicle. 



  • Direct bolt on, No modifications needed!
  • 1" thick solid billet adjusters made with 6061 Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Helps reduce or eliminate bumpsteer as result of lowering the MR2 resulting in a much more comfortable ride.
  • Improves camber curves for better handling
  • Raises the roll center point to promote better suspension arm travel and suspension geometry
  • Hard anodized for extreme protection from environment
  • Helps improve driving confidence and track proven
  • Anodized red (not shown in photos)


  • 2 or 4 Roll center adjusters depending on selection
  • Hardware kit


  • All 1991-1998 Toyota Turbo and Non turbo


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