Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)
Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)
Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)
Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)
Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)

Reproduction TRD Short Shifter (1991-1998 SW20)

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A faithful reproduction of the discontinued TRD MR2 short shifter for the purists

However, we strongly recommend our ultimate hybrid 5 in one shifter as it has the TRD shifter itself built in and in addition offers more flexibility, significantly shorter throws, and 4 additional settings for you to choose from to fit your liking. It truly is ultimate and is the no brainer choice. 


  • Lowered physical height of shifter gear knob placement - For shorter and quicker shifts and a sportier feeling
  • Plug and play - No Modifications needed
  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Nylon Shifter Cup - The cup that encapsulates the shifter lever ball. Replaces your worn out cup
  • Optional Shifter Base Bushings - Removes the deteriorated flexible rubber bushings on the base of the shifter plate and results in a solid precise gated shifting feel - Highly recommended
  • Optional Lowering Drop plate - Lowers the shifter gear knob assembly and promotes a sportier experience. 
  • Optional transmission shifter arm base bushing (Sold separately here) - Eliminates left and right side play in the shifter lever. Worn out in 90% of the MR2s we see. Highly recommended
  • Optional fully adjustable shifter cables with spherical shifter bushings (Sold separately here) - Fully adjustable and solid bushings for the ultimate shifter setup. 


  • All 1990-1998 MR2s
  • All 1985-1989 AW11s too. (Have to do a small mod, we're not sure so please do your homework)


  • 1x Nylon cap on small shifter end is included along with grease

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