MR2Heaven Heavy Duty 13" Wilwood FRONT & REAR Big Brake Bundle Kit - SW20


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MR2Heaven 13" Front and Rear Wilwood Big Brake Kit with Optional Parking Brake Bundle Deal.

Save $100 when you buy both front and rear big brake kit with this bundle deal!


What is Included?

Everything to replace your existing brake system to a front and rear big brake kit



  • For 1991-1998 Toyota MR2 Only
  • The supplied optional parking brake kit is not intended for drifting or sliding of the car. 
  • Please note that higher temperature racing pads usually have poor friction characteristics when brakes are cold. That means you may notice your car may not stop or bite as hard when your brakes are cold. This can be dangerous and may surprise most people if they are not aware or used to racing brakes. That is the tradeoff for most extreme high temperature brake pads orientated for racing use. General rule of thumb is the higher the temperatures ranges of the pad, the worse it is for cold brake performance.
  • These brake parts are intended for off road use only, they are not intended to be used on the streets/highways. Whatever you do with your car is up to you and your responsibility. 
  • While we strive for the highest quality brake components accessible to us, you agree that we will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or death to you or others due to the use and installation of these supplied parts. All responsibility is on you. Ordering from us or using our supplied brake parts constitutes your agreement to these disclaimers.
  • This kit fits most aftermarket wheel setup for the MR2. If you are unsure or want to be certain, our wheel to caliper fitment/clearance template for the kit can be used. (Front),  (Rear)

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