MR2Heaven 1991-1998 SW20 Big Brake Kit - 2 Piece Rotor - Brake Discs


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This product page is only for Iron Brake Disc rings for our 2 piece brake rotor setup from 1991-1998 SW20 front and rear big brake kits

This product page does not include Aluminum 6061 Gold Colored top hats, if you need those, see here



  • Heavy duty - Large 12.72 inch diameter - Handles more thermal loads/abuse, runs cooler, longer life of components, more brake pad choices
  • High vane count - 65 Curved Internal Cooling Vanes for better cooling/recovery and high thermal heat management
  • Rotor to pad surface area width reduced/designed to mate with wilwood forged super lite pads, hence the huge weight savings and more exotic appearance
  • Lightweight
    • 14.1lbs for front drilled/slotted, 14.3lbs for front J Hook
    • 10.9lbs for rear drilled/slotted
    • Top Hat and fastening hardware is about 
      • For reference, original twin turbo supra front rotor is 21lbs fronts, rears off a RX8 is 18.5lbs. 
  • Thicker than OEM Supra Twin Turbo Front Rotor that it replaces - 1.75mm thicker. Total thickness of front rotor 31.75mm. 
  • Rear rotor thickness decreased from 24.0mm to 23.5mm for better clearances and to help reduce unnecessary weight. The rotor it replaces is from a front rotor off of a heavy RX8 family sedan, total overkill for MR2 rear rotors. 
  • Meets G3500 grade Iron specifications, G3500 is used for high performance rotors to better withstand higher demands
  • Rotors were fine tuned and optimized for MR2s weight, driving characteristics and meticulously designed to excel and dominate
  • As of 11/14/2022 - Heat indication paint markers applied from factory - A $150 value included free of charge on our 2 piece rotor offerings. Green paint will turn white when 840F is exceeded. Similarly orange to white at 1020F and Red when 1200F rotor temperatures is achieved.


  • Gold anodized billet aluminum 6061 center top hat are not included, but is needed to make these rotors work. If you need them see here
  • Sold as a set of 2 or 4 rotors
  • These are not backwards compatible, they do not work on the Supra or RX8.
  • You also need Wilwood Forged Superlite calipers to run these rotors or 1993+ calipers with adaptor brackets to space out to accept larger rotors. 

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