StopTech Slotted Sport Rotor - 91-92 MR2


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NOTE:  MR2Heaven's favorite. These are reliable premium rotors which offers great performance and quality for street and light track use. 

FITMENT: 1991-1992 MR2 Turbo brake calipers & 1991-1995 MR2 NA brake calipers


  • * Power Alloy castings (on select applications)
  • - Engineered Performance Rotor
  • - Superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress 
  • - Increased molybdenum (higher carbon)content that extends reliability, service life and helps reduce NVH “noise” issues 
  • - Rotor material is a direct descendant of the patented AeroRotor from StopTech 
  • * Introducing directional curve vane design (on select applications)
  • - Improved vane design or OE equivalent on all rotors
  • - Center split castings
  • * New short slot design runs perpendicular to the vane to preserve rotor strength.
  • * Direct OE Replacement 
  • * Improved wet weather response 
  • * Increased initial “bite”
  • * Double disc ground for a consistent friction surface and Improved pad bed-in
  • * Mill balanced
  • * Black E-Coated non-friction surfaces on “Power Alloy” rotors
  • * Enhances open wheel appearance 

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