Whiteline 01-04 Toyota MR2 Spyder ZZW30 Rear 18mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Swaybar
Whiteline 01-04 Toyota MR2 Spyder ZZW30 Rear 18mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Swaybar
Whiteline 01-04 Toyota MR2 Spyder ZZW30 Rear 18mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Swaybar

Whiteline 01-04 Toyota MR2 Spyder ZZW30 Rear 18mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Swaybar

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Whiteline 01-04 Toyota MR2 ZZW30 Rear 18mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Swaybar

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As the name suggests their objective is to reduce sway, or body roll, and stabilise a vehicle under lateral (cornering) forces. Formula 1 cars still use sway bars along side the shocks and springs as it is the ONLY suspension component principally designed to control body roll. Unfortunately, many aftermarket spring manufacturers still design their lowered springs too hard, trying to control body roll when it’s the sway bars job.

The fitting of bigger Whiteline Swaybars is still the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make.

Why? First, while car manufacturers appreciate the role the sway bar plays in vehicle control, safety and comfort, their standard bars, like the vehicles they are fitted to, are built to a compromise of price, performance and comfort. Secondly, handling and suspension design is an evolutionary process with constant changes.

Whiteline Swaybars are at the cutting edge of this process through their close association with motorsport. We understand the new technologies and design products to put your car at the very front of handling development. Cornering loads are spread more evenly across the tyres delivering more grip and frankly, that’s what it’s all about. You also get improved tyre wear as your tyres stay flatter and more upright. Comfort improves because your car sits flatter through bends meaning less movement inside the vehicle.

*BARS on CARS - What applies to me and my vehicle?* * Front Wheel Drive – increase the rear sway bar size * Rear Wheel Drive – increase the front sway bar size * 4 Wheel Drive – increase front then rear bar size * All Wheel Drive – increase rear then front bar size

Whiteline Swaybars are manufactured using the finest grade Australian spring steel. They are powder coated and supplied with high performance Synthetic Elastomer mounting bushes in a DIY kit form, ready to simply bolt on.


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