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Carbon Fiber Pipes with Side Mounted Intercooler Kit - SW20 3SGTE MR2


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A Game Changer
Intake Air Temperatures with Stainless steel/Aluminum pipes exceed 130-165F after 3 to 6 pulls on an upgraded side mounted intercooler setup. 165F is ridiculous considering modern high performance cars are only about 10-30F above ambient. Ever wondered why MR2s would pull hardest on the first pull of the drive and quickly fall flat on its face afterwards after the 3rd pull? That is why, with more heat, more timing the engine would have to pull in order to keep the motor from knocking and detonation. With our Carbon Fiber Intercooler pipes and feedback from our users, we are currently seeing an average of 20-30F maximum increase over ambient, on the race track or on the streets with or without traffic!


Our bolt on intercooler kit will help maximize efficiency and lower intake air temperatures on your 1991-1998 MR2 Turbo. No modifications needed other than removing old intercooler setup.
Carbon Fiber material IS A GREAT INSULATOR. With 10 to 40 times lower heat thermal transfer conductivity values than Aluminum and Stainless steel respectively, your intake charge temperatures will be significantly lower
  • Exhaust manifold temperatures can reach up to 1200F with your valve cover temperature itself hovering around 185-260F+. Imagine how hot that metal pipe must be after a hard drive..

    By physics and the laws of thermodynamics, metal pipe would absorb outside radiated heat and radiate it within the pipe since air charge temps are cooler inside the pipe than the radiated heat generated by exhaust manifold (By law, Hot goes to cold until equilibrium temperatures).

    With that knowledge in mind, Its simply just not an efficient and smart way of doing things. 

    Ever wondered why some established companies such as HybridRacing for Hondas make their Cold Ram intake kits out of mostly silicone? Ever thought of why cost saving OEM Manufactuers use Plastic or rubber for their intake boxes? For the exact same reason of attempting to keep engine bay heat out of the intake system for better efficiency and power!

    Features and advantages

    Carbon Fiber Intercooler Pipe Advantages 

    • Lowers Intake Temperatures - Excellent insulator - Resists heat from entering the piping/intercooler system (See reasons above)
      • Higher intercooler efficiency
      • Pipes stay warm to the touch - Prevents pipes from becoming hot thus causing "heatsoak" and warming up the air inside the pipes.
      • More horsepower throughout your whole drive.
    • Lightweight
      • The GEN2/3/5 Pipes (Both cold and hot pipes w/o BOV flange combined) weigh as much as a medium sized water bottle at 1.1 pounds! Stainless Steel pipes would weigh 7+. 
    • Rolled bead design on pipe connection helps prevent blowing off couplers
    • Exotic, modern and great to look at (Pair it up with some of our other CF engine bay offerings!)
    • Blow off valve support
      • No BOV 
      • Stock BOV (Currently integrated into the pipe)
      • Greddy, HKS or Tial BOV Port (Interchangeable with our universal aftermarket BOV port)
    • Made from high quality PrePreg Carbon Fiber, molded and formed at 300F and oven cured at 266F. 
    • Dyno tested 400WHP on a GTX3076 at 19PSI as well as a CT15B at 19PSI @ 360WHP
    • Track tested CT15B @ 18PSI at 350WHP, 22-30 degrees above ambient intake air temperatures

    Intercooler Kit advantages

    • 9" Fan and shroud system (The bigest you can mount on this core to help maximize cooling!
    • Block off plate helps diverge proper air flow into the intercooler core from the side vent!
    • High Quality Constant Torque hose clamps ensures constant torque and helps prevent annoying popped hoses! 
    • Supports GEN2, GEN3, GEN4 and GEN5 3SGTE


    • 1x CF Hot Pipe
    • 1x CF Cold Pipe
    • 9" Fan shroud, fan and block off plate
    • Aluminum Side Mount Intercooler Core
    • Constant Torque hose clamps
    • Set of MR2Heaven couplers
    • Hardware Kit



    Kevlar CF Hybrid Option Available

    Blow Off Valve Delete Available

     OEM Blow Off Valve Port

    HKS, Tial and Greddy Interchangeable Blow Off Valve Port

     Stock GEN4 3SGTE - 360WHP, 343ftlb Torque @ 19PSI with OEM CT15 Billet Turbo Upgrade and MR2Heaven Carbon Fiber Pipe Intercooler Kit




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