Engine Lid Dual Fan Shroud (Forged Carbon Fiber/Mirror Finish/Carbon Fiber/Raw Aluminum)


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How It works - Lower temperatures. More horsepower. More Fun. 

This dual fan shroud setup helps lower temperatures and promotes horsepower in many ways.

-By introducing large amounts of cold ambient temperature air into the whole top portion of the engine bay, this helps your pre-turbo intake system (especially aftermarket intake systems with the filter simply hanging around in the engine bay) draw in much cooler air into the turbocharger right from the get go. This means your intercooler system has a much easier time, is less heatsoaked overall, and temperatures in the whole system are much cooler right from the start. 

-Large proportion of air introduced from under the car at speed, side vents/side mount intercooler fan as well as heat radiating upwards from the 900-1400F exhaust manifold/190-220F motor ends up re-circulating/hanging out under the restrictive stock engine lid and has no where to go. This heat, at best is pretty warm also essentially ends up being sucked right back inside your intake system. As we all know, heat rises right? Yes, straight from your burning 250 degree valve cover into your intercooler pipes that is. Simple question. Ask yourself why your intercooler pipes and intake manifold are burning hot after driving with all this "natural air flow" going on? Shouldn't it be cool to the touch? Not quite. 

-With "hot" and "cold" intercooler pipes and the intake manifold itself being made of metal and most of the plumbing (quite a bit of length and air volume there too) literally sitting 1-4 inches above the consistent 185-250 degree valve cover/400-1400 degree exhaust manifold at all times, this naturally introduces significant heat soak and unnecessary heat increases via heat radiation, especially at part throttle or idling when air is moving rather slow within the system. (Try it for yourself - Go put your hand 1-4 inches from your hot heat soaked brake rotors after a spirted drive, wave your hand around close to it and see if the air gets any cooler? You'll see it doesn't. Scared of getting burned? Thats essentially the same kind of unnecessary heat your baked, hot intercooler pipes radiates off when air is moving through inside regardless of speed. That kind of warm/hot air temperatures will definitely rob horsepower. 

-These two 12" fans will literally have both your intercooler pipes as well as complete top half of your intake manifold much cooler and cold to the touch (Instead of being too hot to touch safely) during your whole drive. We guarantee it. Touch it. Try it yourself. If you have a top mounted a2a ic, this will make it much cooler also. By having cold pipes you can touch, this helps your intercooler core "literally chill around" as it does not have to battle unnecessary heat in the system, helping it stay cooler all the time and ready to go at a moments notice. By also having a cold pipe and top half of the intake manifold that is actually cold to the touch, the warmer air inside will get chilled as well. Thats right, your intercooler will be chillin (see here), and warmer air coming out the intercooler after it does its cooling, while inside the cool pipes/intake manifold will be cooled a bit more before making its final entry into your cylinders instead of being warmed back up otherwise without our dual fan shroud. Talk about an easy smooth chill journey. Cooler temperatures = more power, less knock, pining and more fun. We all know that. Heat soaking is a thing of the past. Say thank you to fast recovery time! 

With all that being said, many customers are seeing a 30-40 degree difference in their intake air temperatures inside the intake manifold with our fan shrouds installed on their drives. We all know how hard our cars pull on a 45 degree night vs a 95 degree day on the first pull, before it falls flat on its face after the 3rd pull without our fan shroud. The huge horsepower difference is undeniable, that is because we are losing 20-70+ horsepower due to temperatures alone and the ECU having to resort to safer timing values/maps for your car to run safely. The end result with these installed is MORE HP and MORE FUN throughout your whole drive. Guaranteed.

Pro tip - Pair the dual fan shroud with our 9" extreme 800+ CFM spal intercooler core fan (see here) for the ultimate experience. If you are using a cheap 9" or even worse a 200-300 CFM 7", please strongly consider. Note - Please buy 2 dedicated wiring kits if you are upgrading to SPAL IC fan + dual fan shroud setup


  • Lower Air Temperatures and increases horsepower - Contrary to popular belief the mr2 engine bay and its "natural air from under the car and through the engine lid vents" is not efficient in cooling necessary components at all, if anything, it heat soaks components. With both fans on, BLOWING INTO the engine bay, we and other customers noticed side mounted intercooler core/air intake charge temperatures dropping 20-40 degrees F. Additionally, intake manifold, IC pipes, intake, and top mounted intercoolers temperatures, side mounted intercooler temperatures all dropped significantly. Pulling air upwards, DOES NOT WORK. You're forcing radiated heat soaked air from under your hot valve cover/other engine components into your pipes. The air will have to travel past multiple hot objects first, absorb nearby heat, then pass the pipes before reaching the fans. By brute forcing huge amounts of CLEAN ambient temperature air into the engine bay at such close proximity interrupts the process of heat rising into the pipes from hot exhaust manifold/valve cover and will actually cool the pipes and everything near by down significantly better, not the other way around.
  • Available in Full Carbon Fiber, Mirror Finish or in raw aluminum form
  • Lightweight (CF version around 1/3 the weight of aluminum panels and 1/6 weight of steel)
  • Modern
  • Exotic appearance
  • Premium, stylish & sleek
  • Cut with water, no burn or poop marks from laser cutting
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Show off and compliment that precious engine bay/hard work in a classy way
  • Premium CNC cut full sized panel - Not half sized panel or hand cut
  • Dual 12" fans (Same bolt pattern as many of the common engine lid fans out there) Send us an message for specifics.
  • Tested and verified - A whopping peak 3300-3400 CFM of air flow. Thats about 6-7x the airflow of the common 9" intercooler fan we sell when strapped onto an IC core (That fan isn't a slouch either), or 4.25x our thick fat extreme 9" HD Spal. Yeah. 

Carbon Fiber version will look great with some of our other Carbon Fiber offerings (CF intakes, CF Intercooler pipes, CF pre preg interior trims, CF T-Top shades, CF 98 Wing riser plates, CF stage 2 wing, and even more in the future. Stay tuned for the releases!


  • Sold as a single panel or as a full kit with fans and hardware. Wiring is not included as these fans can be wired up easily in many different ways.
  • Raw Aluminum material in itself is a very prone to permanent finger printing/marring and easy to scratch material. It is also subjectable to water marks that may be difficult to remove once etched on. 
    • Pro-Tip - Paint aluminum surface with $5 high temperature black spray paint or any paint of your choice for a nice finish :). See picture. 


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