Reproduction TOM'S MR2 Rear Panel Add on (for 1991-1993 Tail Light Setup)


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Reproduction of the famous discontinued TOM'S centre panel overlay, developed and produced by Gavin from the United Kingdom.

Due to popular demand for the TOM'S centre panel, a faithful reproduction of the original red panel has been professionally remoulded to an almost exact same fitting and styling.


The new reproduction panels are produced from fiberglass and finished off with a strong gel coating in the colour of Toyota black 202. This has produced an exceptional high standard gloss finish.

The panel can easily be repainted to the color of your car, however black matches great with most common MR2 colors. 

The fitting of the panel is the same as the original TOM'S panel. The panel comes with fitted double sided 3m tape which is extremely strong.

Simply peel the film from the tape which is attached to the new panel and apply to your existing rev 1-2 single lined centre panel with equal pressure.

Guidance/Installation Instructions

It is advisable to remove your existing centre panel from the car and wash down and clean any dirt or grease and leave to dry. This will allow for the best attachment of the sticky tape to the panel.

Ensure the TOM'S trim is placed symmetrically and covers the whole area of the original factory panel.

This shall allow for the panel to fit correctly and for the boot to close properly when it is fully installed.

When applying the panel back into the car, make sure all four screws are fully attached from the inside of the boot using a 8mil socket and that the tail lights have been correctly fitted.

It is always advisable to do a test fit before committing to the full installation.

In the rare event that the panel comes away from the original panel, it is advisable to purchase further double sided tape and apply where needed

The reason for using double sided tape is so that if you decide to take the TOM'S panel off then you still have the original which is undamaged.


  • This only fits MR2s with 1991-1993 Tail lights/Rear Center panel installed

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