-15% sale
Dry Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Overlay Dry Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Overlay
Collaboration Dry Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Overlay

Dry Carbon Gauge Cluster Overlays Held by adhesive spray or optional 3M tape RHD and LHD Support Toms sticker is NOT included Collaboration item and made by Gavin from United Kingdom Note: This is not actual carbon fiber overlay nor a vinyl sticker, but dry carbon effect/imitation plastic hybrid.  The design has been made as best as possible from a direct copy but some slight adjustment needed for best results.  “It's a faithful copy on a budget but if you take time then the results speak for themselves”

-7% sale
Ultimate Halo Shifter Surround Kit - Carbon Fiber Available Ultimate Halo Shifter Surround Kit - Carbon Fiber Available
MR2Heaven Ultimate Halo Shifter Surround Kit - Carbon Fiber Available

Purpose Designed by MR2Heaven as the ultimate modern, interchangeable, plug and play aftermarket solution to replace your old outdated, boring, cracked or broken shifter trim. We offer many interchangeable customization options available to suit your needs, taste and preferences.  Features: Interference free Sturdy, durable and high quality Stylish, modern, sleek and easy to customize Available in 4 different types of interchangeable styled rings and in numerous different finishes. 23+ different in stock high quality genuine Italian leather/alcantara/suede/carbon boots. We can special order custom color & stitching combinations as well. (Please expect 1.5-2.5 week lead time on special order products) - As of 4/17/2022, we are currently having clearance and phasing custom and carbon fiber boots out Interchangeable between all MR2Heaven halo trim parts such as boots, rings, hardware color etc Optional Carbon Fiber trims available Included 1x Billet CNC High Precision Carved ABS Plastic Trim. *Not 3D Printed. Its life started out as a block of plastic. (Optional Carbon Fiber available) 1x Billet CNC 6061 Aluminum Ring. 4 styles available with numerous finishes.  1x High quality genuine Italian leather, alcantara, suede or carbon leather shift boot (23+ different boot variations to choose from) Hardware Kit - (Available in stainless steel or black oxide steel) Fitment Works with these shifters 93-98 OEM Shifters - Most common shifter type. Works without any issues. Aftermarket add on drop/lowering plate is not supported B&M/Fidanza/Ebay style aftermarket short shifters with/without drop/lowering plate - 5th gear may have slight interference if your shifter base bushings are worn. Check here for solution.  **93-98 OEM Shifters WITH JONO Short shifter kit - (Will need light grinding/filing down of underside to clear shifter cable, see instructions) **TRD Short Shifter - Highly recommend to use our Thinner, shorter Type 3 holeless rings for interference free shifting. Type 1 and 2 rings will work but will have slight interference. (May need light grinding/filing down of underside, to clear shifter cable, see instructions) Works with our hybrid 5 in 1 shifter lever Does not work with these shifters Does not work with 1991-1992 OEM shifter levers due to the significant difference in stroke and shifter position. We sell 93/TRD/B&M shifters if needed. Send us an inquiry! Have not been tested 91-92 OEM Shifter with JONO short shifter kit add on (Have not been tested) See shifter lever comparison picture if you do not know which shifter setup you have Note Don't forget to add an matching E-brake boots or add one of our stylish shift knobs to transform your interior and improve your shifting experience! We also supply shifter base bushings to increase shifting feel here! Over 23++ Boot Choices Custom Boots Available (In Alcantara, Leather) - Clearance/Phasing out as of 4/17/2022 Many Ring Choices (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4) Type 3 Ring - Holeless Ring (In Anodized black, silver and mirror polish) [Clearance/Phasing out] Type 4 - NEW Extreme Slim & thin Holeless Rings (Available In Anodized Silver or black) - Great for people with fitment issues & works with other circular trims on the market Type 4 Setup from far away Carbon Fiber Option Also Available (Type 4 Ring in picture) See the quality - 100% CNC Milled with reinforced mounting tabs(Almost twice as thick as OEM)! Works with stock mounting clips. Plug and play!

Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Shift Boots Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Shift Boots
MR2 Heaven Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Shift Boots

Replacement or Extra Halo Shifter Shift Boots Want to change style or need an replacement? We offer replacement or extra boots for that sole purpose! Genuine Italian leather  Alcantara and Suede available For matching parking brake boot, click here For OEM replacement shift boots, click here

Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Trim Rings - MR2 Heaven Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Trim Rings - MR2 Heaven
MR2 Heaven Replacement/Extra Halo Shifter Trim Rings

Replacement or Extra Halo Shifter Trim Rings Made from Billet CNC 6061 Aluminum  Comes in anodized form, polished, brushed and raw.  Note* Type 3 rings are only available in silver and black currently. 

-19% sale
MR2Heaven JDM Weighted Leather Wrapped 98 OEM MR2 Style Shift Knob MR2Heaven JDM Weighted Leather Wrapped 98 OEM MR2 Style Shift Knob
MR2Heaven MR2Heaven JDM Weighted Leather Wrapped 98 OEM MR2 Style Shift Knob
from $64.99

All Variants In Stock! Purpose Introducing our Premium MR2 JDM 98+ Spec Leather Wrapped Weighted Shift Knobs The 98+ Spec JDM MR2 Shift knobs were highly desired in the community. However, due to their high costs and difficulty to obtain, they are often considered a rare gem. With that being said, we're introducing our own version with many added benefits!  Our knobs are TWICE as heavy versus OEM. Heavier shift knobs are commonly used in the tuning world. Few of the many benefits include smoother, easier, quicker shifts and not to mention, a premium shifting feel that is only available through use of a heavier knob. Features Direct Plug and Play, no modifications necessary OEM feel and quality Wrapped in soft leather for the ultimate shifter feel  Durable steel threaded core ensuring long lasting life More than twice the OEM weight of 175 grams. Our weight: 350-355 grams Meticulously hand stitched Available in various stitching colors: Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple Thread Pitch: M12x1.25 Can be used on other vehicles with a threaded adapter for M12X1.25 to M10x1.25 Thread pattern fits many other manual transmission cars as well including, but not limited to: MK1 AW11 MR2 MK2 SW20 MR2 MK3 MR2-Spyder Toyota Celica, Celica GTS Lexus IS300 Toyota Supra (with/without reverse lockout) Toyota Matrix Toyota Corolla Toyota Camry AE86 Trueno All Scions Suzuki Samurai 2005-2014 Ford Mustang 2007-2009 Ford Mustang Shelby Geo Tracker Most all Subaru models Most Nissan models (with adapter to M10x1.25) Datsun 300ZX (with adapter to M10x1.25) Most Hyundai modeles (with adapter M10x1.25) Ford Probe (with adapter to M10x1.25) Mazda Miata (with adapter to M10x1.25) Most all Mazda models (with adapter to M10x1.25) and more More fitment compatibility can be found by visiting hotrodshiftknob.com or by google searching the thread pitch for your car's year, make and model.  

Leather/Alcantara/Carbon E-Brake Boot Leather/Alcantara/Carbon E-Brake Boot
MR2Heaven Leather/Alcantara/Carbon E-Brake Boot

Brand new leather E-Brake boot for the SW20 MR2.  Bring life back to that MR2 Interior!  Genuine Italian leather Suede and Alcantara available also Notes OEM Shift boots, click here Halo Style Shift boots, click here

Leather/Alcantara/Carbon OEM Style Shift Boot Leather/Alcantara/Carbon OEM Style Shift Boot
MR2Heaven Leather/Alcantara/Carbon OEM Style Shift Boot

Brand new leather Shift boot for the SW20 MR2. Bring life back to that MR2 Interior!  Genuine Italian leather  Suede and Alcantara available also For matching parking brake boot, click here For Halo Style Shift boots, click here Notes This does not include the plastic trim underneath the leather boot. You would have to fold the boot around the trim before install.  This is for Shift Boot Only.. EBrake and Halo Style Boot is for pictorial reference only. Available on another product page

-17% sale
Short Shifter Drop Plate
MR2 Heaven Short Shifter Drop Plate

This kit helps lowers the shifter stick and allows for a sportier shifting experience and also helps reduce shifter cable bind as well as notchy feeling. Made out of 6061 Aluminum and anodized red for a durable finish and pleasant appearance.

-34% sale
Solid Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings Solid Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings
MR2Heaven Solid Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings

Purpose We highly recommend this mod as it helps reduce mis-shifts, GREATLY improve shifting feel and ENJOYMENT of the car.  Our direct drop in solid 6061 Billet CNC Aluminum shifter bushings install under the shifter base assembly and replaces the OEM worn and soft rubber bushings.  Eliminate play and flex within the shifter assembly Increasing shifting feel and performance.  Helps reduce mis-shifts Improves a "gated" H feel within the shifter assembly.  Notes Sold as a complete set of 8 pieces Fits all 1991-1998 SW20 All 1985-1989 MR2s Also fits 1989 Starlet GT Turbo

-21% sale
E153 Transmission Shifter Fork Bushing E153 Transmission Shifter Fork Bushing
MR2 Heaven E153 Transmission Shifter Fork Bushing

Purpose This bushing is often an overlooked wear item that is responsible for precise shifter feel on the E153 transmission. It is also an item that is overly worn on every MR2 we have seen causing horrible and unprecise shifter feel.  The bushing is located under the shifter fork on the outside of the transmission Features Made of highly durable and wear resistant 45 Steel Electrophoresis treated for higher durability compared to powdercoating and standard anodization OE fitment Direct plug and play fit

-11% sale
MR2Heaven Fog Light Mounting Brackets - SW20 MR2Heaven Fog Light Mounting Brackets - SW20
MR2Heaven MR2Heaven Fog Light Mounting Brackets - SW20

2/3/2022 - Back in stock! New improved design for 2022. Stronger, smaller, thicker, simplified. Took an already great product and made it even better! Purpose Discontinued from the dealer? Gone are the days of sourcing used fog light brackets. We've got you covered. MR2Heaven Fog Light Brackets helps mount and secure your fog lamps into place   Features Brackets are made from billet CNC milled 6061 Aluminum Anodized Red for extra wear protection and to keep your part looking fresh  Designed with the help of 3D Scanning and CAD Has protruding guiding pin on the back to help properly mount and secure the bracket as intended by original design Laser 3D Multi Jet Fusion Printed durable and heavy duty PA12 Nylon snap bushings ensures your fog lamp stays in place. These Nylon bushings on our brackets are literally strong enough to completely lift and lightly bounce your fog lights up and down after snapping the nylon bushing onto the metal fog lamp post. If you're gonna test this, i do advise lightly bouncing your fog lamp over a soft sofa or bed etc. If you bounce with all your might, the force generated would exceed the bushings holding power and it would likely fall off.  https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18057241348271956/ Drop in and ready to go, no modifications needed Includes A pair of fog light brackets with bushings   Fitment All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2

-47% sale
Roll Center Adjusters (Camber, bumpsteer and roll center correction) Roll Center Adjusters (Camber, bumpsteer and roll center correction)
MR2 Heaven Roll Center Adjusters (Camber, bumpsteer and roll center correction)
from $84.99

Purpose   These RCA spacers are designed to help eliminate the many negative handling consequences that is a result of lowering the MR2.   Due to the McPherson strut design utilized in the MR2, when the car is lowered, this creates a situation where the control arm ball joints are pointed inwards of the car. This results in restricted suspension arm movement and unwanted altered dynamic suspension curves.   When these geometries are altered, this often results in something many mr2 owners encounter, bumpsteer, non ideal handling performance and a stiffer than normal ride due to the suspension arms fighting against itself under bumps/compression. Bumpsteer will cause your steering wheel to move on its own over uneven pavements, causing a unpleasant and dangerous experience.     This kit acts as a spacer to help bring the lower suspension control arm and ball joints back into level to promote proper suspension geometry and articulation.    As a rule of thumb, one should add spacers based on the amount of lowering applied to the vehicle.    Features Direct bolt on, No modifications needed! 1" thick solid billet adjusters made with 6061 Aerospace grade aluminum Helps reduce or eliminate bumpsteer as result of lowering the MR2 resulting in a much more comfortable ride. Improves camber curves for better handling Raises the roll center point to promote better suspension arm travel and suspension geometry Hard anodized for extreme protection from environment Helps improve driving confidence and track proven Anodized red (not shown in photos) Includes 2 or 4 Roll center adjusters depending on selection Hardware kit Fitment All 1991-1998 Toyota Turbo and Non turbo  

-8% sale
MR2Heaven Sway Bar Endlinks MR2Heaven Sway Bar Endlinks - MR2 Heaven
MR2Heaven MR2Heaven Sway Bar Endlinks

2/10/22 - In Stock! Designed to last and withstand a beating while being relatively lightweight.  Heat treated Carbon Steel Rod Ends with Nylon/PTFE (Teflon)/Kevlar self sealing and lubricating lining. Rod Ends feature Increased cross-sectional thickness for greater tensile strength. Their self-lubricating liner won't pound out like other styles and their finish won't corrode thanks to a protective coating. Looks good and perform well under pressure. High Strength Steel Yellow Zinc Chromate plated Hex Center for stiffness and rigidity Easily adjustable by rotating the hex center.  1.5" adjustment available.   Shortest length 7” up to 8.5”.  Protective coating/plated hardware and rod ends wherever possible High Strength Steel Yellow Zinc Chromate plated Locking nuts Steel Nylon Lock nut included.  Includes: 2x Fully assembled endlinks. Please order QTY 2 if you need 4 endlinks.  Notes: These work with coilover setups for the front and rear. (Please order 2 sets if necessary) Also will work with OEM Rear suspension setups. 

-18% sale
7075-T6 Aluminum Lightweight Sway Bar Reinforcement Plates - MR2 Heaven High Strength Sway Bar Reinforcement Plates
MR2 Heaven High Strength Sway Bar Reinforcement Plates

Purpose The 1991-1998 SW20 MR2 is known for cracking its chassis sway bar chassis mounting location. Cracks are often found on MR2s using stock sway bars and its extremely common on MR2s utilizing stiffer aftermarket sway bars. If left untreated, the sway bar mounting location will eventually crack and fully detach from the chassis, leaving the sway bar completely dangling around, dragging on the floor as many owners have seen At that point, you'll then have to spend money to get the area filled/rewelded/drilled by a professional   The solution? These sturdy solid plates help reinforce/stabilize the front sway bar mounting location and redistribute forces and loads from the sway bars onto a third point on the chassis. If your MR2 has already developed stress cracks (very common), install these as soon as possible.  Features Made from high strength 1050 steel  Powder coated Black for durability and protection against the environments Includes mounting hardware If your car already has the mounting points ripped apart, hire an professional to weld these plates to the chassis to offer a location to mount the sway bar.  Includes 2 High Strength Steel Reinforcement Plates Hardware Kit Notes Fits 91-92 MR2s without any modifications For 93+ Will need slight modifications. (Need to elongate a few holes and use longer hardware)  

-18% sale
Seat Belt Restore/Retrofits Seat Belt Restore/Retrofits
MR2 Heaven Seat Belt Restore/Retrofits

Purpose   Whether your OEM seat belts are torn, frayed, discolored, or otherwise unattractive and wish to refresh or change up the look and color, we are offering a seat belt webbing replacement service on the OEM seat belt retractor mechanisms. These will arrive ready to go out the box.  Simply reuse your existing bolts/securing hardware and replace your old beat up seat belts.  Installation is easy and takes about 15 minutes to complete the full conversion.    Features Plug and play 20 variations to choose from! Fast turn around times (3 days plus USPS Priority Mail Shipping) Option for us to send modified seat belts to customer first for no down time Porsche "GTS" Style and BMW "///M Motorsport Tri Color" style available  Stylish and modern look Fire retardant material We can do retrofits for most other makes and models as well with cores being shipped in advance We require your seat belt cores to modify or can ship finished set to customer first  Ship your cores to us to modify (No core charge) If you prefer to have us retrofit your current cores Need it fast - Refundable Core charge of $150  ***Not available during Holiday sale***)- If you cannot afford down time with your vehicle, we got you! We will ship one of our retrofitted cores with your chosen belt variation to you first. You then return your old cores to us so you can remove your seat belts on the same day and install new ones. If for some reason you seat belts have failed or are no longer retracting on their own, we have a limited amount of good used sets for purchase as good "cores" as well.  Please send us your undamaged set of seat belt cores (belt mechanism still retracting), belt webbing can be damaged but other components preferably not cracked or broken) and we will refund the core charge of $100 when received. If your core is damaged with broken plastic bits (where the belt mounts at the very top of the B pillar), only $50 will be refunded.  Core charge will be forfeited if cores are not returned to us within 30 days of the date we shipped the original set. Notes Our price is per set/pair of 2 seat belts (Left and right side) **Please note USDM and JDM seatbelts are different.  All orders are assumed to be USDM unless otherwise noted.   Shipping Info Please use a shipping service with a tracking number to ship. Can be shipped for less than $15 via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box anywhere in the US! . Please mail cores to: MR2 Heaven 93 Kellogg Way Santa Clara, CA 95051 Please include your order # and your email address/phone number/contact if possible     If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we will help you out!      


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