Carbon Fiber/Forged CF Pipes w/ Side Mounted Intercooler Kit - Version 2 (2020+)


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2/1/2022 - We are currently back ordered on intercooler cores.  Currently unavailable for purchase until we know when we will have more cores to be able to fulfill these kits.

Note 11/23/2020 - Introduction of our Forged Carbon Fiber Intercooler pipes. 10 Sets in stock and ready to ship! 

NOTE 3/1/2020

NEW Version 2 Carbon Fiber Pipes (Applies to all new orders fulfilled after 3/1/2020). We've invested, upgraded and improved on our manufacturing processes and design for creating these carbon fiber pipes. The result? Significant improvements and the result is a high quality and premium carbon fiber piece. A totally different level and quality pipe dubbed Version 2. See details below.


Ever wondered why most turbocharged cars would pull hardest on the first pull of the drive and quickly fall flat on its face afterwards after the 3rd pull? With more heat in the intercooler system, the less power an engine can crank out as it has to keep itself from knocking and detonating. With our Carbon Fiber Intercooler pipes and feedback from our users, we are currently seeing an average of 20-30F maximum increase over ambient as well as faster temperature recovery times, on the race track or on the streets with or without traffic!

A Game Changer

Intake Air Temperatures with Stainless steel/Aluminum pipes can exceed 130-165F after 3 to 6 pulls on an upgraded side mounted intercooler setup. 165F is ridiculous considering modern high performance cars are only about 10-30F above ambient. Fortunately for this application, our real world testing has shown that these pipes reach up to 30 degrees above ambient on the track or on the street. This is made possible because Carbon Fiber features 10 to 40x lower heat thermal transfer conductivity values than Aluminum and Stainless steel material respectively. This means, it’s an excellent insulator, like styrofoam and silicone. (Touch styrofoam and silicone, they have a hard time reaching any sort of significant temperatures)  

Exhaust manifold temperatures can reach up to 1200F with your valve cover temperature itself hovering around 185-260F+. According to thermodynamic principles, a metal piece will become equilibrium in temperature with its surroundings very quickly. The metal piece would also absorb outside radiated heat and also radiate it within the pipe since air charge temps are cooler inside the pipe than the metal heat soaked piece.

Ever wondered
 why Koenigsegg uses Carbon Fiber intake manifolds and intercooler pipes on their most exotic and highest performing cars? 

Ever wondered why
 engineering marvel and high performing Buggatti Chiron, a car that Shattered land speed record with 305 Miles Per Hour, a 3 Million Dollar+ Supercar chooses to use carbon fiber for their intercooler pipes and intake manifolds? 

Considering their vast budget available and being owned by Volkswagon (One of the biggest car groups around), out of all the materials available at their disposal and under a strict "motor/car cannot fail during extreme fully continuous use" mindset, they chose to design their pipes out of Carbon Fiber. Not Plastic, Not Rubber, Not silicone, but Carbon Fiber.


Carbon Fiber Intercooler Pipe Advantages

  • Lowers Intake Temperatures - Excellent insulator – Great resistance to heat entering the piping/intercooler system (See reasons above)
    • Higher intercooler efficiency
    • Faster temperature recovery times
    • Pipes stay warm to the touch - Prevents pipes from becoming hot thus causing "heatsoak" and warming up air inside the pipes.
    • More horsepower and FUN throughout your whole drive.
  • Lightweight
    • The GEN2/3/5 Pipes (Both cold and hot pipes w/o BOV flange combined) weigh as much as a medium sized water bottle at 1.1 pounds! Stainless Steel pipes would weigh 7lbs+
  • Rolled bead design on pipe connection ends helps prevent popped couplers
  • Reinforced End Sections - For Version 2 (2020+) To further improve on our pipes for use under the most extreme scenarios such as circuit and track racing, the ends of the pipes have extra carbon layers for improved structural rigidity as well as an integrated metal ring on the hot side where the pipe connects to the turbocharger.
  • Reinforced Optional Universal Blow Off Valve Port system (New for Version 2, 2020+) – Billet CNCed Aluminum BOV port with an additional milled protruding lip promotes better bonding with the pipe due to significantly increased surface area for mating. The pipe mold was redesigned and altered to create a flat surface at the blow off valve section to help better mate the CNCed port. At the mating connection between port and pipe is encapsulated by new high strength epoxy which ensures structural strength, durability and rigidity.
  • Exotic, modern and great to look at(Pair it up with some of our other CF engine bay offerings!)
  • Universal Interchangeable twist on BOV Flange System - Exclusive to MR2Heaven Pipes. (Easily twist on different flanges - OEM, HKS, Greddy, TIAL Blow off valve Flanges and our Blow off valve delete cap)
    • Going BOV route and want option to run NO BOV? Not a problem. Click here, or check out our new twist on BOV delete cap
    • Pipe also available with no BOV port
  • Smooth Insides (NEW FOR V2 2020+) – Gone are the days of high and low spots as seen on our v1 pipes. For our new updated Version 2 2020+ pipes, we’ve made strides in upgrading our manufacturing processes. By investing in many new molds to create rubber inflatable cores to use during pipe production, we were able to eliminate the use of generic bagging material which does not produce smooth surfaces when twisted, leaving high and low spots throughout the insides of the pipe. By utilizing new rubber inflatable cores that are pre-shaped exactly as our pipes instead of using generic bagging material ensures inside surfaces are smooth during curing and that the pipe has consistent pressure throughout every inch of the curing process. This new upgrade in manufacturing processes/technology ultimately increases pipe overall structural strength, rigidity, durability significantly and insides of these pipes are now super smooth. 
  • Made from 8+ layers of high quality and temperature PrePreg Carbon Fiber
  • Dyno tested 400WHP on a GTX3076 at 19PSI as well as a CT15B at 19PSI @ 360WHP
  • Track tested CT15B @ 18PSI at 350WHP, 22-30 degrees above ambient intake air temperatures
  • Our carbon pipes are tested and proven to lower intake temperatures significantly, thus increasing horse power and more FUN! Whether by datalogging with your ECU/sensors or physically with your hand by touching the pipe with the car running, the difference in temperatures is obvious and immediate. 

    Intercooler Core Advantages

    These intercooler cores are commonly used by many mr2 shops/vendors throughout the years. However, fitment, performance, quality, design details and how they're made are different and ours stand out from the rest. 

    After dealing with QC issues with ACS motorsports (IC core supplier which also supplies our competition...) rendering our newest IC core batch unusable which took 8 months to make, in February 2022, we have decided to CAD everything and to create/design our own intercooler cores. An universal MR2 intercooler core with detailed specifications, utilizing the biggest core possible, with consistency and quality in mind and made using the best manufacturing/design and quality control methods available at our disposal through our vetted manufactures

    • Our aluminum end tanks will be casted from a mold for repeatability and consistency.
    • We will be using the widest and largest intercooler core on the market coming in at 200mm width x 235mm length x 100mm thick.
    • We have also shortened the inlet and outlet diameter lengths of the end tanks by around 10mm to account for a rare minority of 3SGTEs running into issues with the turbocharger being shifted very slightly from normal positions, resulting in the hot pipe being shifted away from the turbocharger outlet with no room for adjustment as the pipe touched the end tank's inlet inside the silicone hose coupler. Now there is significantly more room for adjustments. This advantage is exclusive to MR2Heaven cores only
      • Better fitment and more adjustability/flexibility with intercooler pipes over other cores and more. That means our core will install cleaner and easier, and your pipes wont be forced to hit or rub against your X-brace, look off when connected to your turbocharger or hot pipe rubbing cold pipe etc. Often times, to be real, the fitment issues will prevent pipes to be even installed for a small majority of 3SGTE owners (around 10%, as their turbo outlet position sits slightly off normal positions). For those owners to install, they need a very tall silicone coupler that allows enough flex/room for the hot pipe to connect. That small 10% will be eliminated with our 2022 cores as they provide more room for you to adjust
    • Our intercooler core will be fitted in molds before all the components are welded to ensure consistency and quality control
    • We've also adjusted tolerances of our red and yellow mounting brackets to stick out past the 100mm thick core by 1.5mm only. This ensures the intercooler core is in its intended place while in the car and does not cause fitment issues like the bullet points above. Some manufactures randomly bend aluminum tabs and randomly weld them and they're extremely off. 
    • Our core mounting brackets were designed/reduced down to 2 repeatable dimension specific parts with simplicity in mind (As you can see the red and yellow brackets in our pictures). 
    • Our cores will be shipped in a foam padded enclosure to ensure it does not get damaged during transit


      Intercooler Kit Advantages

      • Largest 9" Fan and lightweight aluminum shroud system (The biggest you can mount on this core to help maximize cooling! It gets better. 
      • Our 9" shroud design is backwards compatible with SPAL branded fans for the highest flow if needed. We are also the only MR2 company to offer SPAL fans with our products as of Feb 8, 2022 (the date i am writing this). From our own testing, our 12V/31AMP SPAL 9" fan upgrade flows around 40% more air than the budget common 9" fan out on the market (which we also offer as default option). They're virtually almost identical but SPAL is higher quality in everyway, designed and built heavy duty (4oz heavier, coming in at 2lbs 4oz) and sports a much powerful motor. To properly utilize the full potential of your SPAL fan, we recommend using our dedicated wiring harness to properly power it. SPAL truly makes the best fans money can buy and we highly recommend it
        • SPAL branded fans are used on NASCAR, modern supercars, as well as many other high end automotive racing organizations/manufactures. Their motors are fully sealed, dust proof and water proof. Individually balanced for long life and high performance.
        • Our default 9" fan is not a slacker and is also commonly used. it features the same high efficiency straight blade 9" fan design for maximum air flow just like SPAL - Also from our testing, more RPM & air flow than the curved blades variant of the common budget fans out there during our testing
      • 3D Scanned intercooler core and computer aided design (CAD) block off plate and fan shroud helps divert proper and maximum air flow into the intercooler core from the side vent! No more misfits and inefficient designs. This allows us to create components for our kit that fits exactly as designed utilizing every millimeter surface area of the intercooler core. We used the best quality of light weight materials. There is no gaps and holes and blocking of the actual intercooler core like some kits out on the market which were designed out of guessing and tracing cardboard templates. We used a $20k 3D Scanner to aid our design process.
      • High Quality Constant Torque hose clamps ensures constant torque and helps prevent annoying popped hoses when compared to other clamps on the market. As far as we know as of 3/9/2021, we are the only vendor that offers this on our kits. 
      • High quality stainless steel hardware and high strength yellow zinc coated steel nylon lock nuts prevents rust and loose components under high vibration and loads, environmental factors and the most extreme use. 
      • Easily twist on different blow off valve flanges with our universal port system. This is only exclusive to MR2Heaven pipes. 


      • 1x CF Hot Pipe
      • 1x CF Cold Pipe
      • Lightweight 9" aluminum Fan shroud, block off plate and fan
        • Choice of high flow SPAL 9" fan upgrade or our normal 9" fan
      • Aluminum Side Mount Intercooler Core
      • Premium Constant Torque Hose Clamps (not your common cheap T-Bolt clamps)
      • Set of MR2Heaven multi layered and reinforced silicone hose couplers
      • Hardware Kit


      • Supports GEN2, GEN3, GEN4 and GEN5 3SGTE. Does not fit the Authentic greddy intercooler core as they are different dimension (See our intercooler product page if you need a intercooler core)
      • OEM BOV flange works with OE GEN2/3 BOV, not OE GEN4 (That means you can throw a gen2/3 bov on a gen4 and it'll work, just cant throw a OE Gen4 BOV on the flange)
      • Important: Due to the manufacturing process we recommend thoroughly inspecting/cleaning the inside of the pipes prior to installation.
      NEW OEM Twist on Blow off valve flange. HKS, Greddy, Tial also available. 

         Stock GEN4 3SGTE - 360WHP, 343ftlb Torque @ 19PSI with OEM CT15 Billet Turbo Upgrade and MR2Heaven Carbon Fiber Pipe Intercooler Kit




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